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    Saturday, September 20, 2008

    Where do the bullets come from?

    Taliban takes guerrilla warfare up a notch, NAH.
    Globe and Mail, Canada -18 hours ago
    Talibanambush on a French platoon killed 10 soldiers in August. Now, a secret NATO review shows that the French did not have enough bullets, ...


    Afghan's Master SPY: 
    Saleh: In 2008 alone, according to our very conservative estimate, the Taliban have probably fired 30 million rounds from their Kalashnikovs. Where did they get their weapons and munitions?. ( He thinks Islambad is supplying them.


    Russia's New Efforts to Arm State Sponsors of Terrorism

    By Douglas Farah

    I am not a Russia expert, but it is clear that the Putin-led government is going out of its way to antagonize the United States and its allies. One of the primary, and most dangerous methods, is the sale of billions of dollars of sophisticated weaponry to state sponsors of terrorism, particularly Iran and Venezuela.

    These just happen to be the two states most intent on inflicting as much harm as possible on the United States and its allies, as well as the two governments funding the unrest that has pushed Bolivia to the brink of civil war and actions that are turning Nicaragua into the pariah state.



    Just wondering?





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