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    Monday, March 30, 2009

    WAR with Bot Net WMDs

    WAR with Bot Net WMDs
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Red Team, bad guys
    Blue team, good guys

    Red team has conflicker, 15 million bots.
    About 1 million bots per WWW node.
    Crash them all 13 at once and the WWW goes down,
    almost, as the backbone would be gone but the outer
    layers carrying limits are unknown.

    First try, Whack a mole,
    Target one node with 15 million bots,
    when it crashes target node #2, etc.

    If Red team can crash the nodes faster
    than Blue team can bring them up,
    Red team will eventually bring down the WWW.
    The time it takes to bring down web depends
    on this whack a mole, cycle.

    Second try split up bots to hit 3 nodes at a time
    And as they crash switch to new node, etc.
    Cycle time is much faster but due to limited number of bots
    the attack is lighter.

    The Blue team is fast shutting down the sub-nodes
    with the heaviest traffic of Red Teams bot net zombie
    PC's. Red teams bots are fast loosing contact with command center
    and targets as their rails are shut down.

    If the Red team can ID slow response nodes those will be
    knocked down first.

    If all nodes are slow to react of Red team has enough
    zombies to take all the nodes down, NO one will be able to
    connect to any backbone servers, all links will be made
    thru back outer channels.

    Limiting speed and traffic volume.
    Why it might not be possible to actually bring down the
    entire net, the Red Team may make it feel like the world
    is wired to phone lines not T1's.
    And maybe shut down the central section almost completely.

    And after the 13 nodes are down the Red team can start
    on the outer connections.

    Whack a mole. And as nodes are brought up, this also
    brings up zombies.

    If the Blue team can raise all the nodes at once then they
    have a fighting chance, if they have to bring them up
    one at a time then its much eaiser to take them down again.

    Part of the trick seems to be to be on the RIGHT side of
    the whack a mole game at the start and stay there.
    Expect Red team to couple cyber attacks with kinetic attacks
    to physically shut down nodes.
    Blue team deploys army to physically protect nodes.

    Its not IF, but WHEN.

    So far if memory serves 9 of the 13 nodes have been
    crashed at one time BEFORE.

    On the other side, attack methods have increased
    attack volume without bot increase.

    Lack of exercises regarding this paradigm,
    opens the door to crushing psyops,
    involving the attack.


    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.



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