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    Thursday, April 02, 2009

    Criminal Banking Combine on the Move.

    American criminal Banking Combine on the Move.

    Banks to screw tax payers AGAIN.

    Lobbyest insider just notified us of Lobbying 
    attempt to change basic accounting principles
    for banks.
    This would set up the NEXT toxic paper

    The banks want to be exempted from having
    to carry certain assets on the books,  at true
    market values. ( NOT MARK THEM TO MARKET )

    This would allow them to carry the assets 
    at 100% of value, not the true value.

    So accountants couldn't get a true picture
    of a banks health, and could allow
    the banks to sell assets to unknowing 
    customers at 100% value not the
    actual market value.

    Lobbyest are pushing their
    congressional puppets to pass
    this Major abuse of fundemenatal 
    accounting principals.

    Watch who votes to pass this
    and note the contributions from
    the Banking combine to buy
    these congressmen.

    These Banking criminals should 
    be prosecuted, not allowed
    to bastardize accounting principals
    to make their balace sheets look better
    than they actually are.

    Banks want to sweep their loan fraud
    under the carpet with accounting TRICKS.

    Anyone know who is sponsoring this bill?
    comment please.


    What is this marked to market stuff?

    Your stocks are marked to market every day.
    The price the market will buy and sell them at.
    The banks want to carry the toxic paper at Original market value,
    Not the value the market has determined now.

    Its like your bought a stock at $100 dollars and its gone down to $20
    and you want to carry it on the corporate books at $100.

    So no one really knows your true value.

    Its illegal immoral, and against all fundamental accounting principals.
    They want to lie, on their balance sheets.
    They made the mess now live with it you SOBs,

    These guys have no shame. Their CRIMINAL GREED knows no bounds. This attempt to corrupt accounting principals
    is being done in plain sight of day. They FEAR no one.
    They just pulled off the BIGGEST BANKING FRAUD IN HISTORY
    and their lobbyest are seeking to sweep the losses they got 
    caught with under the accounting rug.
    Jeeze lets just suspend the CRIMINAL FRAUD LAWS
    Is congress staffed with Idiots.
    All congressmen and Senators can't be idiots
    or bought and sold; truly not ALL OF THEM.



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