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    Sunday, March 29, 2009

    I Was A Teenage Bot Master


     SoBe Owns

    I Was A Teenage Bot Master
    The Confessions of SoBe Owns.

    Its a sad story :
    Kids, drop out at 8th grade
    Natural with botnets
    Makes $38 thousand a year.
    Has a code of ethics, but it doesn't match the law, they are 8th Graders.
    Defeats Mil compsec.
    Will end up doing 1/5 of
    his life behind bars.

    Sentence not in spirit of Law.

    Good minds, naturals,
    no actual damage.
    No program to spot them and hire
    them before criminal actions.

    They setup an elaborate hit 
    machine for pay for clicks revenue.

    Stole no CC info, nor searched PC's.
    Used real names in Internet purchases
    because they didn't believe in fraud.

    Other hacker ( she ) working as counterintelligence
    plants back door in bot hacking software,
    leading to evidence against the boys.

    They got people to click on pay for click

    They got into Mil and Gov networks because
    of backwash. By accident.

    They didn't believe they were doing any real
    damage, and a point can be made for that view.
    There is a difference between using a bot net for pishing for pay for hits 
    and Criminal ID theft bot nets
    or Terroism dos bot nets.

    And I was impressed with the FBI's professionalism,
    they tried to warn the kids off a couple of times, told
    them to back off the bot stuff or they could get busted.
    And the FBI aren't social workers.
    But there should be an effort to recruit these kids
    before they turn to the dark side.

    They had over 400,000 bots and didn't finish 8th Grade.
    ( Now are studying for GED's. )

    Telling kids back off bot nets is like telling them to
    never look at a playboy.
    The power of the draw is to great for this cultural
    subset. Adults have the maturity and experience
    withstand the strong draw of bots and understand 
    the legal consequences. But kids?

    These guys are not Crooks, per say.

    There should be an effort to find these naturals
    and support and train them before the kids 
    screw themselves up.

    The system has some culpability,
    Internet security is so poor its almost 
    like leaving cash hanging out an ATM.
    then arresting them for bank robbery after someone
    takes the money.

    But there was a violation of the LAW.
    and it was brought down full force against
    these cowboys. Kids not adults.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.



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