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    Thursday, August 30, 2007

    cyber war vs law of unintended consequences

    Zombie bot attack How it works,
    But they miss the MAIN point.

    A cyber war will evolve around bots.
    USA has a major paradigm error incorporated into its defense.
    A cyber war where 2 or 3 countries unleash a few million bots each will result in
    in the shut down of 90% of the Internet as each countries bots shut down part of
    the net hubs.
    Current the defense strategy is to count active bots only.
    The best enemy strategy is to build 50 thousand bots a day and test 5,000 of them, then shut them off, waiting for attack orders, no one knows how many sleeping zombies are out there.
    Of course many countries will be using/sharing even the same zombie computers without even knowing it. There are just so many computers to infect, so there will be multiple infections on the same computers.
    If we are lucky multiple bot herders trying to control the same zombies may shut many of them down.

    But while the Internet attack goes on:
    Phones will be down as the world had integrated the www onto the phone system, cell phones to.
    TV many communications systems down, TV gone, CABLE.
    and many FM stations crippled also as most rely on the www.
    Name a business that doesn't use any WWW connection, dataq bases off line, no banking as access to servers will be blocked. NO money for food,
    It will result in a world wide recession.

    90% of the world will get "cannot access server" for weeks even months and not years if we are lucky.

    The remaining 10% will be very very slow, as the worlds 90% try to climb on to use the 10% thats not down.

    The only thing that will bring the www back up will be for each attacking country to voluntarily , stop attacking or for USA to take out the zombie computers, which will only work if they are already controlled before the attack, if they can get instructions thru to the bot zombies over the crippled internet. There is the possibility once the attack starts it cannot be stopped, and the "stop" command can not get through the Internet because its down.

    An offensive option in bot warfare only makes the condition worse, adding more bots to a dos attacks just takes down more of the net.

    WE think this is the most accurate look at the CYBER WAR PARADIGM.
    And much of this is not even considered by the Pentagon.

    Even though the headline below is true, they are not considering an accurate Paradigm.

    Washington Ignores Cyber attack Threats, Putting Us All at Peril

    Can the Zombie threat be removed?
    Can the Zombies be killed?
    Can USA find them before a cyber war.

    The "Emergency Broadcast System" is tied into the WWW.


    Bright side, as people get tired of the "cannot find server" they will turn their computers off, when every one has turned off thier computer all attacks will have stopped as they will have also turned off the zombie computers.

    Then we have next round, round 2 of the cyberwar as bots are activated again.


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