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    Thursday, April 02, 2009



    We have been warning about the concept of a huge 
    Bot net taking down the Internet by crashing the 
    13 nodes FOR TWO YEARS. ( Ok 1 year and 8 months )

    We finally get through the din and are heard, but the author is lost in the message...
    "The Conficker worm. With the global botnet programmed to accept new instructions beginning today, The New York Times called it an "unthinkable disaster" in the making.  CBS's 60 Minutes said the worm could "disrupt the entire internet," and The Guardian warned that it might be a "deadly threat.""

    The April 1st date for conflicker came from someones imagation, but the threat is still there.

    To bad the "REAL" news doesn't follow bloggers atribution guide lines.

    That would have been worth a million hits.





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