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    Thursday, April 02, 2009

    DC attack

    Baitullah Mehsud threatens to attack DC.

    How creditable is the threat?
    Paradigm Intel.
    The threat was first mentioned on
    a local Pashtoon radio in response
    to the new $5 million dollar bounty
    on his head.

    He may have the connections
    to pull it off.

    Hire Narco-terrorist from Mexico,
    The Taliban does have connections
    to Drug cartels, in Mexico they even
    have 50 cals.

    Connections to Paki military,
    replay of Mumbai up the Potomac.

    Neither very likely.
    Attack from Mexico's Narco cartels
    would open a CIA wet war against the

    Drone attacks, all of al Qaeda and Taliban
    would be supporting an attack.
    The new $5 million dollar bounty
    on Baitullah Mehsud head.
    They are very paranoid over
    over the surprise drone attacks
    and penetration of their security.

    Internet Anthropologist





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