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    Monday, March 30, 2009

    Observation, 03,30,09

    Observation, 03,30,09
    By Gerald Internet Anthropoloigist Think Tank

    Some of the work we have been doing recently
    Is some of the Best to come out of the battalion so far.
    Internet anthropology ( I think I invented it G)
    has been put to use far in excess of what even I anticipated. 
     Censored for opsec.
    The cultural paradigms we have discovered on the net have lead to new insights.
    We have been studying the deployment of cyber weapons and metrics of a "Victory" in a cyber engagement, Cyber WMD or  all out Cyber WAR. 

    Deploying Cyber weapons and use in Taticial Cyber Field exercises draws on our studies of: The context of the hardware, software, and wetware ( what WWW culture is. G ) to help define weapons, targets and Tatics. 
    And comprehend structure.
    A good defense may be your best offense. 
    Fast reaction. Force multiplier.
    Slow reaction means: Force reduction, huge handicap
    and limited response.

    This is a new battle field.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.


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