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    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    Obama vs Cheny

    Obama vs Cheny
    By Gerald: Interent Anthropologist Think Tank
    12: 09; 05.21.09
    Obama said:"al qaeda can only win if they swell ranks"
    That concerns me, does al qaeda get a win of the get a Nuke?

    Gitmo isn't the problem.

    The lack of an effective Info War is the problem.

    Is Gitmo a deterent?
    The Taliban commander killed himself by detonating a hand grenade as “a team of Law-Enforcement Agencies (LEA) conducted a raid on the house of a Jamait-e-Ulema Islam (JUI)'s local leader,” the Kuw

    Abdullah Mehsud. Click image to view. Commited sucide 

    If they get a suspect with Nuclear attack info,
    What do you want the Government to do?
    Obama reserved the option to water board.
    Will he announce to the world the use of that 
    And whom does he think he can get to do it 
    What is the risk to the CIA legally if Obama
    orders it ?

    Obama forgets the context that created
    gitmo. Fear of a folow up nuclear attack,
    after 911.

    Will bringing al Qaeda terrorist into American
    prisons create Terrorist GANGS IN PRISON?

    Will placing terrorist into American prisons
    encourage terrorist recruiting in prison? 

    Gitmo as a militaty base and set to repel
    a terrorist attack.

    What prision is prepared to repel an
    terrorist attack?
    Prisions are built to keep people in
    not repel an attack.

    Keep Gitmo make it more transparent.


    Use comments, speak your mind.
    What do you think?




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