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    Saturday, August 18, 2007

    Toro Bora TRAP

    GHAZNI, Afghanistan | The U.S. military received "credible reporting" of a sizable Taliban force at Tora Bora in eastern Afghanistan, leading to the latest offensive in that area, a top American general said Thursday.

    Army Lt. Gen. Carter Ham, director for operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in Washington that the number of enemy killed or captured so far in the operation by coalition and Afghan troops was "in the teens."

    He said he was not aware of any high-value Taliban targets being found in the area and said the intelligence report did not indicate the presence of al-Qaida fighters.

    On Wednesday, U.S. officials announced that hundreds of coalition soldiers had launched an offensive in Tora Bora targeting foreign fighters, whom they initially said included al-Qaida.

    Internet Anthropologist reported huge Taliban and Al Qaeda crowd from the 28 bases in Patki, moved to Toro Bora, reported yesterday.


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    al Qaeda forced to adjust

    Many of the jahidist/terrorist web sites are down,

    The little group of wanabe hackers from

    Have a new site, and have dropped the old "silver dos" attack program, had some problems with it.
    Using new off the shelf kiddy scripts.

    GIMF is reorganizing, new field divisions, new URL.

    And the Hackers ( white hats in India ) continue to help the terrorists wanabee hackers.

    The Indi experts have said on Indian forums, " its like teaching chess to monkeys."

    AQ continues to Slip.........


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    Smoking Opium In Iran

    Before the Bottle?

    In Afghan.....
    DIFFERENT CULTURE, subsistence, stress management.

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    Black SUV behind Bush??

    Whats in that Black SUV that follows Bush's Limo?
    ...6,ooo rounds a min.


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    Shaikh Abdulaziz Al-Ashaikh, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia


    Shaikh Abdulaziz Al-Ashaikh, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia and Chairman of the Council of
    Senior Ulema [religious scholars], issued a statement today warning Muslims that extremism
    and fanaticism lead only to violence and the death of innocent people. Shaikh Al-Ashaikh
    emphasized that Muslims must understand that the path of reform never comes through
    violence. Islam is not a religion of violence. It is a religion of mercy for everyone."

    Shaikh Al-Ashaikh stated: One of the fall-outs from extremism in understanding Islam is that
    some people call for jihad for the sake of God without justification These people, who call for
    jihad, want to raise the banner of jihad to draw the youth into their ranks, and not to fight for
    the Almighty God.

    Saudi Arabia s religious leaders have repeatedly and unequivocally condemned terrorism in all
    its forms. Following the Riyadh bombings on May 12, Shaikh Al-Ashaikh stated: Terrorism
    has nothing to do with Islam Islam should not be blamed for the acts of other people. People
    should be held responsible individually for their own acts.

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    Terrorism toolbar

    My terror toolbar
    Want to fight terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism online? Now you can.
    ‘On the screen of the radar for news but without the knowledge of the big media. This is the online fight for power of Islamic militants’. This is the beginning of the declaration made by Gerald, author of the Internet Anthropologist blog, in which he encourages his readers to fight online terrorism using a toolbar available from his website, explicitly created to spread information.
    Gerald claims to be a former private detective with a degree in Internet Anthropology. ‘I created the toolbar for myself, but then I decided to make it public’, Gerald tells PeaceReporter.

    Internet Anthropologist says Islamic radical power is growing on the Internet through the insidious indoctrination of a whole generation of Muslims, whom are shown an aggressive and militant outlook of Islam.
    They are deceived by a debasement of their religion – it is said in this blog – and by a misleading representation of the mujahideen: all this is a false Islamic ideology still largely supported. ‘We propose a counter-ideology, to fight in the new battle field: the Internet’, explains Internet Anthropologist. ‘Using the Qur’an we oppose Al-Qaeda’s lies and we provide people with the right methods to discover them with the toolbar’.

    Gerald’s aim is to teach web users to discover and recognise misleading information on the websites which support terrorism. Internet Anthropologist explains to people how terrorists can have access to detailed maps through the Internet and how they create worldwide financing networks. Also, through a regular publication (even weekly) of training manuals diffused in clandestine chat rooms they can hire more and more supporters.
    In Gerald’s opinion, terrorism organizations have changed from being based on a pyramid structure to thousands of cells which keep in touch through the Internet. Nowadays everyone can have access to the ‘Mujahadeen Poisons Handbook’, a 23-page manual which purports to explain how to manufacture handmade potions. Another manual, called ‘The Jihad Encyclopedia’, thousands of pages long, teaches how to create terrorist cells in order to organise attacks. Internet Anthropologist argues that often those groups plan their attacks through chat rooms and e-mail cryptography or steganography. Now it is even possible to graduate online in jihad at the ‘al-Qaeda University of Jihad Studies’.
    Professor Gabriel Weiman, department of Communications at Israel’s University of Haifa, estimated that radical websites praising for terrorism and political violence have increased from a few (ten years ago) to 4,700 (today). Scott Atran, a research director in anthropology at National Centre for Scientific Research in Paris, interviewed many jihadists and discovered they spread around the world a false view of Islam, which has nearly nothing to do with the real Islamist tradition. Atran was so surprised to discover that the militants define the jihadist martyrdom as the only true value in their lives, using the very same words in the outskirts of Paris or in the Indonesian jungle.

    Atran and Internet Anthropologist believe that forums and chat rooms should be used instead to spread the traditional Islamic values against those of martyrdom. To stop jihadists teaching them the traditional Islamic values may be a long process. However, at Internet Anthropologist they say that talking to people in forums may slow down or stop their radicalisation. ‘A false statement posted in a forum months ago’, says Gerald to PeaceReporter, ‘may appear as correct if no one replies with the truth. I do not fear terrorists but their fabrications’. Internet Anthropologist ask its readers to fight in this ‘war on terror’ using the toolbar. Those who decide to join must register in the Yahoo! Group explicitly created for the purpose and then he or she will be able to answer terrorists and to be up-to-date on the new publications.

    The toolbar comes with the Arabic keyboard, 1,000 URLs of terrorist websites, Al-Qaeda manual, steganography and cryptography tools, dictionaries in 7 different languages, a list of the main forums used by the terrorists, investigative tools (for example, access to private networks (Vpn) and proxy tester, access to governmental sources, Cia and Nasa phone numbers, radiation and blast calculations. You just have to try.
    Cecilia Anesi

    Thanks Cecilia, nice write up.
    We also have :

    and Terrorist Names, data base, 24,000 names. bios. at the top of our Blog.
    Join the team, Click to join AIcyber-Corps, fight internet terrorism.


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    Friday, August 17, 2007

    Al Qaeda & Taliban suckered.

    The American leader of al Qaeda.

    USA identified 29 al qaeda and Taliban training camps in Patki.

    But Patki won't attack them and won't let USA attack the camps in Patki.
    Problem: get AQ and Taliban troops out of Patki so they can be attacked by USA/

    And how to pin them down?
    Maybe use Patki forces an the Anvil
    and USA forces as the Hammer.

    ( we forecast in 7/21/2007 07:52:00 PM )

    OK, lets see, give the location of the camps
    to Patki Intel,
    and get an attack plan oked by Patki
    and give them a weeks notice.

    What would they do?
    Empty the camps but go where?
    To the Mountains, Toro Bora.

    USA engaged in Toro Bora, adding troops expanding battle.

    AQ has American leader ship Now.


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    Army blocking tools for Internet Media WAR.

    UPDATE 3: My story quotes Sgt. Edward Watson, a blogger currently deployed with the 82nd Airborne Division in Baghdad, who got in some trouble with higher-ups for what he wrote online. Matt "Blackfive" Burden says Sgt. Watson is one of "eight to ten" soldier-bloggers who have reached out to him for guidance since the Army passed its new rules about blogging. Sgt. Watson's full letter to DANGER ROOM is after the jump.

    UPDATE 4: Greyhawk laughs it up.

    Ok, hey Noah hows it going? Sounds good about the article. Ill answer them as best I can for ya. I will be leaving for a series of patrols and raids and will need to head to bed in a little bit, so if you have any further questions or anything else, please try to get back with me asap for I will be unavailable after I hit the sack.

    Well I origionally started my blog and to my knowledge no one from my unit even knew I was keeping one or that they were reading it. I don't know how exactly he found it, but my former Platoon Leader stumbled up it and did some reading. We were at our outpost the day he found it, May 17th I believe.

    Initially he was pretty upset, in particular at one of my recent posts (from May 9th). In there I talked about our FOB getting mortared and our chowhall was hit. I had run inside after hearing word of people possibly hit inside, despite the 'all clear'. I received a stern talk from my former Platoon Leader about not doing something like that again. I disagreed and therefore entitled the post 'The right wrong decision'.

    After the conversation lightened, he proceeded to point out a few more of what he called 'OPSEC' (Operational Security) violations. I don't really remeber which posts he pointed out. It pretty much came down to any of the posts where I talked about things such as mortaring, engagements, one soldier who was killed, etc. He didn't tell me I had to stop, but told me I needed to edit the posts, remove his 'OPSEC' violations and he'd monitor it in the future.

    I decided that I didn't want to change the way I wrote, and for simplicity in my life, I decided to just stop my blog, removing my old post (most of which I still removed). I've slowly been screening some old ones and makeing sure there are no violations and putting them back up. Anyways, once I stopped my blog, an article was written about my site going down, which was picked up across the country and even in the local Stars and Stripes newspaper we receive here in Iraq. At this point EVERYONE and I mean everyone knew about it, including my entire chain of command and probably higher than I care to know.

    The reason I never got in any trouble was because according to the sheet they have for us that talks about OPSEC and what we can and cannot say when on the phones, computers etc I never once violated anything they mentioned. The only thing that my Company Commander tried to get me on was the regulation about registering your blog with the military. They wanted to give me an Article 15 (non-judicial punishment) for a regulation I was clueless about and they never brief anyone about starting or running blogs. My former Platoon Leader found for me on that one, and that never came about.

    I even exchanged a few emails with the 82nd Airborne's PAO (public affairs officer) and he was very encouraging of me continuing my blog. After the article, no one told me I could not continue my blog and there were many who encouraged me as well. Thats when I decided to do just that, registered my blog with my unit and continued, making sure to be extra careful what I said and how I said it. I was initially worried that my blog would lose the feel it once had, but after a while I realized that I was still able to get a unique story out, one that most people don't hear. A story about what its like, the good, the bad, the boring and the exciting, as a soldier, boots on the ground in Iraq.

    Alright, well I hope that answers your questions. Like I said if you have any more, email me back. SGT Watson, Edward C


    Hmm I wonder if AQ get into trouble for blogging?

    140,000 troops ready to train, the worlds biggest counter-terrorist Media force

    and they are BLOKED from the weapon to counter AQ's media war.


    Army still does not understand the Internet war paradigm.

    USA can win every fight in the field and still loose the "hearts and minds".

    They need to be trained not BLOCKED.

    Where is the USA's media battalion?


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    al Qaeda attacks civilians, to stop Offensive

    Al Qaeda Dislocates US Security Plan by Genocidal Massacre

    DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

    August 17, 2007, 3:00 PM (GMT+02:00)

    Yazidi victims of al Qaeda in Iraq

    Yazidi victims of al Qaeda in Iraq

    This time, Al Qaeda in Iraq selected a tiny, isolated, unprotected community of some 150,000 Yazidi Kurds, persecuted by Sunni and Shiite Muslims alike, as the victims of its barbarity. Tuesday, Aug. 14, within minutes, three oil tankers driven by suicide bombers had murdered at least 500 people, injured more than 1,000 and transformed an ancient indigenous Iraqi sect into a humanitarian problem.

    While rescuers were still digging bodies out of the rubble of their destroyed homes in Qataniya and Adnaniya near Mosul, tens of thousands snatched their remaining belongings and streamed to the Syrian border.

    Exchanges among al Qaeda’s adherents in Iraq 4, picked up by DEBKAfile’s special monitors, disclosed method behind the savagery. The jihadists had made an example of the Yazidis of Mt. Sinjar, holding them up as the first complete community they had succeeded in driving out of Iraq. They even urged harassing the refugees to speed the removal of every last Yazidi Kurd from Iraq.

    Al Qaeda timed its brutal attack for maximum disruption of the latest American operations in the framework of the US-Iraqi overall Phantom Strike offensive to secure Iraq against insurgents and terrorists.

    Lightning Hammer brought 16,000 US and Iraqi troops to the Diyala northeast of Baghdad province Aug. 14 to purge the area between Baquba and Balad and open up the main routes linking Baghdad to Kurdistan in the north for safe travel.

    Marne Husky was launched the next day by 4,000 troops as an aviation-based offensive. Infantry drops by helicopter are targeting Sunni insurgents and terrorist sanctuaries in southeastern Baghdad and choking off bombs and weapons smuggling into the capital.

    To defeat the US-led security campaign, al Qaeda appears to have opted for meting out death and destruction among large groups of civilians, aimed at forcing them out of their homes and causing hundreds of thousands of displaced people to wander hither and thither in search of safety, strangling communications and generating mayhem across the country. Blocked roads are intended to snarl the US offensives and compel the troops to turn to the immediate task of locating the deadly fuel trucks hurtling down the highways before they explode and inflict carnage.

    DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources report that al Qaeda employed two revealing methods of operation this week:

    1. Singled out as a soft targeted for the suicide bombers at the wheels of oil trucks was an isolated sect living in a remote community, which was easily accessible and unprotected by American or Iraqi forces or local security resources. The Yazidis live in communities of 5,000 to 20,000 which are clearly defined by religion and ethnic, tribal and clan kinship.

    2. It looks as though Qaeda is bent on reusing its method of attack against the Yazidis for additional sections of the population – in particular the highly inflammable oil trucks driven by suicide bombers.

    Intelligence source estimate that each the trucks operating against the Yazidi villages was packed with between 250 and 300 tons of explosives. Two reached their targets and blew up, while the third is believed to have exploded prematurely on the way. The force of the third blast was such that dozens of cars and buildings by the wayside were shattered and sent up flames visible to witnesses 2 kilometers away.

    The war in Iraq is thus raging on two planes.

    On one, coalition and Iraqi forces are launching offensive after offensive to scotch the al Qaeda-Sunni insurgent threat to Iraq’s security; on the second, al Qaeda is seeking to drive masses of terrified civilians out of their homes in chaotic flight.

    If they are allowed to persist in this tactic, the report the US commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus and US ambassador Ryan Crocker are preparing to submit to Congress on Sept 10 will have to be limited to American military successes up until Tuesday, Aug. 14. The security crisis in Iraq thereafter turned a fresh deadly page.

    Now USA will have divert move troops into Qataniya and Adnaniya to help the surviors.


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    New View, Islam in Europe

    ....A different view...


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    Paradigm forecast, Insurgent creation

    Part one:

    OK now what?

    1.6 Billion Muslims, if 1% of any population are psycho paths?, so there are 1.6 million possible recruits.
    People crazy enough to kill civilians, women, children, bomb mosques and market places even train their children for suicide are out there. Subset, looking for those that are free and can use Internet, that is the "homegrown" demographic. ( lowest common denominator, always there..


    Part 2)

    The Counseling Program is based upon a presumption of benevolence, and not vengeance or retribution. It presumes that the suspects were abused, lied to and misled by extremists into straying away from "true Islam," and that the state wants to help security prisoners return to the correct path. The vast majority of prisoners who have participated in the program, according to research conducted by the Advisory Committee, have been found to not have had a religious education during their childhood [3]. Most of the prisoners have been found by the committee to have an incomplete understanding of Islam, and the majority have been radicalized through extremist books, tapes, videos and, more recently, the internet. The Counseling Program, therefore, seeks to "correct" this misunderstanding by reinforcing the official state version of Islam.

    Part 3)

    Right now in the USA the people are just tired of the "terrorism".
    But AQ will push this till they do something big.
    And that will piss the American people off and the Gloves will come off,
    USA people if pissed off enough will re-up the draft and have 600,000 troops
    to be pissed with.

    USA has to intercept this new Internet paradigm or AQ will push this to a world war.
    With huge death toll of Americans in some covert attack in America.

    USA can't let AQ control the Internet paradigm.

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    Is it an objective to kill all the kiffers?

    From an Forum:
    Part of a debate.

    Senior Analyst BILL

    Join Date: Jul 2006
    Posts: 1,336
    bill is on a distinguished road
    Default Thinking
    I wanted to take some time to study the "process" of our debate.
    And then got called to an emergency.
    But it gave me much time to think.

    While you did speak from the tip of your tongue also the middle, but very little form the back of your tongue.

    Two people can see the same accident from different sides of the street and have two different storys, neither lying, both believing what they say.

    Partly I believe we have some of this here.

    We have been reviewing the past for "causes" citing examples.

    I don't think an answer lies in the past.

    A solution does not lie in the past.

    Let me cross to your side of the street and look at the accident thru your half blind eyes, and upside down... ( lol )

    OK for the sake of discussion, to move beyond the past, and let me be VERY clear here, I do not agree with your version of the past, but for argument only.

    Lets say mistakes were made, USA did all the things you said, and the Islam the same. Mistakes made on both sides.

    OK now what?

    1.6 Billion Muslims, if 1% of any population are psycho paths?, so there are 1.6 million possible recruits.
    People crazy enough to kill civilians, women, children, bomb mosques and market places even train their children for suicide are out there.

    And the USA a super power, which has used NUKES before.

    That is the PARADIGM.

    Is it an objective to kill all the kiffers?

    To convert the world by force if necessary?

    What needs to be done to correct these wrongs, ( none of which USA will admit to, nor Islam admit to )

    Right now in the USA the people are just tired of the "terrorism".
    But AQ will push this till they do something big.
    And that will piss the American people off and the Gloves will come off,
    USA people if pissed off enough they will re-up the draft and have 600,000 troops and Nukes...
    to be pissed happened in WWI and WWII, and did Carpet bombing.

    How does the world get off this train?
    It is a train wreck waiting to happen,
    And I believe USA will follow AQ into HELL.


    Please don't say USA just leave and everything will be fine, we both Know thats not true.

    Can AQ be controlled?
    Turned off?
    Stop the attacks?

    If the reply comes back afixing all the blame to one side then this approach has failed also.

    What can both sides do to fix this.


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    Intel and OPs update

    + Lockheed Martin Ships 500th Patriot To The US Army
    Dallas TX (SPX) Aug 17, 2007 - Lockheed Martin recently recognized delivery of the 500th PAC-3 Missile to the U.S. Army during a celebration at the PAC-3 Missile production facility in Camden, AR. PAC-3 Missiles have been delivered and deployed around the world with U.S. forces and U.S. allies. The PAC-3 Missile is currently the world's only fielded pure kinetic energy air defense missile. ... more


    + Russian bombers getting closer to US: American commander
    Washington (AFP) Aug 14, 2007 - Long-range Russian bombers are flying more often and closer to US territory, a top US commander said Tuesday, as Moscow made its latest show of military might with exercises over the North Pole. General Gene Renuart, Commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and US Northern Command, the agencies charged with protecting US and Canadian airspace, said that US forces would c ... more


    MILF Seeks Leverage as Fighting Against Abu Sayyaf and MNLF Escalates

    On August 3, U.S. federal agents arrested Rahmat Abdhir, a 43-year old dual Malaysian national working as a computer engineer in California. In the 16-count indictment, he was charged with providing material support to a designated terrorist, Zulkiflir Abdhir (aka Zulkifli bin Hir or Marwan)—a senior leader of Jemaah Islamiya (JI), currently based in the southern Philippines—and Rahmat's younger brother (Terrorism Focus, April 3). Rahmat was in frequent e-mail contact with Zulkifli, and sent him more than $10,000, and also packages of materials, including ammunition clips, two way radios, rifle scopes, uniforms and other equipment. Perhaps the most interesting part of the indictment was e-mail correspondence between Zulkifli and Rahmat's brother that sheds some important light on the very complicated dynamics of the ongoing relationship between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), hardline elements within the MILF and JI. The spate of fighting between the MILF and government forces in June-August puts the relationship into further context.


    Abu Yahya al-Libi: Al-Qaeda's Theological Enforcer - Part 2
    By Michael Scheuer

    Today, the most lethal strategic danger to al-Qaeda's viability and goals is the same as when Osama bin Laden declared war on the United States in 1996: the threat of a premature, worldwide intra-civilizational conflict between Sunni Muslims and Shiites. Bin Laden has always kept al-Qaeda's three main strategic priorities clear and consistent: first, to use incremental increases in force to drive the United States as far as possible out of the Muslim world; second, to destroy the apostate Muslim regimes and Israel; and finally, once the first two steps have been accomplished, to violently settle the Sunnis' historical scores with the heretical Shiites. Having set this agenda in the mid-1990s, bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri have repeatedly reinforced the absolute need to avoid widespread Shiite-Sunni conflict. Bin Laden made this point on the eve of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in February 2003 (, February 14, 2003); al-Zawahiri reemphasized it to brutally anti-Shiite Abu Musab al-Zarqawi—then al-Qaeda's chief in Iraq—in July 2005
    As noted in Part 1 of this article,

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    Threat? Can London swim? VIEW.

    London 'flooded'

    POSTED 2 Weeks Ago in Islamic forum.
    This could be what London looks like if the Thames Barrier fell. I remember visitng the thames barrier ten years ago and the man who is in charge told me within 20 years it will be vulnerable due to rising water. Scary... This is just a computer image to show the affects.

    In scenes that may no longer be dismissed as far-fetched, a new film is to chart what would happen if the Thames Barrier was overwhelmed.

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    Internet Jihadis!, buzzed, high...token, burned....

    2 days ago:
    Internet Jihadis! help,

    where are you guys?!

    wa alaykum salaam,

    Some of them are in "Hellmarsh"

    Hellmarsh . In the 'Golden Age' or the 'Age of Paradise' (~2983 Helmarsh Calendar) it is said that trees would bear fruit without having to cultivate the land or sow the seeds. Winds would carry the seeds, and rivers would cultivate the lands. Humans, spirits and ancient animals roamed the lands of Hellmarsh and lived in harmony. It was the happy times, when every living being would eat, drink, sing, and live a peaceful and contented life. There was no shadow or darkness, and nothing evil scoured the lands.

    they are HIGH, lot of 50/50 around for the hookas.

    Many of the jahidist webmasters are, MIA.


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    War on jahid on youtube.

    There has been alot of this both ways.


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    Thursday, August 16, 2007

    off subject: Fire fox ( HATE ) vs IE

    This is a prime time for IE to take on FF.

    Fire fox crashes every 6 months without fail and requires reinstalation, digging up all the addons, and installing them plus re-entering all the passwords.

    I have come to hate FF, as it is not reliable.

    IE, would have to improve the saving of passwords, IE looses passwords very eaisly.

    And it is an incredable pain to adjust security setting for indivual sites.

    And it just doesn't have the addons FF has, and all FF addons are FREE.

    Microsoft fix IE to fuctional level of FF.

    Or FF STOP the damn crashes, or make them eaiser to recover from, without having to re-install everything.

    The first will own the Browser war, I know where you can hire a good anthropologist for
    user testing and evualation.

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    Wednesday, August 15, 2007



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Validation for Nuking Iran

    Dining In the Gulf on roast chicken in the Admiral's wood-paneled quarters, the Commander says "the only rationale that the Church recognizes for a just war is when all other means have been exhausted."

    He asks: "How can a Christian believer, how can God approve of arbitrarily destroying millions of Iranians? Do you think you have some special assignment from Heaven?"

    "What if while we dither, the Iranians wipe out Israel and then hold a wimpy world at bay with nuclear missiles?" the Admiral replies. "Or they take out just one of our major cities and then say, 'let's talk.' Could that possibly be God's plan? The Iranians, the mullahs, say it is."

    Citing 1500 years of what he considers barbaric Islamic aggression against the West, the Admiral says: "You ask what would I say to God after a preemptive strike...What do our leaders say to God if they let us be attacked when they could have prevented it? Has God removed suicide from the list of mortal sins?"

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    The ONLY place USA is loosing the War.

    The terrorists are good at identifying the enemy, why they are the enemy, and what to do.
    A world wide message.

    USA offers a muddled enemy, of course there is al Qaeda, and then the Taliban oh and the Insurgents, on the Internet al Qaeda's media arm names and creates a group for EVERYONE, hand tailored to the individuals groups demographics. Somethings Brigade, or the 1950 group, or ISI. Named to attract and recruit volunteers.

    All started as virtual groups, then flushed out as they recruited. A form of social networking, with militarism attached. If you try hard, 72 VIRGINS, paradise for you and 60 friends, and money for your parents, and the recruits get to play with free Guns and explosives.
    There are Armys forming on the Internet.
    Jihadism the NEW "porno" of the Internet.
    And al Qaeda is the worlds top brand.

    So the USA's enemy list is a Yard long, and would remain the same people even if they were not separating them into different groups. Point being is to create enough Groups of Jihad to embrace 90 % of the ummahs demographics.

    And this is how al Qaeda can get Muslims to believe USA is in a war against Islam.
    "Isn't part of your tribe in the ISI group?
    See... USA is against you, also.
    They killed some of your tribe.

    The point is subtle.
    But in this manner AQ is able to make it appear USA is in a war with Islam.
    And it is believed.

    1.6 Billion Muslims, 1% of any population are psycho paths?, so there are 1.6 million recruits.
    People crazy enough to kill civilians, women, children, bomb mosques and market places even train their children for suicide.

    That is the PARADIGM.
    And USA isn't doing anything to counter this on the Net.

    USA has all the cutting edge tools but they are not being applied.
    They just set on the shelf, in some cases forbidden.

    Right now in the USA the people are just tired of the "terrorism".
    But AQ will push this till they do something big.
    And that will piss the American people off and the Gloves will come off,
    USA people if pissed off enough will re-up the draft and have 600,000 troops
    to be pissed with.

    USA has to intercept this new Internet paradigm or AQ will push this to a world war.
    With huge death toll of Americans in some covert attack in America.

    USA can't let AQ control the internet paradigm.

    More on AQ's internet Paradigm


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Iran Qods, surge, with IED's

    Night Watch: AAJAF - The day after Iraq Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki returns from Tehran, Iran assassinates two Shi'ite obstacles to Iran's influence in the country. Jasim Azawi, Al Jazeera's presenter of Inside Iraq accurately described it as a "targeted assassination" as the two officials' convoy was hit by 10 IED's (improvised explosive devices). The officials were based in Qadisiyah province in the south of the country. Of course al-Maliki was informed this was going to happen to not only remove two obstacles to Iran's influence in the country but to gradually destroy al-Maliki's administration, which means London-Washington have no government to work with and defend. [ALJAZEERA]

    USA had meetings with Iran about Iraq's security and the harm Iranian IED's are doing, army says its 30% of USA's KIA, our estimate puts it closer to 40%.

    Right after the meeting there was a surge in IED attacks.

    Some General suggested bombing Iranian oil fields?
    Maybe just some unknown explosions, like the train in N. Korea.


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    GIMF reorginizing, world wide, using encryption.

    Global Jihad:
    From a password protected file downloaded from password protected Jihad forum.
    They are training in the use of PGP.

    Technology offers the possibility of PGP encryption and digital signing letters has proved this program steadfastness in the face of all attempts to breakage, and clarifies that the accounts could not break the encryption of PGP by anyone in the world within an acceptable time, and is therefore considered a military secret, and prevent the United States government export programs to PGP our country, but can be obtained from other sources.

    ...........encrypted message to be sent by mail to the front, on the grounds that the message will reach the World Islamic Front briefing.

    Thank God for the blessing of Islam and its credit and magnanimity and generosity and charity, prayer and peace be upon our master and our leader Mohammed Fara fortunate personalities on the computer and the company of esteemed and after : you see today is disseminating news and information via the Internet forms and methods of making easy we must strive to form unified Islamic Front media on a global scale with a coordinating body, in fact, for this front there, but not sick and weak and fragmented and unacceptable, as well as uncoordinated and salary, the master Praise youth of Islam are exerting tremendous efforts in the dissemination of news and every nation has a policy and style The point of view in the way publishing in the way news and information formulation, and to Annker that young inexperienced foundations media and lack of support and guidance from the media people, and we had many reservations on some routes in publishing and broadcasting information, we do not pretend that we are media people, but we strive to serve Islam and Muslims all our God is used, for this must move these days and begin coordination and communication between cells or strong media scattered here and there As you know, the Internet is full of forums and media groups Arab and Islamic Can these entities electronic information coordination among them? Can she resorts to experts of the Islamic Information provided and consulted them and learning from them this profession that we need them most? We emphasize in this article that there are experts in the media are ready to provide support and assistance to young sons and daughters of the nation and Trshidhem to teach them how to disseminate news and information and how to describe the latest events and facts that occur daily in various countries such Arab and Islamic countries, especially in Iraq and Palestine, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Kashmir and other states of the nation. May stand against us and some people say How is coordination among the various currents Some alleged predecessor struggler, and Wahhabi and brothers and other trends? Ferdena is, we classify against Muslims, these classifications which we live today is the fruits of sedition faced by the nation. We must Trenching in the same trench and, more importantly, to agree in assets, foundations and Islamic principles and to leave aside differences subsidiary, and the talk about reclassification affects Muslims and there is no room for such a narrative, just want to say that any Muslim could zealous religion and the nation's conscience, and regardless considering the direction or letters to participate in the march to support Islamic media on the Internet ............

    tips :
    ......the so-called State of Israel is the entity mutation in the body of the nation must eradicate all possible means. not forget the importance of translation into languages other living Kalangelesais, French and Spanish composition of teams for translation and publication in the sites of these languages considered one of the priorities of the march of global Islamic media front.

    1-formation of a subsidiary company from the front so that each company has a role or roles example for the transfer of confidential data and news reports Mujahideen and confidential matters specializing in advocacy and confidential matters scientific, research and different studies and the confidentiality of things economic and other types of buildings.

    2-Sahab Institution Everybody knows, we propose the establishment of a media organization like Sahab (we suggest the establishment of an organization under the name Nour Foundation for the right production information), where lies role in the production of video programs on CD shows VIDEO state of the nation in various countries, especially in hot spots such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Palestine and Kashmir and other so these discs distributed to people in different ways the Internet, as we believe that this method will be effective and fruitful God's help at a high level.

    3-We urge cooperation with the people of experience in the media, they were a beacon through the media genuine Muslim.

    4-communicate with the Jihadi leaders, the media, economic, scientific and other.

    5-on the leadership front this leave you, but remind you that people do not forget the experience and opinion of the mujahideen, scientists and experts in various areas of information.

    ( The jihadist IT consultants are in India, India's computer experts are assisting in this effort. )


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    Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    life sentences for shoplifting, OK

    Pregerson, appointed by President Carter in 1979, is likely a solid vote against President Bush's spy case appeal.

    At 83, he even snubs the U.S. Supreme Court. He rules against lifetime prison terms under California's three-strikes law, the nation's most strict sentencing statute, despite the high court having declared that life sentences for shoplifting and other pretty crimes is not cruel and unusual punishment.

    Calf. life sentences for SHOPLIFTING...INSANE.


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Jis so COOOL


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Rules of the Art of Kidnapping Americans = CLOSED, GONE. UPDATE: 8.15.07

    The popular Islamist-jihadist forum, hosted by RealWebHost in Texas, U.S., recently posted an anonymously written document from 2003 titled "The Excellent Summary of the Rules of the Art of Kidnapping Americans." The 60-page guide describes each stage of the kidnapping, explaining how to select the target and then how to follow him, seize him, transport him to a safe location, and hold him there, as well as how to conduct negotiations. The guide also explains how to execute the hostage should negotiations fail.

    The following are the details:

    The guide begins by enumerating goals that a kidnapping can achieve, including the release of prisoners, extraction of information from the hostage, weakening the enemy's morale and creating deterrence, raising international awareness of conflicts in which the kidnappers' organization is involved, blackmailing the enemy for money, and generating anti-government sentiment in the hostage's country of origin.

    In the section dealing with selecting a target, the guide recommends choosing someone of importance to the enemy (such as a high-ranking military officer or a prominent businessman). However, he should not be a physically strong person who can put up significant resistance. In order to ensure that the operation goes smoothly, it is recommended that he be knocked out with tranquilizers.

    Kidnaping for Dummies.

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    CAIR says NOT co-conspirator.

    In an otherwise important article published by Newsweek this past Wednesday (An Unwelcome Guest), reporters Mike Isikoff and Mark Hosenball detailed a Department of Justice outreach event, cancelled at the last minute because of one of the invitees was a high ranking official with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) - a potentially embarrassing fact since ISNA was recently named as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the current trial against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) in Dallas.

    The cancelled event was slated for the same day as President Bush’s speech at the Islamic Center of Washington D.C., problematic in its own right for several reasons, as I reported at the time, including the presence of Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), also an un-indicted co-conspirator in the HLF case. Recent testimony and evidence in the HLF trial has conclusively linked CAIR’s founders with HAMAS, and its American affiliate, the Palestine Committee of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    But back to ISNA; Newsweek put a call into ISNA to ask about its status as un-indicted co-conspirators in the HLF trial, and this is the result:

    In a brief telephone interview with NEWSWEEK Wednesday, Magid pointed a reporter to an e-mail statement saying that the ISNA was seeking an immediate retraction of the government’s “unfounded allegations” in the Holy Land case. “ISNA is not now and has never been involved in any covert or illegal activity and has never supported any terrorist organizations,” the statement read. “Rather, ISNA is an open and transparent membership organization that strives to be an exemplary and unifying Islamic organization … ISNA hereby reaffirms its unqualified condemnation of all acts of terrorism.” (emphasis added)

    Isikoff and Hosenball, however, let that statement go unchallenged. And this is the same Newsweek that, several months ago, uncritically reported that new ISNA President Ingrid Mattson was, “bringing the moderate viewpoint to the world.”

    Yet, as I recently reported here, ISNA’s sympathy with terrorism, and individual terrorists, runs quite deep.

    Read More »

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:


    GIMF Now Permanently Shut Down

    That was fast, and we could easily start talking about the average time it took to shut down cyber jihadist communities like these. On Tuesday after I pointed out that it took a month to shut down GIMFs English and German version blogs, and how they've switched to a third one, it's now down too, for less than 48 hours. Limiting cyber jihadists opportunities to operate and develop online communities is directly undermining their supporters' confidence in GIMF's ability to remain online. And despite that the blogs have been around for quite a while taking advantage of an effective one-to-many communication model, they're now finally down. Intact, however, still remain Jihad Fields are Calling! with their eye catching Jihadist Wallpapers Gallery, and the Caravan of Martyrs with another Jihadist Gallery worth checking out, especially the comments within.


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Masharraf: "mainstream Taliban in Afghan."

    New Paki Company D.
    Recruiting Paki Civilians.

    Nearly a year after agreeing to a peace truce with the Pakistan Taliban in Waziristan, Pakistan's President Musharraf is now calling for the political mainstreaming of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Musharraf's views were reported in the August 13, 2007 Pakistan Daily Times article "Musharraf says not all Taliban terrorists", and by the Associated Press "Pakistan, Afghanistan mired in extremism, Pakistan president says".

    In the concluding August 12, 2007 session of the Afghan-Pakistan peace jirga meeting, Pakistan President Musharraf argued that there is a place for a mainstream Taliban in Afghanistan, as the "Taliban are a part of Afghan society".

    Pakistan President Musharraf was quoted at this jirga arguing for acceptance of Taliban within Afghan society as long as such Taliban are not "diehard militant":

    "We must understand the environment. Taliban are a part of Afghan society. Most of them may be ignorant and misguided, but all of them are not diehard militants and fanatics who even defy the most fundamental values of our culture and our faith Islam." He said that military action was necessary against Al Qaeda militants and Taliban diehards who refused to reconcile, but a more comprehensive political and development approach was needed to defeat extremism and 'Talibanization'. "Talibanization and extremism ... represent a state of mind and require a more comprehensive long-term strategy where military action must be combined with a political approach and socio-economic development". More importantly, he said, the population that appears to be sympathetic to the Taliban is not militant. "Our approach must be focused on isolating those diehard militants who reject reconciliation and peace. Here, it is a question of winning hearts and minds," he said.

    Is this appeasment?

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    Ops and Intel update

    Major General Charles Dunlap, the provocative Air Force bigwig who recently mused about disbanding either the Army or the Marines -- and mocked the "boots-on-the-ground zealots" and "neo-Luddites" who "quot[e] counterinsurgency manuals from the horse cavalry era" -- is at it again.

    BombjdamawaybgIn a new article for Defense News, he wonders aloud whether the next phase of the counterinsurgency in Iraq should be... bombing Iran's oil refineries, in retaliation for Tehran's support of Iraqi guerrillas.


    "Existing UUVs have the capability to detect mines but have to go back to the ship and download their information so the ship can see what the UUV sees," Scott says. Talisman just surfaces, sends out a radio signal and waits for a reply. "Talisman can also relay data to the ship by way of a buoy."

    Phpntoaacam "Existing UUVs are mostly single-mission," Scott continues. "Talisman can do mine warfare; Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance; it can be configured for Electronic Warfare, for the littorals and for Anti-Submarine Warfare — with the proper sonar and torpedoes. You could put in a navigation system for river navigation."

    Talisman looks like a sleek window- and wheel-less compact car — and in fact is built from the same materials as modern racecars. It has four little jets on the bottom and a weapons bay for carrying torpedoes, smaller UUVs or charges for destroying mines. The sleek construction of the current model is an improvement over the earliest Talisman prototype (pictured), which was blockier and heavier. Besides being slippier, Scott says Talisman has more horsepower than most UUVs and can make headway against a five-knot current.


    Pharming Attacks Through DNS Cache Poisoning

    A month ago, a detailed assessment of a recently released vulnerability in BIND9 was conducted by Amit Klein to highlight the wide impact typical nameserver vulnerabilities have in general, and this one in particular. Now that an exploit is available as well, the possibility for large scale pharming attacks in an automated fashion, becomes fully realistic :

    "A program has appeared on the Milw0rm exploit portal which is able to exploit the recently reported vulnerability in the BIND9 nameserver. Transaction IDs can be predicted or guessed relatively easily, so the cache of a vulnerable nameserver can be poisoned. Phishers can use cache poisoning for pharming attacks on users by manipulating the assignment of a server name to an IP address. Even if the user enters the name of his bank in the address line of his browser manually, he will still be taken to a counterfeit web page."


    SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 9 - At least 20,000 police surveillance cameras
    > are being installed along streets here in southern China and will soon
    > be guided by sophisticated computer software from an American-financed
    > company to recognize automatically the faces of police suspects and
    > detect unusual activity.
    > Starting this month in a port neighborhood and then spreading across
    > Shenxhen, a city of 12.4 million people, residency cards fitted with
    > powerful computer chips programmed by the same company will be issued
    > to most citizens.
    > Data on the chip will include not just the citizen's name and address
    > but also work history, educational background, religion, ethnicity,
    > police record, medical insurance status and landlord's phone number.
    > Even personal reproductive history will be included, for enforcement
    > of China's controversial 'one child' policy. Plans are being studied
    > to add credit histories, subway travel payments and small purchases
    > charged to the card.
    > Security experts describe China's plans as the world's largest effort
    > to meld cutting-edge computer technology with police work to track the
    > activities of a population and fight crime. But they say the
    > technology can be used to violate civil rights.

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    worried? noise? coincidence? ATTACK?

    Paradigm focusing?
    Point #1)

    The European Central Bank scrambled to head off a potential financial crisis on Thursday by pumping an emergency €94.8bn ($131bn) into the region's banking system after liquidity in the interbank market started to dry up, threatening banks' access to short-term funds.
    Its not sub-prime problems, max. loss on that $30 Billion.USD
    Was the cause of the illiquidity cash withdrawals? ( or equivalent )
    Why and who would want to withdraw funds on this scale?
    Attack eminent?

    Point #2)
    Twenty-nine bases in the tribal areas of North Waziristan and South Waziristan on the border with Afghanistan that were used to train militants have simply fallen off the radar.

    The US had presented Islamabad with a dossier detailing the location of the bases as advance information on likely US targets. But Asia Times Online has learned that since early this month, neither the North Atlantic Treaty Organization-led coalition in Afghanistan nor Pakistan intelligence has detected any movement in the camps.
    Withdraw troops for large scale attack?
    Attack eminent?

    Point #3)
    The US is also looking past the issue of the security of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. The loyalty of the conventional Pakistani military to President Musharraf is in question, according to CNN. "Musharraf controls the loyalty of the commanders and senior officials in charge of the nuclear program, but those loyalties could shift at any point," CNN reported on August 10. "There is also a growing understanding according to the U.S. analysis that Musharraf's control over the military remains limited to certain top commanders and units, raising worries about whether he can maintain control over the long term."

    The United States has full knowledge about the location of Pakistan's nuclear weapons, according to the U.S. assessment.

    But the key questions, officials say, are what would happen and who would control the weapons in the hours after any change in government in case Musharraf were killed or overthrown.
    Coup in planning, nuke involoved? Attack eminent?


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    Monday, August 13, 2007

    Re-Education, UN-Brain washing, DE- program

    Five men Britain wants released from Guantanamo Bay are linked to al-Qaida and may rejoin the war if freed, U.S. Pentagon officials say.

    "We have concerns that they will try to reconnect with some of their old counterparts and return to the fight in the sense that they will try to carry out attacks, whether it's in England or elsewhere," said Sandra Hodgkinson, a Pentagon spokeswoman.

    Evidence suggesting the men are dangerous was declassified and released this weekend by the Pentagon just days after British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called for the men's release, The Sunday Times of London reported.

    The evidence shows one detainee was an interpreter for Osama bin Laden while another was a longtime associate of the late al-Qaida terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, said Hodgkinson. A third detainee is a Jiahdi veteran with ties to terrorist groups in Morocco, she said.

    The men's attorneys say the allegations are the Pentagon's attempt to smear their clients and justify their incarceration at Guantanamo


    1. The Counseling Program for Saudi Security Prisoners

    For the past two years, the Saudi Interior Ministry has been implementing a counseling program for security prisoners in the Saudi jails, intended to encourage prisoners to renounce their extremist beliefs. Up until six months ago, the existence of the counseling project was kept a secret so that "it would bear fruit far from the [eye] of the media." [1]

    According to the head of the counseling committee, Dr. Saud Al-Musaybih, the committee "includes more than 100 ulema and fuqaha and some 30 psychiatrists and psychologists, who are divided among the various districts in the kingdom." He also said that, in addition to counseling sessions with the prisoners, the committee also holds religion classes, with "20-25 participants in each class who study concepts such as al-walaa wal barraa, [2] takfir, and [other] issues that concern them."

    Al-Musaybih added that, at first, "a large percentage [of the prisoners] refused to meet with the fuqaha, [but in time] they began to ask for meetings on their own initiative..." Today, "the committees are achieving a high rate of compliance amongst the prisoners." [3]

    In the past six months, the Saudi Interior Ministry released more than 400 security prisoners based on the assessment of the program counselors, after becoming convinced that they had renounced their extremist views. None of the freed prisoners were planners of terror operations who were under interrogation or standing trial.

    According to Interior Minister Prince Na'if bin Abd Al-Aziz, "the heads of the program assess that it has had a positive impact on the prisoners' tendencies, and that there is evidence that they admit their error and want to repent." [4]

    Analysis of the Program

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    Dogs of WAR

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:


    Three months after May's "information warfare" attacks on Estonia, computer security experts continue to scrutinize the event for clues to the future of digital conflicts.

    Israeli security expert Gadi Evron, who helped the Estonians with their response, argued here at Chaos Communication Camp, following similar speeches at other recent gatherings, that the attacks were far more akin to a "cyber-riot" than to actual warfare.

    The May events followed the Estonian decision to dismantle and move a symbolically significant Russian war memorial in their capital city of Tallinn (Estonia was an unwilling part of the USSR from the end of World War II to the Soviet dissolution). Riots of the local Russian-speaking population resulted, and calls for retaliation quickly spread to Russian blogs.

    Many of the early attacks that subsequently overwhelmed Estonia's Web servers, banks, and government email systems were rudimentary, with instructions widely posted on these blogs telling people how to send manual pings to the country's servers. But more sophisticated tools soon were used, with botnets flooding Estonian addresses with traffic anywhere from 100 to 1000 times ordinary levels.Leninmissile2

    The Estonians, and much of the world press, initially characterized this as the first true information war. Fingers were pointed towards the Russian government, largely on the basis of IP addresses (probably spoofed) traced to government facilities. For their part, Russian officials hotly denied any involvement.

    Evron doesn't downplay the seriousness of the situation – it effectively hamstrung facilities for days in a country far more deeply reliant on Internet infrastructure than is the United States. But he points to the way activity and action spread through the blog community as evidence that this was something very different than a conventional military operation.

    "Fighting is not necessarily warfare," he says. "The whole idea of the blogosphere, of online mob psychology, is taking psychological warfare and putting it on the offensive."

    Defenders against this kind of attack, which spreads meme-like through an easily inflamed, but not necessarily coordinated online community, need to think more in terms of policing metaphors than military, he says. Crowds without centers need to be controlled and subdued, rather than attacked. Damage must be mitigated, with a focus on defense rather than offense.

    So who was ultimately behind the attacks? Evron says portions of the attacks looked suspiciously like there was some central coordination happening; but it's as yet impossible to trace anything back to the government.

    More important is the lesson that in future events, cyber-conflicts may best resemble guerrilla battles, or even spontaneous riots, in which the general opponents are known, but the immediate attackers are not.

    As for Americans still trying to adapt to asymmetric warfare tactics in Iraq, these lessons may take time to sink in. But it seems certain that Estonia will remain a case study for years to come.

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    India Intel agancy RAW

    Internet: PC's world wide.

    Wednesday August 08 2007 12:24:34 PM BDT

    By Iftikhar Gilani

    NEW DELHI: Indian intelligence agencies not only eavesdrop on domestic
    telephone lines but have also been intercepting international
    communication traffic passing through the SEA-ME-WE submarine cable
    connecting Western Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia, in
    violation of international laws. Set up in 2000, the cable is the main
    source of connectivity for telephones and broadband Internet services
    in the region. Major General VK Singh, former head of the Research and
    Analysis Wing's (RAW) technical cell, claims that the agency has
    procured interception-technology from France. The equipment has been
    installed at the VSNL (India's overseas communication service) gateway
    in Mumbai, he says.

    Spilling the beans in his latest book "India's External

    Intelligence: Secrets of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)," Gen Singh
    says RAW, in its bid to emulate the US Central Intelligence Agency
    (CIA), has been unnecessarily tapping telephone traffic between, for
    example, Germany and Japan.

    The author also lashes out at the former NDA government for
    going public with the famous interception of a telephone conversation
    between Gen Pervez Musahrraf and his chief of staff, Lt Gen Mohammad
    Aziz, to prove Pakistan's complicity in the Kargil war. Gen Singh
    believes India may have won some brownie points with the United States
    by going public with the intercepted conversation, but it led to
    Pakistan immediately closing the satellite link between Beijing and
    Islamabad, which RAW had been tapping into for quite some time. "It is
    impossible to estimate the value of intelligence that would have been
    obtained if the link had continued to be used," he writes.

    Demanding parliamentary oversight over intelligence agencies, Gen
    Singh says lack of accountability is the most glaring shortcoming of
    RAW. Incompetent leadership as well as mistrust are also eating into
    the credibility of the organisation.

    Since RAW officials are not answerable to any outside agency, many
    officers treat themselves as being above the law, and in fact as a law
    unto themselves, he adds.

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    Sunday, August 12, 2007

    al Qaeda connections in Patki, WHO?

    First, the secretary general of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League, Mushahid Hussain Syed, called for a crushing response in the event of any US attack in Pakistan.

    Then retired Major Tanveer Hussain Syed, secretary for the parliamentary committee on defense, said ties with the US should be severed and the Taliban should be promoted in Afghanistan.

    Minister of Religious Affairs Ejaz ul-Haq weighed in by calling for a review of Pakistan-US relations and the country's participation in the "war on terror".

    Twenty-nine bases in the tribal areas of North Waziristan and South Waziristan on the border with Afghanistan that were used to train militants have simply fallen off the radar.

    The US had presented Islamabad with a dossier detailing the location of the bases as advance information on likely US targets. But Asia Times Online has learned that since early this month, neither the North Atlantic Treaty Organization-led coalition in Afghanistan nor Pakistan intelligence has detected any movement in the camps.

    Human intelligence on both sides suggests the bases have been dismantled, apart from one run by hardline Islamist Mullah Abdul Khaliq. All other leading Taliban commanders, including Sirajuddin Haqqani, Gul Bahadur, Baitullah Mehsud and Haji Omar, have disappeared. Similarly, the top echelons of the Arab community that was holed up in North Waziristan has also gone.

    The al Qaeda and Taliban personnel abandoned the 28 camps after "the US had presented Islamabad with a dossier detailing the location of the bases as advance information on likely US targets,"

    Pakistan's military and intelligence agencies are believed to have leaked information to the Taliban and al Qaeda in the past, and appears to have done so again.

    The Pakistani military has done little other than press for more negotiations with the Taliban while conducting retaliatory strikes, largely using artillery and air power.

    On August 10, 16 Pakistani troops were kidnapped in South Waziristan. Yet Pakistani military spokesman Maj. Gen. Waheed Arshad confirmed the military is still in a defensive posture, reacting to attacks. "There is no planned operation going on in North Waziristan but we are responding with greater force against militant attacks on security forces now," said Arshad.

    The US is also looking past the issue of the security of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. The loyalty of the conventional Pakistani military to President Musharraf is in question, according to CNN. "Musharraf controls the loyalty of the commanders and senior officials in charge of the nuclear program, but those loyalties could shift at any point," CNN reported on August 10. "There is also a growing understanding according to the U.S. analysis that Musharraf's control over the military remains limited to certain top commanders and units, raising worries about whether he can maintain control over the long term."

    The United States has full knowledge about the location of Pakistan's nuclear weapons, according to the U.S. assessment.

    But the key questions, officials say, are what would happen and who would control the weapons in the hours after any change in government in case Musharraf were killed or overthrown.

    A spillover of al-Qaeda's presence in Jani Khel is likely to spread to Karak, Kohat, Tank, Laki Marwat and Dera Ismail Khan in Pakistan. Kohat in NWFP is tipped to become a central city in the upcoming battle, as the office of the Pakistani Garrison commanding officer is there and all operations will be directed through this area. In addition, Kohat is directly linked with a US airfield in Khost for supplies and logistics.

    A second war corridor is expected to be in the Waziristans, the Khyber Agency, the Kurram Agency, Bajaur Agency, Dir, Mohmand Agency and Chitral in Pakistan and Nanagarhar, Kunar and Nooristan in Afghanistan.


    Our sources indicate the camps didnot move when the info was given to the Patki Intel service,
    or at a second phase of decision making, but when the go ahead was given to attack after this weekends meetings (11.8.07 ) after the Ok for action was given then they moved.

    It would appear the movement out of the camps was only for self preservation.
    They are allergic to bomb shrapnel.

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