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    Saturday, April 04, 2009

    I want to go for jihad... Where can we meet?

    From a forum:
    Recon by co. C.

    This is why all the terroist and terrorist info sites need to be brought down.

    More sites:
    www.ansar -

    Forums glories Iraq

    Forums astronauts Excellency

    official site of the Mujahideen Brigades in Palestine

    Operations of the Army of the Mujahideen

    Hamas Iraq

    Seems Iraq insurgents are trying to start up something on the net,



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    Friday, April 03, 2009

    Unknown surfers

    Unknown surfers: huge increase,
    1 to 2% is normal.



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    Exclusive: ISI Running Taliban

    Paki Government, thru ISI is running the Taliban in Afghanistan.

    Thats the most recent Paradigm Intel Hypothesis.

    Don't 'read the words' but look at the actions.
    Not want they say but what they did.


    Time mag says "The key element in President Barack Obama's Afghanistan strategy is gettingPakistan to fight the Taliban on its side of the border. But despite the Administration's demanding a more concerted effort against militants on Pakistani soil as a condition for further aid to Pakistan's military — and warnings by Centcom commander General David Petraeus and others that the Taliban threatens to destroy Pakistan as a state — many in Washington and beyond are skeptical that Pakistan will cooperate. ( PAKI DOESN'T FEAR THE TALIBAN, 10 TO 1 TROOP ADVANTAGE

    U.S. military officials have recently made clear that more than seven years after America went to war against the Taliban, Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) agency continues to provide active support to Taliban forces fighting in Afghanistan. ( TOLD YOU SO. MULA OMAR HAS ASKED THE TALIBAN IN PAKI NOT TO ATTACK PAKI FORCES, HE IS ON THE ISI PAYROLL, FOR 7 YEARS 500,000 PAKI ARMY HAS LOST AND LOST AGAINST 50,000 TALIBAN FARMERS. G )"Fundamentally, the strategic approach with the ISI must change," ( ISI IS RUNNING THE TALIBAN IN AFGHAN, THAT SHOULD STOP, GOOD IDEA.G ) Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen told CNN last Friday, "and [its] support ... for militants [on both its Afghanistan and India borders] has to fundamentally shift." But the problem is not confined to the ISI or elements within it. In a recent truce between the Pakistani army and local Taliban groups in the Pakistani region of Bajaur, militants recanted their hostility to Pakistani security forces but vowed to concentrate on fighting NATO forces in Afghanistan. And Pakistan has been far more tolerant of Taliban forces on its soil who conduct operations in Afghanistan than of those who fight the Pakistani government.



      Paranoid HYPOTHESIS:
      Paki government is paying the Taliban
      for distruptive services in Afghan
      with part of $10 billion USD,
      paid by the P. Army to Omar in Afghan.
      Paid to keep USA busy, worried and far
      enough away to Give Paki $ 10 billion.
      Omar is ordering the stop of attacks
      on Paki forces, because they are our
      Paki Gov. and the Army don't fear
      the Taliban, because at 10 to 1
      troop force and equipment
      The Paki Army can take out
      the Taliban at any time.
      500,000 to 50,000.

      And the Paki Army and Taliban cry for
      The drone attacks to stop.

      And under the guise of a terrorist
      attack the Paki Army was able to reach
      out and touch India very hard.

      The Paki army ( Gov ) have Afghan
      in a mess with the Taliban.
      They have USA occupied, and
      paying big money.
      They do not fear the Taliban,
      let them take over half the country.
      They are on Paki's payroll and
      the Paki Army can take them out
      on demand.
      Taliban are not a threat to Paki.
      Only bait for Americans and the
      Taliban are a cash crop for ISI.
      As they sell them out.
      The Paki's are able to sign peace
      treaty s with their own illegal secret
      army, and thus protect them, the Taliban.
      From the Americans, except for the Drones.
      The Paki's have a secret guerilla force
      that can strike into Afghan and India
      and run back to Paki for protection,
      And Paki collects $10 billion USD.

      Of course thats just my paranoia. HYPOTHESIS:


    How the paradigm fits togetrher:
    If the US had not invaded Afghanistan, the Paki
    ISI would be running Mula Omar and the Taliban
    in Afghan, as a break on the Afghan Country.
    Just as the ISI is doing now.
    ISI is the father of the Taliban, they ISI help found
    and nurture the Taliban.
    USA ran the Taliban out of Afghan into Paki.
    Right back into the arms if the ISI.
    ISI and the Paki Government know as long
    as Paki have Binny and Omar, US will be close
    by with CASH.
    ISI sent Omar back to Afghan and are paying
    Taliban of Afghan to help keep the Afghan Gov
    off balance and US busy.
    The Taliban of Afghan draw troops from the
    Taliban Paki base. Where the Paki Government,
    Military and ISI give them safe havens with their
    own laws and Government.
    Omar has to keep the Paki paymaster a secret,
    and can't tell Paki Taliban that the Paki Government
    are the paymasters. And the Paki Government
    has to deal with some blow back from the Taliban
    in Paki. Even Omar has ordered the Paki Taliban not
    to attack Governent troops.
    And the Pakli Taliban squeeze out sa much
    as they can from the Paki Government from the
    Using the Taliban as a secret army Paki
    has stayed on the GWOT teat, kept Afghan
    off balance and struck out against India.
    The Paki Army doesn't fear the Taliban.
    When they have gone into contested areas
    they have a huge foot print, set up a fortified base
    and pound the Country side.
    The Taliban keep away from them, and move
    back in when the Paki Army leaves.
    The parts of Pakistan they ahve ceded to the
    Taliban they can take back at any time.
    With 10 to 1 troop ratio and a fully equipted
    Taliban and al Qaeda have a safe haven in Paki
    except for US drones.
    When the US came to Afghan they told
    Paki at gun point they would cooperate
    or suffer invasion.
    Paki having hundreds of years playing
    the "great game" have had plenty of experience
    to deal with US threats.
    Paki still runs the Taliban just as they did
    before the US invasion of Afghan.
    And fear the Taliban not.

    If this paradigm works out to be true,
    then how does US deal with the Taliban
    ally, Pakisitan?

    Recongizing the Paki government is in
    colusion with the Taliban and by association
    al Qaeda is a good start.

    And will allow the US military to excert
    political and force with in an accurate
    paradigm and should yeild better resuts.


    This paradigm was developed when two other paradigm hypothesis
    failed to meet muster.

    If paradigms won't fit the facts, and don't meet logic tests
    then we can assume they are false, and subject to review
    and development of new hypothesis.

    The first Hypothesis was "Pakistan cannot win against the Taliban"

    Both had problems and we couldn't even jam them into
    the facts.

    So we went back to the Hypothesis drawing board.

    There are several key words when Holmes characterizes his own method of reasoning.

    Method by elimination, method of exclusion

    (Q3) "By the method of exclusion, I had arrived at this result, for no other hypothesis would meet the facts." [A Study in Scarlet, pt. 2, ch. 7]

    (Q4) "You will not apply my precept," he said, shaking his head. "How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?" [The Sign of Four, ch. 6]

    So the first two failed and we are left with Hypothesis that the Paki ISI is running the Taliban. In 7 years they

    couldn't find Biny or

    an Army of 500,000 couldn't defeat the Taliban?



    ( GOOD EXAMPLE of "Paradigm Intel" looking into a closed cell. G )

    “U.S. Says Agents of Pakistan Aid Afghan Taliban” (front page, March 26) accuses the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI, of colluding and supporting the Taliban against coalition forces in Afghanistan.

    Quoting the usual anonymous sources, the report further alleges that one of its constituent wings actively supports certain factions of the Taliban and even helps them in recruitment of new terrorists.

    These are, by far, the most serious allegations against an organization that has spearheaded the global war against terror with unprecedented contributions. Not only did it eliminate scores of important Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders, but it also apprehended hundreds of their members, including key leaders.

    It also helped in unearthing some insidious global terror plots. Recurring suicide attacks on ISI compounds in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and target killing of its members in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and elsewhere illustrate the frustration and the damage this organization has caused to the radicals.

    Pakistan’s political and military leadership are in complete agreement to fight terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. Anything that goes wrong in Afghanistan is not Pakistan’s doing. We need to learn from our omissions and errors and move forward toward the common objective of dismantling the terror infrastructure.

    Nadeem H. Kiani
    Press Attaché, Embassy of Pakistan
    Washington, March 31, 2009




    Three more Swat Taliban freed

    Sunday, April 05, 2009

    PESHAWAR: The government freed three more Taliban from Mingora on Saturday, as part of its peace accord with Tehreek Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi. The total number of released Taliban has reached 47. The men freed on Saturday have been identified as Munawar Hassan, Abdul Haliq and Qadeem. The Taliban had provided a list of 220 of their men to the government that they wanted released. Meanwhile, Swat Taliban chief Mullah Fazlullah told a gathering at Darul Uloom in Charbagh that the Taliban were committed to the peace deal and that all matters should now be presented before the ‘independent’ qazi courts set up in the valley. ghulam farooq



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    Meterics and stats, 04,03,09

    Slected stats: Visitors:

     Pakistan           1847 visitors: 
    Egypt           1622  visitors
    Israel           549 
    Iran, Islamic Republic of     329 visitors
    Lebanon           315 
    Russian Federation           273 
    Mexico           216 

    Palestinian Territory, Occupied         184 
    China           168 
    Afghanistan           102 Visitors
    Syrian Arab Republic           64



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    Thursday, April 02, 2009



    We have been warning about the concept of a huge 
    Bot net taking down the Internet by crashing the 
    13 nodes FOR TWO YEARS. ( Ok 1 year and 8 months )

    We finally get through the din and are heard, but the author is lost in the message...
    "The Conficker worm. With the global botnet programmed to accept new instructions beginning today, The New York Times called it an "unthinkable disaster" in the making.  CBS's 60 Minutes said the worm could "disrupt the entire internet," and The Guardian warned that it might be a "deadly threat.""

    The April 1st date for conflicker came from someones imagation, but the threat is still there.

    To bad the "REAL" news doesn't follow bloggers atribution guide lines.

    That would have been worth a million hits.




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    Washington DC Yard sale

    Washington DC Yard sale, everything for SALE

    Nearly two dozen public interest groups, trade pacts and library groups urged President Barack Obama on Thursday to quit filling his administration with insiders plucked from the Recording Industry Association of America.

    The demands came a week after the Justice Department, fresh with two RIAA attorneys in its No. 2 and No. 3 positions, announced the administration's support of $150,000 in damages for each music track purloined on a peer-to-peer file sharing program. 

    SOURCE: Permalink 


    President Barack Obama came into office in January promising a new era of openness.

    But now, like Bush before him, Obama is playing the national security card to hide details of the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement being negotiated across the globe.

    The White House this week declared (.pdf) the text of the proposed treaty a "properly classified" national security secret, in rejecting a Freedom of Information Act request by Knowledge Ecology International.

    "Please be advised the documents you seek are being withheld in full," wrote  Carmen Suro-Bredie, chief FOIA officer in the White House's Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

    ...the treaty negotiations have included the 27 member states of the European Union, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Switzerland and New Zealand, all of whom presumably have access to the "classified" information...



    So RIAA can get a law through protecting Hollywood movies and music, and a Secret Trade Agreement

    with the 27 member states of the EU. And Hollywood is urging Obama to embrace internet filtering as the content industry seeks to cut internet access to repeat copyright violators.

    But they can't get agreements for ID theft or prosecuting Internet criminals.

    RIAA is able to buy legistators and some of the Executive branch to protect their movies.

    Is everything for sale in Washington DC?


    The stimilus packsge is saving jobs.

    The Post office is laying off 1,500

    employees, to save $4 million dollars.

    Why not just sell 4 of the Million dollar

    houses the Post office bought their



    Oh.... I forgot the Banks screwed the Post Office too.

    Now the houses are only worth $250,000 LOL rof.


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    Obama seems to be out of his league.
    Hat tip to Rusty.Jawa report.
    "UPDATE by Rusty: Compare that to Obama meeting the Queen. 
    He didn't bow. Which he shouldn't. But why bow here and not there?"

    Note his deep bow to the Saiudie king
    about 56 sec. in Watch vid.

    Does he know the message he just sent 
    to the Muslim world?

    The paradigm Obama just introduced 
    is VERY disturbing.