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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    As the Pardigm Turns

    As the Pardigm Turns
    The Conflicker worm is a new WWW paradigm.
    This is a threat, huge, known, and ID its functions.
    And an attempt was made to disarm it, 
    Which failed, it became a question of 
    bigger and bigger algorithms.

    The WWW has identified malware,
    a worm they can't take out .
    Around 15 million of them.

    15 million unpatched Micro Soft
    system PC's infected awaiting orders.??

    Micro Softs paradigm of cutting off patches
    to illegal systems has backfired.
    The unpatched systems can now be use as a 
    weapon against the WWW and Micro Soft.

    The WWW has no defense beyond 
    trying to play catch with many machine guns.

    To my knowledge there has not been even one
    test or exercise in this arena.

    Their are cyber weapons available to deal
    with just this case, but I haven't seen any indication 
    anyone is even aware of it.

    Guess we are going to see what 15,000,000
    bots can do.

    cyber war vs law of unintended consequences




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