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    Saturday, March 28, 2009

    al Qaeda and Talban webmasters disappear, vanish

    al Qaeda and Talban webmasters disappear, vanish
    By Gerald, Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Seven terrorist webmasters have mysteriously disappeared
    from Pakistan.
    They have just vanished in the middle of the night.
    PC's, mem sticks, CD's, DVD's, notebooks, cams all
    And no witnesses. 
    A very successful black operation by all measures.
    Background noise and chatter speculate on the deaths
    of some due to missile strike from drones.

    Working for the Taliban or al Qaeda on the WWW these days
    has become very hazardous, and dangerous.

    Paki Intel service ( ISI )arrested them?
    Maybe one of the ISI sections is responsible?
    JSIB or the JIT, or one of the super secret sections got them, 
    not likely.

    CIA snatch and grab? Improbable, someone would have seen it.

    Who the terrorist webmasters are is not public knowledge.
    the Taliban and al Qaeda go to considerable lengths 
    to maintain operational security.
    Their identity's are top secret.

    It would have to be someone that knew they were webmasters
    and who they were, names and where they were, locations.

    The Intelligence to be gleaned from their PC's would
    be considerable.

    And may account for many of the recent successful drone 
    strikes against al Qaeda and Taliban leadership.
    And the ability to ID their C2 structure.

    this turning of one of the terrorist biggest assets
    against them is real dilemma for the Terrorist.

    Their recruiting, fund raising and Info War arms
    are turning out to be a huge security risk for the

    These are mandatory activities for the survival of their
    movement and also turning out to be their biggest 
    security risk.

    And the mysterious disappearance of the webmasters
    is a huge Intelligence windfall for some agency,
    and has gone unnoticed by the press.

    This is a huge coup for the Info War against the 
    terrorist, as it severely cripples their Info war 

    The remaining webmasters have gone to ground and keeping
    a very low profile and sent them running, scattering for 
    cover. The top administration of al Qaeda
    has lost confidence in their Internet jahdiddies security as
    evidenced by some of the video releases directly to news media
    instead of releasing them on the few web sites they have left.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Very interesting development indeed. I wonder if the webmasters are just fed content then blindly put it out. Or, are they getting the raw information and performing the necessary cleaning. If the latter is the case, then these folks are very valuable.

    Also, the combination of al-Qaeda/Taliban adherence + webmaster knowledge are probably uncommon traits. Recruiting new trustworthy people may prove to be a challenge for their respective "leadership".

    9:58 AM  

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