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    Saturday, May 23, 2009

    Coffee a conspiracy against Islam

    Coffee & Counter-Insurgency: Analyzing the anti-Starbucks Jihad:

    Great article on counter terrorism Blog. Link 

    This is a fine example of hysterical Islamists, propaganda.

    This attempt is aimed at uneducated Muslims, in an attempt
    to to gain support for terrorists activities.

    Starbucks response to these crazy allegations will determine whether the boycott is successful.

    Starbucks needs to protect its corporate reputation.
    A corporation should consider a world wide body guard for its reputation.
    Any thing posted often enough, over a long enough period of time andon enough sites; becomes the truth by default.
    If this propaganda effort starts to get traction, it requires a response.Every where it is posted.
    And if it starts to build, than a truth campaign maybe in order.
    We have see and been involved in counter competitive intelligence operationsagainst old line corps where they played ostrich.We were hired to trace the source of the lies and unfounded rumors.Our advice was to counter post the truth every where the lie appeared.They tried just to ignore the slander, and the propaganda over came scientificproof the product was safe and it cost them millions in profits. As the productwas eventually banned in many countrys.
    Your corporate reputation is one of your most valuable assets.On the Internet they may need a body guard to track and protectone's reputation.
    Track and document who is behind the attack on ones reputation,trace the suspects, and counter the lies with counter posting."
      There is a universal psychology operating on the Internet that tends to believe anything posted often and broadly enough is believed as the “TRUTH” ie if it isn’t the truth it would be confronted. Kind of like if it is in the Newspaper it must be true or they would be sued.

      I have seen this in operation on the internet related to a product where there was certain scientific proof the product was safe but was ruled against by the USA government based on the false info posted all over the internet, the false info was perceived as the truth without confirmation, over scientific proofs in their own studies.

      This psychology is being used to great effect by the Islamo fascists on the Internet. Lies posted over a wide range of sites often enough, un-confronted are perceived as the truth by the public, Moslem and American."

      Current State and Future of Cyber Warfare:

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