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    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Conflicker VS RIAA

    According to Swedish media, labels EMI, Sony, Warner and Universal are attacking the site’s bandwidth provider, Black Internet, and demanding that it stop serving the site that has 20 million users.

    Frustrated record labels ask a Stockholm court to levy more fines on the four Pirate Bay founders. The labels demand the world’s most notorious BitTorrent tracker block users from file-sharing copyrighted material.

    The record labels are fuctioning with an out dated paradigm.
    RIAA can end pirating any time .

    Reduce the cost to buy music on the Internet.
    They are not selling CD's just rearranging bytes
    on someones PC, cost after recording is ZERO.

    The cost to upload a song to someones PC is
    zero, it is a virtual product.

    Make the cost so low people would rather
    buy the music from a safe site vs risk downloading
    it from a pirate site.

    And the music indrutry does NOT have clean hands.
    Remember Sonys Rootkit?
    Now the music indrustry is involoved in DOS attacks.
    Where is the FBI?
    Guess the RIAA is exempt from hacking laws.

    The RIAA has sued more than 30,000 individuals on 
    accusations of copyright infringement. Most have settled 
    out of court for a few thousand dollars.

    Not to mention Universal Vendi bankrupted
    for allowing its surfers to up load copies of music the
    surfers had paid for legally.
    Destroyed the worlds biggest
    cultural treasure trove of independent world music.

    There by destroying a world class data base of
    indi music from all nations of Earth.
    That was available FREE.

    Could conflicker be used for some socially redeeming 
    cause, some poetic justice?

    Maybe to replace Pirate Bay?

    Could that be conflickers secret mission?
    To cripple the Music industry for its illegal
    behaviour and lack of social Conscience?

    Maybe, time will tell.
    I've quit buying Music in protest.
    I buy Only music directly from the Independent 
    ( with pirate eye patch on )




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