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    Saturday, January 03, 2009

    Being Good can be BAD.

    Being Good can be BAD.
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Dec 3 2008

    When our Paradigm Intel hits Bulls eyes
    sometimes we wish it was ALL WRONG.
    The multiple hits makes one look at the
    rest harder.

    These are Excerpts for a post we generated
    on 6/12/2008 09:32:00 PM

    Goal: wipe out Israel, humiliate the US, establish Iran as a power, and manipulate God into bringing the Mahdi now and making Islam supreme. This last makes sense to me, seems a reasonable undertaking. We have personal suicide bombing now the world will see State suicide
    nuclear bomb, to bring on the Mahdi.

    I plan to deter and dismay the US by a rapid succession of surprises: terror attacks on US homeland and ally Britain, attacks in India, and elsewhere. Particular focus on European attacks to defuse NATO. Iran's pay-for-performance ... Coordinated attacks in Iraq & Afghanistan using not only expected insurgents and techniques, but infiltrated agents.
    ( SNIPERS. G )

    Ally Syria distracts Israel with negotiations, the Golan issue appears plausible, provides potential hostages. Egypt negotiates re Hamas,

    Hamas lures Israel military into Gaza.

    Hezbollah's Cyber attacks, disrupt communication. The longer it takes the US to assess the intent of the attacks, the more likely success. ( 10,000 Israel sites down G )

    Even if US is a paper tiger, I want to act when US is weakest and most confused. Lame duck president is known to be aggressive, still capable of action.......If Obama is likely, after January may be better......

    Agents in Israel take control of possible assets, hostages, engage in terror strikes. Hezbollah attacks, Hamas uses advanced weapons I have supplied. Syria moves in. What Iranian forces can be spared from Iraq move in. I hope that Egypt and other Arab countries that hate Israel jump in, I have some influence in those countries. Persians SKUNK Arabs. My prediction is that once they see I meant what I said, they will be reluctant to defy the new regional power, and at the minimum will not interfere.

    If I can envelope and seriously menace Israel fast enough, Israel itself will be hostage against the US. Only rapid overwhelming force against Iran could stop me. I can then destroy Israel, while promising not to and engaging in diplomacy. Europe, and probably the US, will dither. China and Russia will only pretend to care.

    Speed is essential. However if the attack on Israel is not successful within a couple days, need to be able to maintain the illusion of deniability ( al Qaeda ) and Hamas attacks to allow needed time to destroy Israel. Must maintain power of public opinion to hamstring action.Remove Formatting from selection

    Once the US engages in defense of Israel, events become unpredictable, other countries including Russia and China engage, and the situation goes out of control. I can threaten the US and Europe that I still have agents in place for more terror attacks. I trust to my political skills to ride the tide of events, and hopefully the Mahdi will take charge then. Islam and sharia will reign.
    Iran will push the button

    Iran nuke in 6 months: 6/23/2008 12:57:00 PM

    4 front Missile command

    The full report is worrisome.
    The post was written with tongue in cheek
    to try and make it easier to think about.

    Our paradigm Intel hypothesis is being tested
    in Gaza NOW.
    Even though its a possibility we hope it is in ERROR,

    Internet Anthropologist



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    Hamas trap:

    From inside the Belt Way.
    This is not our opinion, but wanted to get it out
    there for consideration.

    From our source inside the Beltway"

    My Q.
    Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 1:06 PM
    It seems like Hamas is TRYING to get Israel to invade.
    Any noise?

    Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 10:29 PM
    The timing was urgent to attack right away. Hamas has the funding they need for a permanent status in Gaza and were about to start a breakaway
    Palestinian state there. The Saudis have brokered a deal with Israel for a two-state solution and were keeping Israel from attacking until the deal was done. But, Hamas really PO'd the Saudis when they refused the right of passage of Fatah pilgrims to Mecca.

    So the Saudis gave the green light to Israel. It's a decapitation assault, the Israelis won't stop until all of the leadership is jailed or dead. Mashaal found out and bailed out to Syria with several other leaders just before. As soon as the air strikes are done, Gaza will be occupied and cleansed of Hamas.

    BTW, Gilad Shalit, kidnapped IDF in 2006 had been held at the University that got hit, almost certainly he is in Syria with Mashaal. Once they found out he was gone the Israelis had no reason to hold back, Egypt signed off too, Muslim Brotherhood is looking the other way, not happy with Hamas getting in bed with Iran.

    Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 10:46 PM
    We signed off on Gaza this afternoon, Olmert and the cabinet just signed off. The ball is in the IDF's hands, they are free to invade at their timing. SECTION CENSORED

    Sat, Jan 3, 2009 at 2:38 AM:
    The IDF doesn't want Hamas to regroup or build any more defenses/mine fields so my guess is they go in at dark in 8-10 hours from now.

    end of file.............

    They did invade at dark.G

    Paradigm Intel points towards trap.

    They knew the response they would get from stopping the Hajj.
    They have been trying to get Israel to invade for months now.

    Since the last war they have had months and months to inplace
    HUGE IED's.

    Develop traps with the assistance of Qods support, intelligence, money
    and plans and arms.

    Israel should have a very light and small footprint
    till extensive scouting/sappers have cleared each sectIon.

    Something doesn't smell right.
    Hamas has refused a cease fire, they want IDF in there.
    Extreme caution.....advised.



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    Friday, January 02, 2009



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Big Z serious injuries.

    Big Z seriously injured and ill.

    Bots continue to track Al qaeda admin in their
    search for help, stem cell and Musculoskeletal injuries.
    To bad they don't provide this kind of medical care
    for cadre.


    News: 2009, ECM X: Stem Cells for Musculoskeletal Regeneration.
    From Basic Biology, to Clinical Issues. June 29th-July 2nd, 2009,Davos, Switzerland

    "It is reasonable to believe that skeletal degeneration is most pronounced in ages over 50. It is reasonable to surmise that traumatic injury could be involved. Such extensive experimental searching suggests standard procedures are of no avail. Someone is extensively debilitated, and musculo-skeletal pain is
    ungodly, requiring extensive morphine pain relief."by Bartender onduty.

    Big Z is a Junkie .....




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    Paradigm Concepts

    Paradigm Concepts:
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Jan, 2 2009

    Today I was Dreaming paradigms.

    If Chinese Longer Range Rockets continue to show up in Hamas hands,
    Might China not find their own rockets in there own backyards.
    But not in China's hands.

    The Chinese insurgents are there.


    Could Israel leap frog Gaza, and land on Iran
    with both feet, a hammer in each hand.
    And USA finish the job the next day.
    Then spend a year running Hamas to ground?

    Dreams or nightmares?




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    Thursday, January 01, 2009

    Major Internet POWER shift in the paradigm

    Major Internet POWER shift in the paradigm
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Jan 1, 2009

    Major Internet POWER shift in the paradigm.
    In the last quarter of 2008 we observed several
    major power shifts in the Internet Paradigm.

    Some huge context shifts occurred unnoticed
    by the Press.

    The terrorist lost 1,200 websites.
    According to Google estimates that is
    the loss of around 14,000,000 pages
    in the Terrorist information war.
    ( thats 14 million pages, gone )
    And many webmasters have gone missing.

    And the terrorist have suffered many other
    set backs in the Info war on the net.
    Youtube is starting to kill terrorist videos,
    and Facebook responded quickly.

    On the other side the worlds Info war is
    kicking in as the WWW matures.

    The attack on India left traditional news
    sources lost in the fog of war.

    While Indian civilians were pumping videos
    and pics on to the Internet near real time.
    Not by force of arms but by force of information.

    They had excel sheets up on wounded and dead
    even which hospitals.

    And real time feeds thru twitter.

    The Israelis last war in Lebanon, they suffered
    little physical damage and realitively few casualties.
    And the other side had billions of dollars in damages.

    And Israel was viewed on the street to have lost the war.
    Which inspired the Insurgents.

    This time Israel has a full blown info war, on their web site
    and youtube.

    They seem to be the first to recognize one can win the real
    war and loose the info war and appear to be weak and losing.
    USA still has not fully grasped the concept.

    Which encourages the insurgents.

    This effort however has thrust Google's Youtube into
    the "Power" light. As their power in the Info war is revealed
    by their banning some of the Israeli videos.

    Youtube has become a major player in the Info Wars.
    By determining what gets seen and heard.

    Googles paradigm for censoring videos is lacking.
    Leaving it to the users has proven to be a faulty
    paradigm so far.

    Youtube has reinstated some of the Israeli
    vids after the Jahiddies got them knocked off.

    The Internet terrain continues to shift and change.
    We have turned a corner, the power of the Internet
    is starting to work against the terrorist.

    Internet Anthropologist



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    Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    Infovlad gone?

    Infovlad gone?
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Dec 31 2008

    Infovlad's Clearinghouse , Wana be Jahiddie hang out.
    Bill spent many great hours testing hypothesii there.

    From the very basic, how much "flame" does it take to drive
    member off forum, to can one person effect jahiddie morale.

    The answer is yes, they HATED Bill, he had his own "I
    hate Bill" section.

    The moderators used to complain to Bill in private messages
    to stop being so mean to the Jahiddies.

    He was threatened 3 times with banning.
    "For arrousing those guys"
    NO swearing or name calling, just news stories and
    opinions backed with facts.

    They just hatted it when Bill talked about al Qaeda
    killing women and children, it was rather hard
    to argue when everyone knew they were bombing
    market places and Mosques.

    It just drove them nutz when Bill posted quotes from the
    Quarran, with cites. So they could look them up for themselves.

    Bill is Muslim, and he downed many in the flames of debate.
    They even brought in an expert in debates, another Muslim.
    But Bill is a street fighter, he wouldn't agree the any debating
    rules. He would spend hours tearing into them.

    Some of the Muslims supported Bill in private, and a
    few even spoke up for him.


    This is Bill I just saw what Gerald was typing
    and can add some first person to the post.

    I eventually became one of the head members,
    rank was determined by number of posts.

    My first visit to the Infovlad forum I saw some
    stories from news agencys that were reporting
    stories of English troops acting like terrorists.

    And the next day more details from new sources.
    It depressed me that the English were doing murders.

    It turns out the jahiddies had fake news sites posting fake stories.

    I helped establish some news source standards, by chewing up and
    spitting out anyone that quoted the fake news sites.

    I had sections ( huge posts ) that only had Taliban disasters
    and deaths and same for al Qaeda they whined alot about that.

    The forum moderator nor owner ever filed a complaint about
    any bad language or threats, or my dis -repecting any religion.

    I did get continual complaints about making the wana be insurgents
    angry. And driving members from the forum.

    There were a few members we were able to triangulate sometimes.
    Umar RABBIE turned into a big Wana be terrorist in Brittan.
    ( He said he had met Biny, ! )

    Most only memorized the Qurran, few had ever studied Allah's Book.

    My critical thing skills are Good, sometimes and Gerald helped
    with an anthropological view in our discourses with jahiddies.

    Many of their arguments wouldn't stand the light of day.
    Their facts about some history are different from the West.
    And very few could argue using the Qurran.
    I got Banned foever for a post about
    the US Army using Black Magic which had a link
    for more info that lead to an "evil" eye for al Qaeda
    and the Taliban.

    Many of the tribal factions believe in Black Magic.

    I was banned because some of the Readership
    knew the "Evil eye " was Real.

    I miss chewing up them lil Jahidders.
    Great research material.
    Spent almost two years on that forum.



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    American Cultural Ignorance, DUI

    American Cultural Ignorance, DUI
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Dec 31, 2008

    American Cultural Ignorance, DUI.
    As we approach New years Eve and the traditional drinking
    I want to comment on American Cultural Ignorance, DUI.

    Not that DUI is ok or right, drinking driving is always a no no.

    But the cultural double-dealing, double-tongued, duplicitous, Janus-faced, double-faced, ambidextrous, deceitful, dishonest approach towards drinking
    is just cultural foolishness and ignorance.

    We have "sex ed", "drivers ed" even training befpre you can get
    a hunting gun.

    But when it comes to drinking we just tell the kids don't
    untill they turn 18 or 21 depending on where they live
    and just turn them loose with alcohol.

    Alcohol effects thinking and judgment, and while under
    its influence we ask them to make clear minded decisions.

    NO DRINKING EDUCATON, just trial and error on their own
    real time.
    And if they don't make a clear minded decision while under the
    influence we jail them.

    Is Drinking less important then drivers ed or sex ed or hunting?

    Do we teach them how to get a buzz, without getting drunk? NO.

    Do we teach them to only drink one alcohol drink per hr and
    a soft drink every other hour, so they can get a buzz without
    ever getting drunk. NO.

    We tell them to go drink ( under the influence ) and then ask them to
    make clear minded decisions. Does that make sense?

    Alter your mind, now make decisions ......

    Cultural ignorance, arrogance.

    Have a safe New Years eve.



    More Cultural ignorance:
    Americans seem to think that passing a law
    against some thing stops crime.

    Law makers love this kind of foolishness
    cause it looks like they are dong something.

    The gun play in Schools is a good example.
    Some kids brought guns to school and
    killed students and teachers.

    So some idiots pass laws making
    school zones ; gun free zones.
    Like passing the gun free zone
    some how protects kids.
    Ther is aready laws aganist
    murder, Making schools
    Gun free zones just makes
    the mentally unbalanced murders happy.
    They now know that there will be NO GUNS
    when they go into a school to kill kids.

    Let the gunman know he is safe in the school
    as no one else will have guns, at least the gunman
    will have peace of mind.

    What would give the gun man pause to consider?
    If they knew every school had 3 people with guns.
    Police trained, secret teachers that pack heat.

    Geeze lets not shoot up that school cause
    at least 3 people in there also have guns to
    defend the kids.

    One last item.
    Gun control laws.
    If gun control laws worked then they
    would have bomb control laws.

    Fantasy that if a law is passed against something
    then people are protected from it.

    Laws just punish criminals, it doesn't stop them.



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    Tuesday, December 30, 2008

    Key observations

    Key observations
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Dec 30, 2008

    Whom has benefited from the Terrorist
    Infantry attack on India?

    Pakistan deploys troops from tribal areas to the Indian border

    December 26, 2008 1:22 PM ET
    By Bill Roggio

    At least one division of Pakistani troops has been redeployed from the Bajaur-Dir region to the border near Lahore in eastern Pakistan.

    Pakistani military continues to withdraw from the tribal areas

    December 29, 2008 5:02 PM ET
    By Bill Roggio

    More troops are being pulled from Bajaur, Mohmand, and the North and South Waziristan tribal agencies. Another division is thought to be leaving the northwest.

    Taliban consolidate control in Arakzai tribal agency

    December 28, 2008 1:17 AM ET
    By Bill Roggio

    Sharia declared in upper and lower Arakzai; 16 of 21 tribes bow to Taliban law. Taliban welcome Pakistani Army withdrawal in the northwest, negotiations with the government are underway.

    Pakistan shuts down NATO supply line through the Khyber Pass

    December 30, 2008 2:38 AM ET
    By Bill Roggio

    The military launches an operation in the Jamrud region outside of Peshawar, where the Taliban has taken control. This is the third time the route has been closed since September.

    The Taliban and al Qaeda have benefited......SUCKERED
    Both Paki and India.

    Taliban moving in as Pakistan moves troops east



    What is Iran up to:

    FM spokesman in Tehran: Iran begins preparing operations against Israel

    DEBKAfile Special Report

    December 29, 2008, 9:01 PM (GMT+02:00)

    On Monday, Dec. 29, Day 3 of Israel's Gaza operation, the spokesman said Iran had embarked on preparations for operations against Israel in line with the directives laid down by supreme ruler Ayatollah Ali Khameini in his speech Sunday.

    In his speech, Khameini issued a fatwa calling on Muslims to stand up and defend Palestinians against Israel.

    Iran activating its proxies

    By Olivier Guitta

    Iran is smartly playing its cards, using its main Sunni and Shiite proxy to create havoc in the region and de facto making it stronger. At this point, Iran’s next step is uncertain. But it is quite possible that Hezbollah will decide to open a second front against Israel. Also the destabilization operations against the Sunni regimes in the region hostile to the Islamic Republic are likely to continue unabated. At this point when it comes to terror, all roads lead to Tehran.
    I wrote an article for the
    Middle East Times analyzing the current situation.
    You can read it in full

    Here is an excerpt:
    After the six-month truce with Israel expired on Dec. 19, Hamas decided, or perhaps was urged, to resume its attacks on Israel. Thus Hamas went on a rampage campaign, firing rockets at Israel to create terror and death among Israeli civilians.
    As could be expected, Israel reacted the way most countries would when attacked, and to protect its population against a group it considers to be a terrorist organization.

    A new war in the region is likely to benefit only one country: Iran.

    Indeed, following the model of the summer 2006 war against Israel triggered by the capture of two Israeli soldiers by the Lebanese Shiite organization, Hezbollah, Iran would benefit with a new front opening up.

    This time Iran is turning to using its Sunni arm, Hamas. Contrary to what a number of experts in the region profess, Sunni extremists and Shiite extremists have no problem joining forces against a common enemy and putting aside their age-old rivalries.

    While Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder of the Palestinian Resistance Movement, also known as Hamas, was still alive, he refused to Iran's advances time and again. Yassin was adamant not to engage the Shiites. After his death, Hamas became much more open to Tehran's advances. Recently, Iran has become Hamas' main bankroller and as such wants to have a say in what Hamas should or should not do.

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    Paul Volker

    Paul Volker, former Fed. Chairman.
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Dec 30 2008

    Current Fed Chairman was given $700 billion dollars to
    buy up bad paper, the stuff they haven't marked to market,

    Includes some assets in money markets.

    Fed Chairman didn't buy on dollars worth of bad paper,
    instead just gave money to Banking Corps, no over sight,
    no banking Czar, no plans to deal with bad paper.

    Its still out there, and will come home to roost.
    New President has appointed Volker, to economy czar,
    he may be able to
    reign in current Fed Chairman.

    Expect Volker to mark paper to market,
    which will dispose of problem, and that will
    hurt like hell.
    But will adress problem and clean it up.

    Will also expose how big the fraud problem
    rally is.

    Volker became Fed Chairman while I was broker
    and I put questions to him thru my Congressman.

    He used to drive an old Ford to work, at Fed,
    no Chauffeur and limo.
    He is well grounded and has sound understanding
    of capitalism.

    Expect him to mark paper to market soonest.
    And let market restructure.

    Only way to clean up mess.




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, December 29, 2008

    Iran's Secret WAR plans, May 2008

    Worth a second read:
    From our post on 6/12/2008 09:32:00 PM

    "My scenario:

    Ally Syria distracts Israel with negotiations, the Golan issue appears plausible, provides potential hostages. Egypt negotiates re Hamas, may not relate to me, but I don't mind, muddies the water.

    Hamas lures Israel military into Gaza.

    Once Israel is committed in Gaza, make a big political stink in the UN, rouse the ME street. At the same time, Venezuela and N. Korea make some waves, create a ruckus.Palestinian TERROR GROUPS

    I plan to deter and dismay the US by a rapid succession of surprises:"

    Our full post: 6/12/2008 09:32:00 PM



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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Genius Readers, 12, 29,08

    Smarter than average surfers.


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    Sunday, December 28, 2008

    Observations, 12,28,2008

    Photo by gerald cr 2008

    Observations, 12,28,2008
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Something al Qaeda Missed.

    Biny saw Vietnam, and Mogadishu and Black Hawk down.
    And drew the conclusion US would quit after "X" fatalities.

    This is a fatal paradigm error on Ladden's part.

    The above actions US had nothing at stake.

    Unlike these actions where the American people had
    a personal stake in.

    US had over 600,000 deaths in the Civil War.

    WWII over 420,000 US dead.

    In WWII the death rate for bombing raids
    over Germany was running at 33%.
    And not one US plane ever refused to fly
    or turned back.

    When US has something at stake:
    like anti-Slavery, Hitler, or 911
    they fight till they win.

    al Qaeda has committed a fatal paradigm ERROR.
    USA was attacked on 911 and civilians killed.
    USA is committed to the fight against al Qaeda,
    they have even spent themselves into a Depression
    to fight al Qaeda.

    The Taliban understand revenge, retribution,
    but have chosen to place themselves in
    the cross hairs for the sake of al Qaeda,
    the suicide bombers, killers of Muslim women and children.
    Bombing market places.

    The guests don't know when to leave,
    The guest treat the host as DOGS.
    And still the Taliban serve.

    The Terrorist are now loosing on every front.
    Iraq, all but over.
    Stan, heavy attrition of cadre,
    informants cheap and plentiful.
    1,200 web sites gone, recruiting down, fund raising down.
    Info war attrited, funds heavily reduced.
    Youtube, jahiddies way down
    Face book dumping jahiddies by the scores.
    al Qaeda continue to start grass fires world wide
    and US continues to put them out.
    USA's war machine continues to evolve
    even during operations.

    al Qaeda and the Taliban working with
    fatal paradigm and have moved to
    infantry attacks on civilian cities, ( India ).

    Again a fatal paradigm error.
    This action puts them against most every
    government in the world.


    Observation II

    Cyber sidearms:

    We issue some cyber commando team members cyber side arms.
    And we have outlined how mis use can be a criminal offense.

    What are cyber side arms?
    Buttons, keys on the keyboard.

    While we neither admit nor deny the use of these weapons
    we are just pondering what they would do.

    One of them attempts a "pop up" on their computer, with
    text message of your choice.

    Or one button calls up a team to scan and penetrate the PC.

    Where one could nuke the pc, start a format in the background.
    or remove some MS files which causes explorer.exe to run at 50
    to 90% of the CPU use.

    Or turn off his firewall and let the net kill him.

    Or change his passwords, causing him to start
    password recovery emails etc.

    Disable all his media players.

    Or over clock his PC, turn the fan off and temp up,
    causing it to "burn" up eventually.

    And there are several ways to crash the drive.
    140,000 hard drives crash every day around the world.

    Or un do some of the MS security patches,
    eventually the net will eat him.

    Or there is termination with "Extreme Prejudice for all time".
    Where bots actively hunt packets destined for his PC
    and are deleted before delivery, for years.

    And the in plain sight time bomb,
    a known program in a different file
    that deletes a specific data base, or target file at given intervals.

    Or moving a file can cause the PC to take 5 min to start.

    Sometimes its not about taking out a PC, but wasting and
    burning up the targets time.
    Or driving him crazy, like every 7 times the "w" key is
    hit the PC locks up for 3 min.

    Stuff that JUST drives them crazy.

    Any way that is what I imagine in my news reporters
    minds eye, thats what some of the
    side arms do, a Heavy weapons squad would be very
    different they into heavy lifting, mass stuff,
    probably very nasty. Some of these guys have
    played against the
    "Nazi Hang up Gang"
    predecessor to the "Russian Business net"


    Observation III

    Israel cancels Iran's nuke?

    Paradigm Intel indicates a line in the sand.

    During one of Cheny's exit interviews
    There were significant non-verbal feed.

    Our conclusions were there is a Line which if
    crossed by Iran will trigger an attack that will
    take out the majority of Iran's SECRET nuke

    This plan seems to have the support of the incoming
    president. Changing the guard at the Whitehouse
    will have no impact on US response to Iran's actions.

    The recent attack on Hamas secret locations in Gaza by
    150 Israel Air Force bombers in one night was a practice
    run for taking out Iran's nuke program.

    Operation Cast Lead

    Here again the terrorist make a fatal paradigm error
    by blocking Muslims from Hajj.

    All of Islam is outraged.

    Just waiting for Iran to hit the trip wire.
    Everything in place and ready.

    Every tank in Iran in 24 hrs.

    To many critical actions vector in Gaza.
    Russians going to get burnt.
    Syria high on target list.
    Leadership decapitation.


    Iran's Secret War plans; G


    FM spokesman in Tehran: Iran begins preparing operations against Israel

    DEBKAfile Special Report

    December 29, 2008, 6:18 PM (GMT+02:00)

    On Monday, Dec. 29, Day 3 of Israel's Gaza operation, the spokesman said Iran had embarked on preparations for operations against Israel in line with the directives laid down by supreme ruler Ayatollah Ali Khameini in his speech Sunday.

    in his speech, Khameini issued a fatwa calling on Muslims to stand up and defend Palestinians against Israel. He said "true believers" were "duty-bound to defend" the Palestinians. Khamenei did not spell out what he intended. The foreign ministry statement said believers killed in their cause would be counted martyrs.

    A group of hardline clerics is signing up volunteers to fight "against the Zionist regime" in the Gaza Strip "in either military, financial or propaganda fields." This is reported by the semi-official Fars news agency.

    Iranian lawmaker Ali Motahari told the Iranian news agency IRNA that it was time for Iran and Arab nations to go to war with Israel.

    DEBKAfile: Egypt has led widespread Arab voices blaming Hamas for the Gaza crisis and accusing Iran of manipulating the Palestinian cause as a power play for its own ends.


    The expected Hamas reprisals came quickly. Before burying their dead, they sent missiles flying to Ashkelon, then Netivot, where an Israeli man was killed and seven people were injured. Kiryat Gat was hit by a missile and Ashdod's citizens heard sirens. Both are on the outer perimeter of Hamas long-range missiles and have been unscathed until now.

    Israel is holding ready the option of a major ground incursion if Palestinian missile attacks remain at a high level.

    A big question hangs over whether Iran will send Hizballah to open a second front from Lebanon in response to the Israeli air operation in Gaza. According to DEBKAfile's intelligence sources, the Hizballah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, paid a secret visit to Tehran in the third week of November to clarify this very question. A short while later, the al Qods commander, Gen. Qassem Suleimani, arrived in Beirut. Most probably, they tied up the ends of a possible Hizballah response to the expected Israeli Gaza operation during that visit. Hence the Israeli military spokesman's warning that the Gaza air operation was just the beginning and could be expanded as needed.


    Afghan Taliban urge Muslims to rise up over Gaza raids - Reuters

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