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    Sunday, March 29, 2009

    WWW threat matrix

    The WWW paradigm is under serious attack from two directions.

    The first I've written extensively about "bot WMDs"

    And the second is more illusive but just as serious.

    I have 3 manual scanners and automated scanners just
    for links on a web page, black and white lists and herutistic
    and sig scanning.

    Do you get the feeling I don't trust links,
    Will the text ad take you to a page with 
    trojans and exploits?

    If Trust in the WWW fails,
    it is going to color Googles bottom line RED.

    The security on the Internet , and for surfing
    Conflicker has over 15,000,000 Zombie PCs.
    Just from lack of updating Micro Soft's
    updates. Is it a WMD?

    At what point does the public quit clicking?
    Great articled on future of advertizing and
    montizing content. HERE.

    The loss of security and confidence in the web
    bodes a potentia disaster for the Google model
    and growth of the web.

    I anticipate a fall off in the click ratios, as security
    Welcome to Internet 2.0: More surveillance, less security.
    by The Land Shark




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