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    Saturday, June 19, 2010

    Pak Punjab governor blasts government

    Administrative Divisions of Punjab Pakistan.Image via Wikipedia


    Pak Punjab governor blasts government for denying Taliban presence in province

    Lahore, Jun.19 (ANI): Continuing his spat with the provincial government, Pakistan’s Punjab province Governor Salmaan Taseer has blasted the government for living in denial over the presence of Taliban in the region.
    In an interview with a British news channel, Taseer said despite there being clear indications that Punjab based attackers had targeted the two Ahmedi sect mosques in Lahore last month, the government was hesitant to accept the fact.
    “Terrorists don’t have public support and people just hate them,” The Daily Times quoted Taseer, as saying.
    He also criticised Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for spending billions of rupees on the ‘Sasti Roti’ scheme, and said that it was only an attempt to gain cheap publicity.
    The Punjab government is spending billions of rupees in Lahore in the name of the scheme saying that development expenditures in the city was 30,000 rupees per head, whereas 300 to 400 rupees was being spent in the other districts, the governor said.
    “The policy of discrimination is breeding an inferiority complex in southern Punjab,” Taseer added. (ANI)
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    Wikileaks Espionage

    Wikileaks Espionage ?

    Wikileaks received a detailed Army chronology of events in the Iraq war and a database of 260,000 classified U.S. diplomatic cables.

    Setting aside the release of the Video wikileaks received on the Iraq attack,
    and Wikileaks false spin on the video, which Manning said he released in
    a crisis of conscience, there can be no justification for the wholesale release
    of 260,000 classified diplomatic cables en-mass.

    These cables if wikileaks has them make them a target for every intelligence
    agency of interest.
    And as such makes wikileaks a National Security risk.

    The allegations on Cryptome about the Wilileaks leader embezzling funds,
    or at the very least no audited trail or verification of the use of donations
    makes Assange's use of $200,000 of donations for personal use into question.

    Working with an anonymous group can be dangerous. You have very little
    info on what they are actually doing, or spending money on.
    We here at IATT have run security for "Anonymous" during the Iranian
    Green uprising, and weeding out infiltrators. But our assistance was limited
    to certain conditions and areas. (all files related have been deleted to NSA standards. G )

    The hypothesis behind Wikileaks has some merit but the leaders actions
    bring all their work into question.


    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: wikileaks FRAUD

     wikileaks-blow.htm Wikileaks Terrible Funding Blow 
    wikileaks-costs.htm   Wikileaks Costs 
    wikileaks-maybe.htm   Wikileaks May Be Under Attack   

    wikileaks-auth.htm    Wikileaks Insider Authentication 
    Mannings chats: HERE 

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    The new computer world

    Transistor counts for integrated circuits plot...Image via Wikipedia

    Moore's law is still going to HOLD.
    Moore himself didn't think it would
    continue past the next doubling.

    Synthetic Bacterial Genome Takes Over Cell -

    Bio-Computer Created Inside Living Cell

    Scientists create organic 'molecular computer'


     Question: When does a cellular bio computer

    become salient? Can we measure it?

    Military will love it, life times worth of

    RAM in a wrist watch, virtually unlimited

    storage, solar powered, like plants.

    Super computer on your wrist.

    Bio. cell phone/PC/wrist watch,

    hooked up to the WWW 24/7,

    multiple parallel processing, 

    RAM zettabyte, 70 inch virtual

    screen in I-glasses.

    We are going to need alot more

    cable capacity and hot spots.

    Doin a dance.




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    Friday, June 18, 2010

    Where are the Paki minerals?

    Afghan children in Khost ProvinceImage via Wikipedia

    Where are the Paki minerals?
    In Afghan?

    In the past few days we have posted articles about Paki Trillion dollar
    mineral reserves, and how it might play out if the minerals had been
    found in Paki.

    The Geologies are very similar in Afghan and Paki.
    There needs to be a survey done in Paki to discover
    their mineral reserves.

    Currently if the minerals are only in Afghan the possibility
    remains of Paki ISI going after Afghan using Omar and the
    Taliban to attempt an over through of Afghan.

    The minerals were discovered in the wrong place,
    they present a high risk for Afghan stability, and
    Paki interest in seeing Afghan Government over

    Paki mineral treasure trove may be a way to
    win the GWOT and preserve Afghan.

    With the Paki interest in Afghan and the corruption
    in Afghan the minerals don't bode well for the Afghan people.
    Or the GWOT.

    WE presented an alternate path if Paki also has
    the same mineral wealth as Afghan.

    The mineral survey of Paki is urgently needed.



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    Thursday, June 17, 2010

    GOPB, Green and Palin

    Thank you Mr.Barton. G

    Barton got the most donations from the oil lobby, around $2 million.
    The lobbyist that got that published, and Barton to pick it up, just
    lost his job. The lobbyist's have no long term views,  this makes 
    them dangerous. Got Wall St.Banking regs rolled back and the
    banks came close to bringing down the Worlds capital markets.G

    Surprised by Mr.Green?
    Its happened before Sara Palin,
    peas of the same pod.
    But HOW?
    Paradigm Intel says Everybody
    voted for the underdog,
    somebody they never heard of.

    The next election will be very interesting.
    The Public is fed up with Congress,
    This maybe how 'they' express the


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    Paki fork in the Road?

    New estimates may place the Paki mineral
    wealth at $3 trillion USD.

    Ok its Afghan Minerals, they have to find the Paki Minerals.

    “Do not occupy what you cannot transfer,”
    Biden asked if the new policy of beginning a significant withdrawal in 2011 was a direct presidential order that couldn’t be countermanded by the military. Obama said yes.

    Its very important for US to draw down support in Paki also in 2011,
    if they do it in Afghan.
    In Afghan its US handing over secure sections of Afghan to their control.
    Or the surge failing, a draw down of troops any way.
    The key to success in Afghan is in PAKI.
    US needs to tie Afghan success to Paki's success.
    They both succeed or both fail together.
    Paki thinks they can succeed while causing Afghan's
    Paki has a history of destabilizing Afghan with the Taliban .

    Both Afghan and Paki fear the US draw down of US troops,
    fearing a terrorist surge in the vacuum.

    Some in Paki, Mil and ISI welcome the withdrawal.
    They look at it as an opportunity to destabilize Afghan
    with their puppet Taliban ( Omar ).
    And will want to focus on the Trillion dollar jackpot
    in minerals in Paki, and acquiring those owned by Afghan.

    But the ISI must control and stop Taliban violence in
    Paki, the dog has learned he can get away with biting
    the Master.

    And the Taliban will want more than their share of
    the golden jack pot.

    Paki will have trouble raising the Investment funds
    to continue the critical development of its infrastructure
    and mining ventures. China and Russia have both lined
    up to invest, but they both have strong doubts about
    ISI's ability to provide a safe environment for investors
    and their money.

    On the other hand US is already gearing up with new
    social tools to fast track the SysAdmin functions
    to connect the Paki gap to the Core, and the Military
    power to win the War and maybe the Peace?

    US could provide long term guarantees $$$, investment
    to both Afghan and Paki if Afpak is de-Talibanized.
    Taliban will turn over al Qaeda cult members.

    If Afghan and Paki will work together against
    the Taliban, joint cross border forces to chase
    Taliban across Afghan and a Paki borders,
    the US as a trading partner will provide infrastructure
    and capital, investments to get the minerals out of the
    ground, and drones to pound the Taliban.

    Paki might decide to go it alone, slow high risk,
    underfunded, stuck in the morass of the GWOT.

    Or continue the high trust relationship between
    two nuclear powers they have now, Paki and US.
    US still has very deep pockets, and the objectives
    of Paki and US maybe converging.

    Will Paki be the NEW China?
    Or the same OLD morass?

    Wean Paki off the $1 billion a year GWOT teat
    on to the $3 Trillion golden jack pot mineral
    .( confused? learn secret HERE)
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    Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Ops and Intel update: 06.16.10

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    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    Paki's ISI seeming make over.

    Paki's ISI  seeming make over.
    Sources from ISAF meetings at Bagram.  Says that Karzai and his pals call Nimruz, Helmand and Kandahar provinces "Marinistan" because the Marines have taken over the entire area and won't tell the ISAF and Karzai what they're doing and when.  No joint ops with Afghans, etc.

    The operation in Kandahar has been very quiet, and seemingly very successful.
    This has caught many off guard, and are sifting through the operation for the keys
    to its success. Hint human terrain teams ability to project intent thru surveys.
    US seems to have the tools to do the job, but do they have the time for the learning
    curve, to fast track core connections to the gap? Bring the Peace and infrastructure

    "questions about Hanif Atmar, Afghanistan's former interior minister, and former intelligence chief Amrullah Saleh. Jones said both "were well-respected by the Americans and the British" before Karzai fired them last week."

    Karzai is fumbling in the dark. Trying to bring some of the Taliban into the Afghan fold.
    Unaware of ISI's major secret operation forcing all indigenous players to a discussion table.
    ISI know where all the key players are located and has swept some of them up for Secret

    US may not be in on actual operational details but is consulted
    on over all objectives and US will issue guarantees on infrastructure
    rebuild to exploit meneral wealth in exchange for de-Talibanization.

    Paki and the ISI saw the reports early on the mineral wealth in Paki.
    And are taking steps to bring about political environment conducive
    to attracting investment funds for exploiting the mineral wealth.
    IE a non-terrorist environment.

    If Afghan has minerals so does Paki, find the Paki minerals.
    Make the reports public.

    While Paki knew about the mineral wealth before, this is the first
    time the actual amount of wealth has been addressed, and Paki has a partner
    that could develop the infrastructure fast track to mine the wealth.

    Paki's ISI is the father of the Taiban and has funded and aided them
    for decades, but recently the dog has turned on its masters and
    is now standing in the way of a huge leap in Paki's economy.

    Paki's ISI has a new teat to suckle, instead of the US $1 billion a
    year in terrorist funding, they have a crack at $1 trillion jack pot,
    with a new infrastructure which will raise the average Paki's standard
    of living considerably. But only if ISI can bring enough peace to
    the region to attract investments in to what would be considered a safe

    Can ISI bring in its puppets, and defang them?
    Will ISI give up interference in Afghan for a
    Trillion dollar jack pot?
    For the first time ever Paki and US may have the
    same goals in mind for Afpak.

    New foot steps;

    The paradigm indicates ISI will negotiate many
    peace treatys with Taliban factions and many
    Taliban assignations by the ISI when the Taliban
    break the treatys.
    Until the Taliban leadership is governed by
    Taliban leaders that will keep treatys.
    Expect many Taliban leaders to go quiet
    as process unfolds.

    Afghan and Karazai will fall into line
    and will see the benefits to Paki's
    mineral windfall.


    Triple up on Human Terrian
    and fold into the new "news, osint"
    intel system that has been working
    so very well and expand surveys 10X.
    ( confused? learn secret HERE)
    How I got HERE.
    Read in order,
    The Track:

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    Monday, June 14, 2010

    Paki Gold

    The NEW Paki Paradigm.

    We posted about something going on in Paki.
    Paki gearing up for something.

    Our recent "Bones don't Match" review
    pointed out some missing pieces.

    And the News provided the missing piece.
    Afghans Giddy Over Mineral Estimate

    Find the Paki minerals, same geo area.
    Publish the Paki mineral reports.

    Paki's ISI was supporting the Taliban,
    part of the motive was the $1 billion
    a year US is spending in Paki.

    But Paki just found a bigger pot
    of Gold, $1 Trillion dollars in
    mining ores.

    But Paki can't barrow the needed
    money to develop its infrastructure
    to mine the minerals, capitalists are
    loth to invest in bricks in a war zone.

    Now Paki sees the Taliban in the way.
    The Taliban are standing between the
    Paki power ( MIL ) and a Trillion USD
    pot of Gold.

    The paradigm shift we picked up on
    in Pakistan was the Paki turning on the
    Taliban and al Qaeda cult.

    ISI knows where everybody is, and
    they are all going to a party.

    Paki is forming a NEW partnership
    with US, against the insurgency
    and towards development of the
    Trillion USD from mining.

    I think it would be dangerous to
    get between the Paki power
    and a pot of Gold that big.

    ( confused? learn secret HERE)


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    Taliban Takfir.

    In The Name Of Allah The Most Beneficent and Magnificent...

    Taliban:You are not a believers.

    You are a kafir, wrong-doer, misguided, doomed to hell.

    Their mukaffir is clear for everyone to see and hear.
    They bomb Mosques, weddings (100 dead or wounded.) , Hospitals even hang
    7 yr old boy (Fazul Rahim ), schoolgirls, acid poured in their faces.
    Someone who denies that murder is a sin must be a kafir, as long as he is aware that murder is a sin in Islam.

     And whoever contradicts and opposes the Messenger (Muhammad) after the right path has been shown clearly to him, and follows other than the believers' way, We shall keep him in the path he has chosen, and burn him in Hell – what an evil destination![Qur'an 4:115
     Taliban's denials of fundamental religious principles make them  Kafirs,  knowingly abandoning of Islam.

    We await an alim, to pronounce a fatwa (legal judgement) of takfir on
    the Taliban.

    No matter what the Kafir's do Muslims must adhere to the tenants of Islam.
    If the Kafirs do wrong it is not a license for Muslims to do wrong.
    Taliban knows the penalty for calling of the Murder of civilians and their murder.

    Where is the Fatwa?

    Allah said : (Allah has promised, to those among you who believe and work righteous deeds, that He will, of a surety, grant them in the land, inheritance (of power), as He granted it to those before them; that He will establish in authority their religion -the one which He has chosen for them; and that He will change (their state), after the fear in which they (lived), to one of security and peace: 'They will worship Me (alone) and not associate aught with Me. 'If any do reject Faith after this, they are rebellious and wicked.) 55,AlNOOR.
    Allah said: "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter." 33:Al-Maeda .

    Taliban, you are not a Muslim, you are kafir. You shame the Koran.

    It is allowed for Muslims to kill you.



    Google Labels not working???
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    Sunday, June 13, 2010

    The Bones don't match.

    Worldview in 20/20

    "Paradigm Puzzle" Bee.

    Paradigm mating

    The Bones don't match.

    ( Been busy, internal conference, farm,
    war driving cleaning up some problems,
    fishing next. G )

    We, you and me, often get world views from the News.
    And piece by piece we develop our world view.
    How we see the world fits together.
    Of course we add what our politicians say and
    views we read on the web.

    And over time we "see" the world.
    Of course we all "see" different views.

    One aspect to our views is to ignore what
    "they" say and just examine what they did.
    As a separate paradigm.

    We here at IATT periodically try and fit all our
    paradigms together like in a globe puzzle. Like how
    does the Afghan paradigm fit the Paki Paradigm,
    and on and out... Iran, Iraq, Russian, China etc.

    Usually where there are gaps, over laps and the
    pieces don't fit together well then it indicates problems with
    the Paradigm's hypothesis.

    The following are problematic areas, not that
    they are true but they do need a deeper look.
    They just don't fit whats being said in this case.

    We will tuck into the "Post processing" phase
    for a look.

    This is part of the processing phase.
    Part of our Paradigm Intel engine, is an artificial Intelligence program,
    I wrote, This is the “DEAD END Engine”. Its also useful to test for
    any missed Paradigms of interest.

    It’s a "targeted area", 'random Idea', paradigm generator that functions
    on data provided by the user, input by Text in a chat room cyber
    environ, the AI program asks you questions, that gleans key information from the user and then then relates “OTHER” paradigm possibilities during a session of conversational texting,
    Its quick, sweet and subliminally driven to problem areas by the user.
    Work product is a list of other remarkable possible paradigms,
    that "fit".
    Which we are sharing here.
    (Very high security, as it needs no internet connection.G)

    Post processing:
    Paradigm Hypotheses:
    #1) N. Korea doesn’t have a nuclear weapon.

    China is not afraid of N. Korea based on its actions
    and Military deployment.

    N.Korea doesn’t have a nuclear weapon.
    China through active or passive operations
    knows N.Korea's nuclear tests results have been produced
    by dirty high explosive non-nuclear underground tests.

    N.Korea is a nuclear paper tiger:
    A cheaply produced paper tiger threat, to occupy a large
    component of US resources and Military power.
    Force projection without merit.

    Where are China’s anti-missile defenses?

    #2) Pakistan knows just what the US is doing,
    and agrees it is good for Paki. IE Japan, Germany
    WWII, even Iraq

    US is currently working with Pakistan
    to do a at speed connect between the Core and
    the Gap.

    It will produce an increased standard of Living
    for 90% of the Paki population.
    Higher wages, more jobs, better trained workers,
    increased health care, a higher standard of living
    and longer life spans.

    Normally the connection between the Gap and the
    Core is much slower process, and not driven by terrorism.

    The faster and stronger the connections are between the
    gap and the core, the quicker the gap becomes part of
    the core the less influence terrorism wields.

    ( It maybe part of the connection paradigm
    to have alot of corruption when connecting the gap to
    the core on a fast track. The volume of money
    coming in during a fast track connection maybe
    as much as a hundred fold or even a thousand fold increase.G)

    The partnership between the US and Paki is so strong
    the US fires missiles at terrorist in Pakistan.
    Both Paki and US are nuclear powers, and the trust
    that has to exist for US to fire into terrorist in Paki,
    is immense, it demonstrates a very powerful and trusting
    relationship on both sides.

    #3) Iran isn't a nuke power and US has never
    drawn a line in the sand they haven't let Iran
    cross. Iran is confused about it's limits, they
    have no idea where their limits are.

    We were not able to squeeze any juice out on why
    US has let Iranian regime pillage and rape all over
    the Middle East without any consensuses?
    And they are not a nuke power, what would
    they be like if Iran got a nuke. It won't be
    pretty or easy.
    US is setting up a ME bully with unreasonable
    expectations and a WMD, huge club..

    13th Imam
    No limits
    Divine Nuclear Mission:

    #4) Afghanistan and Russia.
    The Taliban were whipped once and drove into
    But lets follow the money. At least the political capital.
    Who benefits from the US being tied up to Afpak for 10
    Who might have a motive to keep this going?
    Seems Russia was very reasonable about US
    giving the Mujaheddin the power to run Russia out
    of Afghan.
    Could that be motive?
    After Russia left Afghanistan it collapsed, unrelated to
    the loss of of the small War in Afghan.
    ( Yes I've heard the claim that the Mujaheddin brought
    down the Russian empire in Afghanistan, NONSENSE. G)

    And some of the Russia's regrouped, and US ran the Taliban
    out of Afghan a few years latter. So both the Russians and
    the Taliban had their tail feathers burned. In effect by the same
    flame. The US.

    Some ohooo so top secret meetings, nothing on the Internet,
    and the secret funding conduit was set up all old school.
    FBS to the Taliban?

    And the Russian Business Net, RBN breaking into Pentagon
    computers for 3 days looking to see if the Putin/FBS regime
    and Taliban connection had been discovered?

    A wooden tiger, the Taliban, to occupy huge US resources
    and Military power for 10 years, for the cost of Bullets?

    But even if that was the case it backfired, the US now has
    200,000 seasoned combat tested troops and equipment, in urban warfare and high speed core connection technology deployment.

    The Russians have only sharpened the US sword.
    Epic Fail.

    #5) "The Government has its foot on the Neck of BP."
    "The US may go after BP dividends"
    The White House seems to be posturing.

    The anger, the outrage over the oil leak.
    BP seems to be working hard at fixing this.
    NO one was prepared for a deep oil leak
    And so far it seems some front line oil field
    personnel cut corners that lead to this disaster,
    The investigation will show if this was Company
    policy or rogue employees.
    But it looks like BP is really trying.

    Why wasn't the Governments foot on the neck
    of the Wall St Banks, when the banks almost
    brought down the world's economies?
    why didn't they go after the dividends of the
    Wall Street Banks?
    Instead the Gov.gave them a handout/bailout.
    Allow them to be legal loan sharks 30%cc
    and 460% on payday loans.
    False balance sheets, caring toxic paper at 100%.
    CDS fraudulent insurance without any reserve requirements.
    Black trading pools no regulation.
    -1,000 pt 10 min decline.
    Change bankruptcy laws to trap victims of the loan sharking.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Wall St Bank Robber Barrons

    What do you think, is the Foot of Wall St bankers
    on the neck of Congress and the Taxpayer. WHY?

    #6) There are intelligence agenys pushing to
    keep terrorist sites up, to collect intel and make
    It reminds me of the "Bait cars" where they leave the keys
    in it, engine running and door open, it was in Arizona.
    They will always to find some one to arrest in those
    conditions, but whom are you catching?

    The question is confused.
    Should they be making and arresting terrorists?
    Or should the question be, about infection,
    spreading the terrorism propaganda to infect
    new members or stopping the infection.

    And I don't mean they literally make terrorists,
    but leaving the terrorist sites up, creates an infection
    vector. The recruiting continues 'online' and those terrorist
    sites can be almost all be shut down.

    Once Intel Agencys get this paradigm worked out
    Google's You Tube will be cleaning the terrorist
    vids up. Google blocked IATT from their adwords
    program and the few dollars we got from there,
    for posting pics of beheaded Americans.
    While they continue to allow posting terrorist vids on
    You Tube. I go to our page with the beheaded Americans
    every once in a while to remind me, graphically why we
    are in this fight, and how evil the terrorist are.
    And I am very grateful to Google for all their services
    and empowering the web.

    #7) US isn't loosing the war on terrorism.
    The kinetics tools are the best in the world.

    Binny, Big Z and Omar have gone deep
    underground, taking most of the top leadership
    with them. Reason fear of assassination.
    Spies are rampant. They hate the drones.

    And they have a new toolbox. The Anthro
    arm and surveys, Human Terrain system's have
     a newly identified benifit is the ability to project
    intentions and desires with a survey team.

    Setting up fast track core connection system.
    And a huge vast Pahstoon spy system covering Paki and
    Afghan. The only loyalty the Taliban get is bought or
    from fear, privately the Taliban are HATED by the
    indigenous peoples in Afpak.

    The drones are targeting primarily upper and mid
    level Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders, the US has pulled
    back on wholesale slaughter of the Taliban rank and
    file although they have the capability. Terrorist field
    troops are only engaged if they attack.

    For the first time the US may have the tools to
    win the Peace, besides win the war. If  successful
    these paradigms combine to form the most powerful
    force in the world, to kill "the Enemy" and actually win
    hearts and minds of civilians.

    They need time to work the learning curve and
    test responses.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Kandahar already a huge success.

    Just saw “Last Days of Lehman Brothers”
    I had the dish served cold 3X, shamefully my
    heart soared every time. I sucked at the sweet
    taste again and again and it never lost its flavor.
    My heart warms and soars to the video.
    “Last Days of Lehman Brothers”
    It's refrain is such a happy melody.

    Where is my HI-res visual jack on my
    cell phone? Somebody is going to steal the cell
    market, upgrade from 3" screen to a
    70" movie screen via I-glasses.
    Watch movies ( or the net ) from your
    cell on a virtual 70" screen.
    Better than your PC.

    Internet Anthropologist


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