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    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    Systemic risk

    Systemic Risk:
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Systemic risk is the risk the very system governing a system will go
    a foul. 

    The current administration is proposing solutions to the symptoms
    from the last out break of systemic risk gone toxic.

    The administration needs to look at the causes of the toxic systemic risks
    in the system and backtrack them to the current blow back the country is 

    The main players in the break down of the economic system, the actors, the causes of the systemic risk gone wild go unaddressed, and those players in the systemic risk system have not been punished but been rewarded and those players will be allowed Billions in profits and be trusted to clean up the toxic mess.

    The corruption has gone unchallenged, the lack of regulation uncorrected.

    The Tax payer already gave the Feds. $800+ Billion USD to buy up the toxic paper
    and the Feds. ignored the mandate, the purpose Congress authorized the funds for,
    and just gave the $800 billion to the Corporations.

    And now the Feds are again asking for money to buy the Toxic paper from the Criminal Banks
    who created the toxic paper mess, with the help of congress, and promise this time to actually,
    buy the paper and sell it to unregulated Hedge funds at a 94% discount, it cost them only
    6%, of the discounted price, again the Tax Payer is putting up the other 94%.

    The unregulated Hedge funds of which Berney Madoff lost 50 to 75 billion dollars are going
    to be allowed to buy the toxic sub-prime paper, with a total risk of 6% of the cost
    to buy the discounted paper, and again the US tax payer is on the hook for 94% of the risks.
    But the Hedge FUNDS get 50% of any future profits, for a 6% cost risk.
    Its not clear, but I expect the Hedge funds will get to cherry pick which of the sub-prim
    tracnhes they will actually invest in and leave the truly toxic paper on the Table.

    Still no reinstatement of the Glass Seagull act, the repeal of which allowed the Toxic sub-

    Still no regulation of the Criminal Banks, no regulation of the toxic deratives that choked the
    world economic system.

    But Trillions of USD to pay off the symptoms, and heal the criminals that caused the Great
    World Depression of the Century.

    When will the criminal actions of the main players be addressed, when will those responsible
    be held to account, when will the non-regulated criminal actors of the debacle be regulated,
    when will the Banks profits be gutted to pay for the Tax payers bail out of their criminal actions.

    Series 7 & 13.




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