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    Saturday, September 20, 2008

    Where do the bullets come from?

    Taliban takes guerrilla warfare up a notch, NAH.
    Globe and Mail, Canada -18 hours ago
    Talibanambush on a French platoon killed 10 soldiers in August. Now, a secret NATO review shows that the French did not have enough bullets, ...


    Afghan's Master SPY: 
    Saleh: In 2008 alone, according to our very conservative estimate, the Taliban have probably fired 30 million rounds from their Kalashnikovs. Where did they get their weapons and munitions?. ( He thinks Islambad is supplying them.


    Russia's New Efforts to Arm State Sponsors of Terrorism

    By Douglas Farah

    I am not a Russia expert, but it is clear that the Putin-led government is going out of its way to antagonize the United States and its allies. One of the primary, and most dangerous methods, is the sale of billions of dollars of sophisticated weaponry to state sponsors of terrorism, particularly Iran and Venezuela.

    These just happen to be the two states most intent on inflicting as much harm as possible on the United States and its allies, as well as the two governments funding the unrest that has pushed Bolivia to the brink of civil war and actions that are turning Nicaragua into the pariah state.



    Just wondering?




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Internet Jahiddies BUSTED

    Photo by Gerald: copyright 2008

    Saudi arrests five web 'jihadis' 

    RIYADH (AFP) — Saudi Arabia said on Wednesday it has arrested five people who used the Internet to propagate extremism and incite youths to go to troubled areas, a reference to supporters of Al-Qaeda.

    (A) Amir Alzbahin 
    (B) Assad struggling 
    (C) Falcon battalions 
    (D) Anna Ansari 
    (E) Abu Islam 
    (F) Hazem 
    (G) Mobile 
    (H) Falcon Qassam 
    (I) Falcon 99 
    All are used by one person. 
    Statement by the Ministry of Interior about the arrest of five people in addition first Second: -- 
    (A) Ihsan 
    (B) Hsber Islam 
    (C) Abu Al-Walid 
    (D) Abuabdaziz 
    (E) The Encyclopaedia of Jihad 
    (F) Hossam Ezz 
    (G) Abdullah al-Ghamdi 
    (H) Spring bin Amer 
    (I) Sanam Fallujah 
    (J) Abdullah Saif 
    All are used by one person. 
    Third: -- 
    Identifiers: -- 
    (A) Almnasah 
    (B) Guest House in Hatim 
    Used by one person. 
    Statement by the Ministry of Interior about the arrest of five persons second and final addition 
    Fourth: -- 
    (A) Chechen Mujahid 
    (B) Mujahid Caucasian 
    (V) Abu Shami Dja 
    (D) Rabia Muhajir 
    All are used by one person. 
    Fifth: -- 
    (A) peaceful life 
    (B) Abu Hamza 
    (C) Abu Abdulrahman

    In Arabic:

    User #1:
    أمير الذباحين
    الأسد المجاهد
    صقر الكتائب
    أنا أنصاري
    أبي الإسلام
    صقر القسام
    الصقر 99

    User #2:
    هزبر الإسلام
    أبو الوليد
    موسوعة الجهاد
    حسام العز
    عبدالله الغامدي
    ربيع بن عامر
    سنام الفلوجة
    عبدالله سيف

    User #3: 
    ضيف في دار حاتم

    User #4: 
    مجاهد شيشاني
    مجاهد قوقازي
    أبو دجانة الشامي
    ربيعة المهاجر

    User #5:
    عمر السلمي
    أبو حمزة
    أبو عبدالرحمن

    More coming.



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    Friday, September 19, 2008

    Criminal banks

    The Origins of the Scandal

    When it began, "subprime lending" wasn't a term in common usage, let alone understood outside financial circles. One of its late 1990s originators was Obama campaign finance chairperson Penny Pritzker when she served on the Board of the failed family-owned Hinsdale, IL Superior Bank. It cost the FDIC $700 million and depositors another $65 million, while Pritzker made millions on predatory lending now called "subprime" mortgage schemes. One definition is as follows: "the practice of making loans to borrowers who do not qualify for the best market interest rates because of their deficient credit history." Another in the recent environment was to force-feed them to the largest number of homebuying prospects possible. 

    There's lots of them, and predatory lenders took full advantage until things erupted into scandal, and the economy headed south. Only then did regulators take notice and decide to investigate - into how "banks, credit rating firms, and lenders value and disclose complex mortgage-backed securities." Three areas specifically, according to Reuters: "the securitization process, the origination process and the retail area." Also insider trading, a common illegal practice that's rarely caught or even looked for. However, the scope of the investigation would be narrow, and its aim was "deterrence." Of what, asked Schechter, now that the horse is out of the barn, and investors and mortgage holders are left holding the bag?

    When it's too late to matter, they agree, along with critics, that "inadequate disclosure (or lack of transparency) was at the root of the problem." According to a Senate report, it began in 1997 when house prices began appreciating and registered a 124% gain by 2006. Housing was driving the economy with seven million subprime mortgage loans. Business boomed. Underwriting standards deteriorated, while banks and other lenders invented new ways to make money - "fast" and easy.

    In the 1980s, state usury rate ceilings were lifted, creating a whole new market for people who previously couldn't qualify. At higher interest rates, fees, and other add-ons they did. Most borrowers got so-called "2/28" and "3/27" hybrid adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs). They originated with low fixed "teaser" rates, good for a two-year period. Afterwards, they're reset semi-annually based on an interest-rate benchmark, or the current going rate. For many holders, payments soared 30% and became unaffordable, and by 2004, 90% of subprime loans were these type ARMs. It was well-known in the industry that "these borrowers (are) most likely to default or become delinquent (and) face foreclosure." The idea was to cash in and let holders take the pain.

    Here's how the scheme worked. "So-called 'intermediaries,' unregulated and often unscrupulous mortgage brokers, hustled their way into the housing market" and took over. Using a range of tactics, including "deceptive advertising to block-to-block solicitations to get people to buy and sell, always promising more than they (could) deliver." 

    So-called "birddogs" were used to get prospects, and all kinds of practices were employed - "abusive, illegal and predatory." They pushed, "enticed...seduced (even) threatened." According to the Joint Economic Report, "For 2006, Inside Mortgage Finance estimates that 63.3% of all subprime originations came through brokers....19.4% through retail channels (and) 17.4% through correspondent share increas(ed steadily) from 2003 through 2006." These companies aren't regulated and pretty much operate freely. By 2005, the percent of securitized subprime mortgages reached "a peak value of more than 81%...."

    Housing sales were on a roll, and so was Wall Street, quick to see a lucrative new income stream and ready to cash in. "Now they could make fees originating loans and even more money selling the paper into (the) secondary market, where mortgages could be securitized and sold again for even more money as investments."

    The Finmanac financial blog explained its origination:

    -- when Solomon Brothers launched Mortgage-Based Securities (MBS) in the 1980s - "bonds with bundles of mortgages, bought from bank lenders, as collateral;"

    -- they used a "special purpose vehicle known as Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (CMO);"

    -- monthly installments were used to pay interest; and

    -- others were quick to cash in on the scheme.

    The secondary market became a marriage between "the most reputable financial organizations and the sleaziest grass-roots operators. As is often the case, sleaze moved upwards" because the potential profits were huge but so are the risks.

    "Since anyone can originate a loan and sell it to the Investment Banks (to package and sell as MBS), it tempts originators (to write) risky loans (without) worry(ing) about payback(s):" 

    7 & 13


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    World economic crash

    Link: Global Guerrillas: FINANCIAL MELTDOWN.


    "As anticipated, the global financial system is now in free-fall. The bankruptcy of Lehman, the government take-over of Fannie/Freddie (essentially, a gov't takeover of the entire US mortgage market), the fire sale of Merrill Lynch (moments before it too went into free-fall), the expansion of Federal Reserve emergency lending into securities (which codifies its position as the only source of capital for big financial firms), the looming failure of AIG (the world's biggest insurance company), the impending failure of Washington Mutual (which will deplete the entire FDIC fund in one whack) all point to tougher times ahead.

    The easily foreseen failure in the US/UK mortgage markets due to rampant corruption has now developed into a financial black swan that due to entanglements (connectivity), opacity, size, speed, and complexity is beyond the capacity of the US (and its allies) to control. It will get worse as the run on the massive (30 times larger than the US economy) shadow banking system begins in earnest.

    To many, this developing situation will be uncharted territory. However, for those of us that have already embraced the trend lines, the roadmap for the next decade is increasingly clear.... (((And, no, you don't even wanna look. But you kinda have to.)))



    (Editor's note: Since this interview was conducted and posted, trading was suspended on Moscow's stock exchange amid sharp declines and furious efforts to boost Russia's banking sector.), Sept 18,08

    RFE/RL: Writing in "The Moscow Times," you said on August 8 that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin "made his greatest strategic blunder" and single-handedly "wiped out a half a trillion dollars of stock market value, stalled all domestic reforms, and isolated Russia from the outside world." Explain that stock-market loss part.

    Anders Aslund: Well, what happens when you start an aggressive foreign policy is that you also start an aggressive foreign trade policy. And you block domestic economic reforms. And you sharply increase the political risk in your country. And UBS [United Bank of Switzerland] has assessed that this increase in the political risk means that stock prices should be 20 percent lower -- that's $300 billion right off there, off the stock market. The bond yields that are demanded now for loans to Russia are 2-3 percent higher than a month ago.

    RFE/RL: You also write that, despite what happened in Georgia, the Russian economy has been headed for a slowdown for some time. Why?

    Aslund: Well, it's at the end of a business cycle, the oil price has fallen by one-third, and the Russia economy suffers from massive overheating. So that's the time when you really need reform, and then Putin is turning his back on it.

    RFE/RL: Russia has made it an official goal to reach half the U.S. per capita GDP by 2020. You don't think this is going to happen. Why not?

    Aslund: I would say that I think that the most important [factor] is the combination of massive corruption and [the] inability to build infrastructure when the need is at its greatest. Russia today can't build motorways; they can't build pipelines. And they need some of them very badly. The traffic chaos in Moscow is just characteristic of the main problem in Russia today...



    A wave of bittersweet melancholy has descended on the thousands of phishers, hackers and credit card swindlers inhabiting the computer crime supersite On Tuesday the site's operator, known as Master Splyntr, announced that he was shuttering the forum, which has hummed along for nearly three years as a premier vehicle of criminal commerce.

    "[R]ecent events have proven that even in our best efforts to expel and deactivate the accounts of suspected LE [law enforcement], reporters, and security agents, it is obvious that we haven't been entirely successful," Splyntr wrote in a message on the site.

    Chief among those recent events is last week's arrest of Cha0, a Turkish hacker -- and alleged kidnapper -- who served as one of DarkMarket's administrators. Cha0 was known for selling high-quality ATM-skimming hardware that crooks could affix to cash machines to grab debit card swipes and PINs. Turkish police arrested Cha0 on Friday, identifying him as one Cagatay Evyapan.



    Iran 25% inflation rate Iran inflation crushing, new ...



    Sept. 19 (Bloomberg) -- China's benchmark stock index rallied the most since the gauge was created in April 2005 after the government said will buy shares in three of the largest state-owned banks and scrapped the tax on equity purchases to halt a slide that erased $2.64 trillion of market value.



    All the various programs are designed to manage the liquidity in financial markets; that is, the amount of cash or near-cash equivalents that can be used for transactions, reserves or for lending. By increasing liquidity, the Fed and the central banks hope to prevent the seizing up of daily market operations because banks and other financial institutions are hoarding liquid assets.
    In most cases, the Fed provides a liquid asset, such as cash or U.S. Treasurys, in exchange for less-liquid assets, such as agency bonds or mortgage-backed securities. Almost all the transactions are considered loans, with the Fed earning a profit on the transaction.
    For a summary of the Fed's various programs, their terms and conditions, go to the New York Fed's site at Read more.
    Here's a scorecard of what the Fed has done:
    Federal funds rate: The Fed has lowered its target rate by 325 basis points from 5.25% to 2%. The fed funds rate is the rate banks charge each other for overnight loans to meet reserve requirements. The Fed can influence the rate by injecting or withdrawing money from the system via sales or purchases of Treasurys.
    Repurchase agreements: The Fed flooded the financial system with $105 billion in cash on Thursday. The repurchase agreements allow primary dealers to sell Treasury bills, notes and bonds to the Fed on a temporary basis, and then repurchase them at the maturity of the agreement, either the next day or up to several weeks later. Reverse repos work just the opposite, with the Fed draining money from the system by temporarily buying Treasurys. By managing the daily money supply through repurchase agreements and reverse repos, the Fed's Open Market Desk can keep the federal funds rate near its target
    Discount rate: Lowered by 400 basis points from 6.25% to 2.25% and extended the term from overnight to 90 days. As of Wednesday, banks had $33.4 billion in outstanding loans through the discount window. The discount rate is the rate the Fed charges banks for overnight loans from the Fed's discount window to meet reserve requirements. The Fed has tried to remove any stigma attached to borrowing from the discount window.
    Primary Credit Dealer Facility: The Fed has opened up the discount window to primary dealers (including broker-dealers and investment banks) at similar terms and rates. As of Wednesday, the investment banks and dealers had $59.8 billion in outstanding loans, compared with none the week before. The loans are likely to help Lehman Bros. liquidate its assets, analysts said.
    Term Auction Facility: The Fed has auctioned $150 billion in 28-day or 84-day loans of cash to commercial (depository) banks" in generally sound financial condition." The loans are fully collateralized by bonds, equities, asset-backed securities or commercial paper.
    Term Securities Lending Facility: The Fed has auctioned $117.2 billion as of Wednesday in 28-day loans of government securities to primary dealers (including broker-dealers and investment banks), including $50 billion in options. The loans are fully collateralized by bonds, equities, asset-backed securities or commercial paper.
    Security Lending: On Thursday, the Fed auctioned $17.4 billion of government securities on an overnight basis to primary dealers, fully backed by collateral. The auctions take place daily. On Monday, $28.5 billion was auctioned. For the week, the securities loans averaged $8.4 billion per day.
    Foreign currency swaps: The Fed has offered to swap up to $247 billion in dollars against other currencies from other central banks that can then be auctioned into the markets, typically on an overnight or two-week maturity. As of Thursday, $88 billion in loans were outstanding at the central banks.
    Bear Stearns: The Fed has taken on about $30 billion of Bear Stearns' assets as part of the fire-sale to JP Morgan. As of Sept. 17, the Fed's portfolio of former Bear Stearns assets was worth $29.4 billion.
    American International Group: The Fed has offered to lend AIG up to $85 billion in exchange for a majority stake in the company. As of Wednesday, AIG had borrowed $28 billion.
    Supplementary Financing Program: To boost the Fed's balance sheet, the Treasury announced it would hold special auctions of Treasury bills for the Fed's account. On Wednesday and Thursday, the Treasury auctioned $100 billion of short-term bills.
    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: The Treasury has seized control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and has taken an equity stake in the companies. The impact of the seizure on the government's books has not been quantified


    US$180 billion pumped into money markets
    New Zealand Herald, New Zealand - 12 hours ago
    The Federal Reserve, and central banks in Europe, Canada and Asia, pumped as much as US$180 billion into money markets on Thursday to combat shock waves ...


    Money markets have always been considered as a liquid asset. Freezing or closing them
    is very serious. Money markets are marked to the market and have always been $1 a share.
    Some funds marking them to the market are coming up short of the Dollar.

    Cash may be king. This is going to get VERY very UGLY.


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    3 terrorist cells in USA

    Internet Anthropologist team are tracking 3 seperate terror cells living in USA and one in Europe.



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    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    World markets continue to crash

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Exclusive: Al Qaeda cell in USA

    al Qaeda cell in USA.
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Sept 17, 08

    Thru our BSU and Paradigm Intel systems we have learned of an
    terrorist cell in USA. Their security is VERY good, tracking has been intermittent
    and tracing so far not possible.

    And we have indications of more cells on the way.

    al Qaeda seems to have some nuclear materials but don't seem to be sure on how to use them.
    Surveillance continues.

    Probable execution date around election time.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank


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    Afghan spy master

    'Piles and Piles of Evidence' that Pakistan Is Responsible for Insurgency 
    In a SPIEGEL interview, Amrullah Saleh -- the head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS), Afghanistan's domestic intelligence agency -- discusses Pakistan's role in the Taliban insurgency and recent terror attacks against German soldiers. 
    Spiegel Online, Germany 08/12/2008 

    SPIEGEL: Mr. Saleh, is it possible the Taliban could win with its insurgency in Afghanistan? 

    Saleh: We have a lot of security problems, there is a lot of violence. But this is a violence unleashed with the help of Pakistan. They want to pull the brakes on us in order to hinder the coming elections. Afghanistan itself is not the source of the problem. 

    SPIEGEL: Who are these fighters who are not only killing Afghan and Western security forces, but also predominantly innocent civilians? And who is deploying them? 

    Saleh: The tribal agencies of Pakistan, like Bajaur and North and South Waziristan, are kept by the government as a strategic pool of fighters. From there, fundamentalist warriors are sent to fight in Afghanistan or elsewhere. 

    SPIEGEL: So you're saying the government in Islamabad has absolutely no intention of putting a stop to this militant movement? 

    Saleh: The international community has often asked them to stop allowing fighters to infiltrate into (Afghanistan) from the tribal areas. The answer from Pakistan is that they do not control the situation. When the Americans offered to fight the fighters themselves, the Pakistanis rejected them, saying you can’t go in, we are a sovereign state. The true reason behind this is that Islamabad is providing the militant groups wiith ammunition and training. 

    SPIEGEL: What is Pakistan seeking to achieve? 

    Saleh: It has always tried to make sure that Afghanistan remain on the level of a backward country, as well as to isolate us and hinder any kind of contact with the West. In the 1980s, when the mujahedeen were fighting against the Soviet occupiers, Pakistan had considerable influence over large parts of Afghan politics and Islamic Pakistan sought to establish its hegemony in the region. But now we are back, we are building up our country, we are unified and we are working to strengthen our sense of national pride. That makes our neighbors nervous. 

    SPIEGEL: Pakistan has feared its ability to hold itself together as a nation since its very founding. And even today, Afghanistan refuses to recognize the disputed border, the Durand Line. Wouldn’t that step move Afghanistan closer to peace with Pakistan? 

    Saleh: We have never crossed that line. 

    SPIEGEL: What proof do you have that the government in Pakistan is behind the attacks in Afghanistan? 

    Saleh: In 2008 alone, according to our very conservative estimate, the Taliban have probably fired 30 million rounds from their Kalashnikovs. Where did they get their weapons and munitions? Can you go to Russia or China today and say, "Hey, I'm a member of the Taliban, please send hundreds of AK-47s and weapons to my village." Is that possible? No. It's the Pakistani army that is providing them. 

    SPIEGEL: Those are serious accusations. 

    Saleh: It is a fact. The Pakistani army is a very disciplined force, and I respect that. And there are no rogue elements in the army as is often claimed. 

    SPIEGEL: Who are the masterminds behind the scenes? 

    Saleh: How much patience do you have? The army leadership and the Pakistani establishment. We have piles and piles of evidence to support this. 

    SPIEGEL: Do you have details? 

    Saleh: For years we discretely passed intelligence information about training camps, addresses, telephone numbers and names of terrorists groups on to Pakistan. But they didn’t act. There was no meaningful response. We have arrested many suicide bombers shortly before they could kill themselves and others. They frankly told us how they have been trained in Pakistsan and by whom. 

    SPIEGEL: Can you cite some examples? 

    Saleh: In Khost we arrested a man just a few minutes before he was able complete his mission. He was trained by a commander named Nazir in Wana in the tribal areas. Just before, the Pakistani government had signed peace deal with the same commander and only short time later he sent a truckload of suicide bombers to kill international forces. The Pakistanis have always claimed they couldn't find Commander Nazir. But how did he sign the peace deal then? Did they e-mail him? 

    SPIEGEL: But that’s not proof that Islamabad is commanding the insurgency. Is it possible that Pakistan perhaps long ago lost control over the border areas? 

    Saleh: Nobody lost control. Pakistan is staging controlled chaos in order to undermine Afghanistan's development. The Pakistani army is very strong and when the government has achieved its aim, it will immediately take control again of the tribal areas. 

    SPIEGEL: In northern Afghanistan German soldiers are getting attacked increasingly often. Last week a suicide bomber blew himself up in an attack that took place between Kunduz and Pul-i-Khumri. How are these attacks that are taking place far from the border to Pakistan organized? 

    Saleh: Terrorist elements are ordering Afghans to attack our army units and ISAF convoys or to burn schools. The perpetrators make videos to prove what they have done and once they provide this proof, they are rewarded with money from Pakistan. In the Kunduz area, the plotters of these acts are the Taliban commanders Mullah Rustam and Mullah Salam. Both are Afghans, but they live with their families in Pakistan. If the two would be permanently in Afghanistan, we would have caught or killed them or brought them to justice. Here’s another example: Why is the Taliban commander of Ghormach 

    SPIEGEL: a hard-fought district on the edge of the area under German command in the north

    Saleh: whose name is Abdul Rahman Haqqani, currently being given medical treatment at a hospital in Peshawar after he was heavily wounded in recent fighting? Why? It's because Pakistan is his base. 

    SPIEGEL: Despite the many battles taking place in the country, the election campaign is starting to heat up in Afghanistan. In 2009, the next president will be elected. Which candidate has the greatest prospects, and will he be able to deliver greater security? 

    Saleh: It's too early to say. I only know that this government with Hamid Karzai has succeeded in achieving the country's reunification. But now we are intermixing modern institutions with traditional structures and we face a number of problems moving forward. But a consolidation is possible, even if the West sometimes doubts that. 

    SPIEGEL: And you, as the head of the intelligence service are still optimistic despite all these worries? 

    Saleh: Despite all the counter-attacks, we are experiencing the ressurrection of Afghanistan, and that is something magnificent. 

    Interview conducted by Susanne Koelbl.

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    US banks leading way to world recession.

    US Banks involved in LEGAL criminal enterprises are leading the charge into
    world recession.
    Incorporating in states with out consumer protection laws, usury credit card interest rates
    33% to 99%, rates if interest that used to put the Mafia in prisons.

    Fraudulent home loans, fake loan application data, bundled then sold to Freddie mac and Fannie may. Which now the government want the tax payers to pay for, lead to the sub-prime debacle.

    And through lobbyest trapped the consumers in the criminal interest rate scam by changing the
    bankruptcy laws.

    The banks had period of record profits and have a major contributor to the coming world recession.
    Of course OPEC has contributed with record high oil prices, shooting its self in the foot,
    the Opec nations will suffer in this recession also as oil consumption drops during the recession.

      Converging vectors:
      OPEC,, Banks:
      Black Internet ( criminal ) + corrupt credit reporting agency's ( they have the ability to stop ID theft and the CC fraud )
      The banks and credit card companies make money off this criminal theft.
      Much like the loans made by banks for real estate to bad credit risks, and then sold to Government agencys, the profit for the banks is not in the interest rates but in bundling the loans and re-selling them.(
      2007 subprime mortgage financial crisis.)
      The repeal of the
      Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 was a good example of the Lobbyist buying the politicians. There were links to the Great Depression and American Banks, hense theGlass-Steagall Act of 1933, to seperate banls from the investment arena.
      I have seen bank interest rate charges of 99%. Yes thats 99% interest a year. USA used to put the Mafia in prison for that.
      Now with banks incorporated in States without consumer protection laws and lobbyist to buy legislation protecting the criminal enterprises the banks are becoming a criminal enterprise enabling criminals and terrorists.
      The Mafia just didn't have the right lobbyists.
      Anybody know their names?

    Series 7 & 13


    how much value each company lost:

     between October 9, 2007 and September 12, 2008. 

    Here are some of the individual losses by market cap:

    Citigroup: $236.7 billion to $97.8 billion.
    Bank of America: $236.5 billion to $150.2 billion.
    AIG: $179.8 billion to $32.3 billion
    Goldman Sachs: $97.7 billion to $61.3 billion
    American Express: $74.8 billion to $45 billion.
    Morgan Stanley: $73.1 billion to $41.1 billion.
    Fannie Mae: $64.8 billion to $700 million.
    Merrill Lynch: $63.9 billion to $24.2 billion
    Freddie Mac: $41.5 billion to $300 million.
    Lehman Brothers: $34.4 billion to $2.5 billion.
    Washington Mutual: $31.1 billion to $2.9 billion

    Feds in Freddie and fany may Rescue $200 billion. Thank you Banks.

    Sub prime mess, thank you Banks.


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:


    The American military and intelligence communities are increasingly worried that would-be bin Ladens might gather in a virtual world, to plan a real-life attack. But the spies haven't given many details, about how it might be done. Now, a Pentagon researcher has laid out how such a terror plot might unfold. The planning ground is World of Warcraft. The main target of this possibly nuclear strike: the White House.


    The scary part is someone at the Pentagon took this seriously.

    The cool part is some stonners got paid a cool million to play

    They could have funded my Battalion X10




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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, September 15, 2008

    EXCLUSIVE: Paki repulses birds: Only.

    Sour grapes. Photo by Gerald copyright 2008

    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    NO NO no.
    news Not true: FALSE:

    Pakistan Allegedly Repulses US Raid
    Washington Post, United States - 1 hour ago
    By Candace Rondeaux KARACHI, Pakistan, Sept. 15 -- US and Pakistani military officials denied reports that Pakistani troops turned back a US attack in ...
    Pakistan reportedly opens fire on US forces in tribal area Kansas City Star

    Our down range sources reply to the news story:From Paki sources:

    The Frontier Corps operates all over the NWFP and utilizes local militias called Scouts.  Often they are nothing more than Taliban with a Paki officer as a laison.
    So, a detachment of S Wazirtistan Scouts at the outpost at Zeba got spooked early Monday morning by the sound of our Chinooks on the Afghan side and started firing wildly in the air.  The local Wazirs joined in and pretty soon they were all shooting with muzzims calling for more firing from the mosque loudspeakers.
    Nothing more to it.  USA forces were not involved at all..

    Thanks for the update, Gerald

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Terror sites down

    Terror sites down, Jahiddies in bad pain.
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Sept 15, 08

    For Opsec we have had to sit on this story for 24 hrs, its been a long 24 hrs.

    The Jahiddies are in a Frenzy today, most of their terror sites have been shut down.
    For two days now there has been a continual  1,400% increse in traffic hunting for terrorist sites.
    The across the board strike has been very sucessful.

    Why shut down a Terrorist web site? Our Answer
    They will just start it back up again.
    Pop back up somewhere else.

    I'll give you a first person look at how the terrorist webmaster feels about it.
    For those of you that have a WEB SITE how would you feel of you lost your web site
    and had to start over with a new URL. Find a new host who won't kick you off.
    Re-build it, re program it, set up the new links and then spread the new url around
    without us, finding out the new site and close it down all over again.

    Take out their main Command and Control ( Terrorist web sites ) and they hurt.
    They are scrambling for programers, and building a terrorist web site is a crime, and we will
    be hunting for you.

    Ever wonder how a terrorist webmaster feels about having his web site shutdown?

    Our BSU gives us a hint. Some packets were unrecoverable.

    ".....In the city, I look for us, hardly ever seeing any of my dear sisters or brothers, I'm alone most of the time, but I'm not truly alone, this I know as Allah(swt) is always with me and for that I am blessed. I just sometimes wish i could be among Islam in real life I am excited when i think Our Ummah is growing by thousands on the Internet and continues to grow by the day. Inshallah I wait for the day that Islam and caliphate rules the world!! This will happen...I know deep in my soul it will, I just hope I will see this before I die...or even become a martyr for Allah(swt). But Islam is my life & the sooner Islam takes over, these haters will learn just how great Islam really is ( lost in capture )...... the kafir got my sites shut down. Now I HAVE TO START ALL OVER. I did not back everything up and have lost much,

    So much work wasted, and how will I get alll my visitors back? Each time it is fewer and fewer. Where to find a host but Allah will guide me.  It is Allah's will that I continue with my electronic jihad.  Inshallah sometimes In my darkest hours when I am weak, I wonder if it is worth it, they will just knock the site down again. It causes me much pain, the wasted time... I HATE them...these spawn of satan..... ( lost in capture ) the USA...I HATE this place!  The whole country is morally corrupt. The government is cheating their own people. Inshallah some day I will be able to leave USA, then Inshallah I will go to live in an Islamic country, where I can make a good life...a pure life as Allah(swt) wants us to live.

    With Allah's blessings maybe even marry a good woman and start a family. Not one of these filthy dirty women from the West. They all look like prostitutes. I cannot wait until one day I can escape this. But Allah(swt) has a reason for everything we do and I trust Him to look over me and guide me. It is in Allah's hands that I live my life.

    One day....yes one day I will escape the West to live where all blessed Muslims live, in our Caliphate/homeland. Until then, I find solace knowing the Internet  Ummah is here for me and this is a gift as well.

    I hate the filthy Kafir with my very soul."


    USA terrorist web master, he lives and breathes in my pocket and has no idea.


    Partial list of downed sites:

    .Who took down the Terrorist sites? WE KNOW.G.

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    German Terrorist caught

    13/09/2008 15:28

    BERLIN (Reuters) - German police have arrested a 30-year old Turk suspected of having collected money and equipment for al Qaeda, prosecutors said on Saturday.

    Germany’s federal prosecutor’s office said Oemer Oe., who was arrested on Friday, had also tried to recruit militants to al Qaeda training camps since 2006.

    The 30-year-old had worked on the orders of Aleem N., a German of Pakistani origin, who was arrested in February and has been charged with "membership in a foreign terrorist organisation and "offences against foreign trade legislation".

    "(Oemer Oe.) is accused of collecting cash and equipment in Germany for al Qaeda fighters from the beginning of 2005 until the beginning of 2007, on the orders of ... Aleem N.," the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

    Aleem N. had handed over the items, which included a bullet-proof vest and a laptop, to al Qaeda officials in the Afghan-Pakistani border region, the office said.

    Oemer Oe. had stayed in an al Qaeda training camp in 2006, the prosecutor’s office said.

    (Reporting by Kerstin Gehmlich)



    More breaking



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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Black is white and red and green

    We have been tracking
    And the latest article clearly marks them as a Taliban propaganda arm.

    "Pakistan is not occupied.  In Pakistan, the main terrorist organization - Tehrik Taliban Pakistan (TTP) – has political aims and it seeks to capture and control territory. The TTP is sponsored by the CIA, which provides it money, weapons and equipment."

    Ha ha lol whew, jeeze I just don't know what to say in view of such idiocy.
    CIA is killing the Taliban leadership as fast as they can find them and 
    ahmed quraish is trying to muddy the waters in an amatuer attempt
    to blame USA for the Taliban.

    The Paki Government and people have identified the Taliban as a national enemy.
    and this joker is trying to blame USA thru the CIA for the Taliban, his efforts strike me 
    as simple minded, and delusional.

    USA will kill and hunt all the al Qaeda, and the Taliban if they continue to support al Qaeda.
    His post is self evidence of a confused mind or a Taliban shill.

    Either way he has exposed himself and lost all creditibility and standing as a professional journalist.

    He is making a joke of Paki journalists. Where is the critical thinking in Paki?
    His attempt to shift the attack from the Taliban to the CIA will fail, Paki's know the Taliban is the ENEMY. And the CIA is trying to kill them.

    US Army general warns Pakistan of new war

    Daily Times Monitor

    LAHORE: A new war could begin if Pakistan does not step up its fight against terrorists, Maj Gen Jeffrey J Schloesser of the US Army said in a report published in an American weekly on Sunday. 

    “If militants escape into Pakistani territory and Islamabad does not step up, a new kind of war could well begin,” he said.

    According to the report, Gen Schloesser, who leads 19,000 US soldiers operating on the frontier, estimates that his forces are facing some 7,000-10,000 insurgents in eastern Afghanistan – a higher number than previously disclosed by any US commander. 

    He said he planned to keep his troops operating deep inside Taliban territory this winter. He hoped they would be able to take advantage of the mobility to seek out any safe havens and facilitation areas and any places the terrorists can go for ‘rest and recreation’ in Afghanistan. He said he would give terrorists the options to flee, get killed or captured, or reconcile.




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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Ops and Intel up date

    al-ekhlaas hs been taken down it all its hundreds of urls,
    Seems the Jahiddies don't know where to go.
    So sorry.
    BSU's are picking up a lot of activity ( 1,400% increase ) in chatter and background noise regarding al-ekhlaas.....G

    SecurityGhost@W.cN is having problems with his SLQ injection, but he seems to have sloved the problem, we continue to track him and any new friends he makes. We have reported on his hacking before. Islamic Hackers, Hacker ALERT.
    We have talked to his dad and left it in his hands, but dad didn't seem to make much of an impact.


    Pakistan jets hunting US drones?
    over tribal areas, Paki Pres absent in China.
    Paki Air Force without authorization to atack, problem standing rules of engagement.




    Attracts less than 20 supporters,

    Organized and promoted by & PakNationalists


    Taliban kill Afghan `spy` in Pakistani tribal area: Officials

    Miranshah (Pakistan) Sept 14: Taliban militants on Sunday shot dead an Afghan refugee in a restive Pakistani tribal area bordering Afghanistan, accusing the victim of spying on them, officials said.

    The body of Gul Rahim Shah, 55, from Afghanistan's Khost province, was found dumped on a roadside near Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan tribal district, a local government official told agencies.

    A note found near his body said he had been killed for spying on Taliban militants and warned of similar reprisals against others caught doing the same, the official said.

    Militants have killed several tribesmen in the area, accusing them of spying on their activities on behalf of the Pakistani government and US forces operating across the border in Afghanistan.

    (Taliban Killing any strangers in their hystericalparanoia and fear.G )



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