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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    Uncle Sam Blushes

    Uncle Sam Blushes
      y Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    China. Russia and Europe are a few of the
    spectators looking to see what the American Democracy
    will do about the Great sub-prime paper swindle.

    Trillions of dollars of losses in China and Russia and 
    Fraud, banking criminals, the market makers KNEW
    The sub-prime paper was bad, and over rated.

    Well as soon as the American Government saw the crime
    they acted, gave the American Banks 3 trillion dollars more.

    Then put on the GM side show to divert attention from the

    To be fair the American Government had little choice.
    Support the Banks wo watch the system come under
    tremendous pressure.

    And the World knows we are in the midst of a World 
    And seems to be giving America some time.
    But America can't just shrug off these losses from 
    non-systemic fraud related melt down.
    Justice calls and the Trust of the American system is at 
    The health of the dollar is at stake.
    There is an expectation justice will prevail,
    America will prosecute the players in the 
    sub-prime fraud.
    And actions taken to make investors whole, both 
    national and international.
    To the extent of the defrauders assets can repay 
    the losses.

    Teh way should be opened for Russia and China and 
    Europe access to the civil claims system for recovery.

    International FRAUD isn't allowed even by 
    American Banks.

    Some of the lack of confidence comes from this 
    unresolved issue.
    And the lack of response from America, 
    Sounds loud
    The response so far is "Gee; I guess your got took!"

    America you are the super power and some of yours 
    have been caught in the wrong
    What are you going to do about it?
    There is an expectation you will act as an 
    "American Super Power"





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