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    Saturday, February 07, 2009

    Hamas making Martyrs out of children

    We have been hearing roumors of Hamas
    asking children to be martyrs.
    The sick part is asking the children to 
    voulnteeer after they have been brain washed.
    As if putting children in harms way isn't enough.

      Would Hamas put children in harms way
      to pump up support for their war, and hatred against

      Would Hamas allow children to be killed to further
      a political agenda?

      Would Hamas put children in houses, buildings
      they knew Israel would bomb because rockets
      have been fired there, or stored there.

      And then call the news to take photos
      of dead kids, for furtherance of their agenda?




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    German arrest

    BERLIN —  A suspected Al Qaeda member accused of helping get equipment and money for the terrorist organization has been arrested in Germany, prosecutors said Saturday.

    The 30-year-old German citizen, identified only as Sermet I., was arrested at Stuttgart airport Friday as he entered the country. A federal judge ordered him kept in custody pending possible charges.

    The man is suspected of membership in a terrorist organization and three counts of violating export laws, federal prosecutors said in a statement. They did not say where the man flew in from or if he was a resident in Stuttgart.





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    Iranian people suckered

    I fear for the Iranian people. The Civilians.
    Iran seems to be working on a Nuke
    and Missile tech.
    The least damaging use of that tech would be an EMP
    Wiping out all computers, cars, phones, etc in ME
    or where ever they would attack.
    The 13 Imam paradigm points to the possibility of use
    of this tech, regardless of consequences, to bring about

    I would prefer a careful controlled strike against the nuke operations,
    pre testing of a nuke by Iran.

    If Iran were to use the weapon, the strike might not
    bee a cool headed controlled strike against Iran.
    And injure many civilians, which the current Supream leader
    cares nothing about.

    This is my major concern.

    But I have man more minor concerns also
    Iran's spread and support of terrorism.
    hey are becoming more of a threat than
    al Qaeda or the Taliban.

    Sending suicide bombers to Paki,
    afghan etc I consider a bad thing.

    And there are certain goals the Iranian people
    and Americans can agree on.

    We need to find some common ground
    and maybe we can work that together.

    We just need to define goals and objectives.

    And avoid problem areas.

    The American governnemt
    may be more concerned
    about the safety of Iranian people than
    their own government.

    Internet Anthropologist


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    Too Rich

    Biny sick in his last days, bad edema

    If I had not seen this with my onw eyes,
    I would think it is a joke.

    We have a BSU tracking senior level al Qaeda,
    the bot found them seeking directions to the
    University in Hungary with 341 lbs of bomb
    grade nuclear material.

    We have been tracking them for months.

    Today the bots found a new location.

    And I was surprised how even I can
    get sucked in by al Qaeda propaganda.
    How sometimes they become a super bogie man.
    When in reality they live in the same world as we do.
    They have to deal with the same problems you and I do.

    One of the base assumptions about al Qaeda is they
    have this huge following among Arabs from which
    they are constantly recruiting.

    A never ending stream of Arab sheep coming to
    slaughter/al Qaeda to join their ranks to fight, suicide bombers,
    guys that want to go to Paki or etc to take up arms and fight.

    Reality check:
    Wake up call:

    al Qaeda is checking out SEO websites.

    Seems someone's hits are down.
    Small world isn't it.



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    Iranian hackers

    Owend By Genie And Dear Ev!l 

    The message said the site was breached by the “Delta Hacking Security Team”. It credited “all Iranian hackers” and listed their pseudonyms in the green, red and white colours of the Islamic republic’s flag.

    Iranian hackers in Morocco?
    Site DOWN..

    This meme is spreading and the paradigm forcasts problems.



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    Friday, February 06, 2009



    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Some 20 sites praising "SpyZooka".

    I visited the site and saw:
    "Only We Guarantee 100% Spyware Removal"

    Thats such BS.
    When I read that it felt real creepy.
    Then I saw:
    "We immunize your computer so you’re protected from future spyware infection"
    More BS.
    "Now when our clients call, we confidently say, ‘Yes, we will remove your spyware today!""
    NOt possible.

    they even have a blog supporting them.

    The name told me everything.
    There is only one entry from WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 2008

    SpyZooka has managed to get most of their fake recommendation pages ( 20 pages ) listed
    first on Google search.

    Unless you do an indepth search you miss the Fraud warnings.
    They even have a warning abour fake sites.

    We scanned the site and the program and we couldn't detect
    any spyware, or malware, but again nothing and I say again NOTHING
    is 100% .

    They say:"Many companies have been sued by the Federal Trade Commission and received multi million dollar fines for misleading consumers. Just back in January the FTC settled a $2 million fine against a company for misleading consumers into thinking they have spyware on their computer when they didn’t. That person was even banned from ever selling an anti spyware product for the rest of his life."

    And I hope the FBI catch up with this guy ripping people off.
    And sends him t0 Prison.

    ::sigh:: This program has not worked at all. I am unable to remove any virus/spyware/trojans from either one of my computers. When I informed customer service, they said they would work on it right away. Now it's been 24 hours later and I wrote another, more annoyed email requesting they fix my problem. They respond with "We'll give you the information later". What does that even mean??? There's no phone number to contact customer service and the only email is to the guy who doesn't even make sense. Also, I noticed they changed the time stamp on my request ticket. I made my request on 11/12. They changed all my requests to 11/13. Tricky, tricky. Grrrrrrr~!!!

    They are lucky they didn't get a rootkit or malware.

    And this points to a fundamental problem in the Security Vendors
    They should be protecting people from fake spyware vendors.

    With some sort of certification for all vendors.


    After thought:
    It says quite a bit about the state of affairs on the Internet,
    When someone feels safe enough to just set up a site and steal money from people.

    .Hundreds of fake security sites: here.


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    Magic Window

    Pentagon has a new "top-secret network and multimedia Crisis Management System (CMS) .

    This system does for the civilian decision makers what L3 Communications  does for the Army.

    Obama's new toy allows a secure net to display vids, real time cams, documents 
    and face to face communication between Air Force one the Pentagon and other 64 fixed locations.

    The system allows the government to bring on line to a secure net any and all experts needed
    in an emergency. Most active Investigative intelligence agencys now have cell phones for all 
    members, with internet connectivity.

    While the systems allow for fast tracking experts and OSINT to key decision makers.
    and ultimately to the CMS, civilian communications and Homeland National Guard Units
    remain at 1990's level of communications and are not interconnected.

    The CMS has more tools than Microsoft Share Point..
    CMS has “near perfect reliability and communications survivability,” 
    according to government sources.

    In view of how Obama's team used the Internet during the elections I expect
    they will test the system to its limits and expand the paradigm.




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    Thursday, February 05, 2009

    Insurance criminals, Insurance Companies

    According to Sicko, almost fifty million Americans are uninsured and those who are covered are often victims of insurance company fraud and red tape. Interviews are conducted with people who thought they had adequate coverage but were denied care, as well as former employees of insurance companies who describe cost-cutting initiatives that encourage bonuses for insurance company physicians to deny medical treatments for policy holders.

    Against the backdrop of the history of the American health care debate, opponents of universal health care are set in the context of 1950s-style anti-communistpropaganda. A 1960s record distributed by the American Medical Association and narrated by Ronald Reagan warns that universal health care could lead tocommunism. In response, Moore shows that socialized public services like policefire servicepostal servicepublic education and community libraries have not led to communism in America.

    I'm not supporting socialized medicine, just pointing out the criminal behavour of Insurance companies.
    Note: Congress doesn't have to deal with the same Insurance system that we do. Wonder why?

    Even if only half if it is true,
    the insurance companies are guilty of criminal

    In view of the depression, the situation
    is going to get much worse.
    Health Insurance companies will kill
    many more people with one word,

    The other insurance companies,
    auto, home etc have started a new tactic.

    Deny the claim then threaten to cancle the policy.
    Making it very expensive to get new insurance.

    The insured is blackmailed into accepting the "claim denied".

    When does the screwing of the American taxpayer stop?
    When the  lobbyest are stopped.
    And they can no longer buy congressmen.


    Moore covered the health system, 
    Please email me with stories about crooked Auto and Home Ins companies
    Generalemail4 at gmail dot com


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    Math time, gamers.

    Drone flight hours:

    Error see bottom for rework.G

    In 2008 they flew 400,000 hours
    There are now 7,000 drones.

    Ok if 7,000 drones flew 24/7 
    that would be :
    ( 7,000 X 24 X 356 = 61,132,000 hrs. )
    But they flew 400,000 hrs.  Permalink 
    each drone could have flown 
    57 hrs over the year to reach
    400,000 hrs.
    ( 57 X 7,000 = 400,000 )

    They have 7,000 drones in theater
    and flew 400,000 hrs last year,
    and an average of 57 hrs of flight a year
    per drone.

    They don't need more drones
    they need more pilots.

    Now I don't know how many of those
    are out dated or not sutiable for flight.

    But the Paradigm seems to suggest
    They need more pilots, not drones.

    Do they have 7,000 pilots available
    in Conus to fly the Drones?

    THEY DON'T NEED 7,000

    They need 24,000 gamers
    to get those 7,000 drones up

    Three shifts, 8 hrs each,
    times 7,000 drones.
    ( adjust for refueling
    mainteance etc. )
    ( 7,000 X 3 shifts = 24,ooo )

    Train them on X-Box and Model planes.

    If my math is wrong or there is
    an error in my Hypothesis
    PLEASE comment .


    Posted by: Noah Shachtman | Feb 5, 2009 1:16:42 PM
    @Gerald: Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear. 6500 of those 7000 drones are small UAVs -- not counted in the 400,000 flight hour number. So you're really talking 400,000 divided by 500 -- 800 flight hours per drone. Also, look at the Predator numbers: 138,404 for 71 drones -- about 1950 hours per robo-plane. 

    Ok thats 85 ( 24 hr days of flight )
    ( 1950 hrs per predator, divided by 24 hrs in a day is 81 days of flight )
    Conclusion holds...
    still need more pilots/gamers.


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    Wednesday, February 04, 2009

    Its comming.

    10 million bots and counting: 1.625 million per day.

    January 2009 is shaping up to be one of the worst months ever as the Cornficker or Downadup worm is said to have infected more than 10 million computers worldwide and could become the biggest botnet network ever according to some experts.

    F-Secure reported that nearly nine million computers were compromised on Friday 16th at 2PM GMT, a near four fold increase in 100 hours or so, that's roughly 67700 new PCs turning to Zombies every hour (or 1.625 million per day).

    At this rate, the botnet will have doubled in size to reach nearly 20 million by the end of the week, at least two orders of magnitude compared to previous bonets.

    There are indications that whoever are behind the attack is about to modify the worm's code to make it more aggressive.

    One trick that Cornficker is employing is the use of brute force password attacks to crack open home networks through the use of removable USB drives and other flash memory; this means that even patched PCs could potentially fall prey to the virulent malware.


    Here is proof of concept.

    This demonstrates one could create a bot net big enough to take down the 


    CYBERWARS's Pearl Harbour

    We have been warning about this

    since Sept 07.



    Switching from anlog to

    digital TV will cut off Gov.

    communication with the public if the net goes down.


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    85 wanted militants

    Saudi releases list of 85 wanted militants:

    We want any data you may have on these guys, Aliases, locations, phone numbers, emails,
    postings by them etc, any data. Comments, email or use form on right side of this blog.
    InternetAnthropologist at gmail dot com

    Jeddah - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has published a list of 85 suspected militants wanted around the world. The Kingdom said the 85 had been drawn to "deviant" ideologies -- a reference to the Al-Qaeda terror network.

    Following are the names of the wanted militants:

    1- Ibrahim Hassan Tali Assiri, Saudi

    al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula, led by Naser al-Wahishi (Abu Baseer

    2- Ibrahim Suleiman Hamad Al-Hablain, Saudi

    3- Ibrahim Salman Mohammed Al-Rubeish, Saudi

    4- Ibrahim Mohammed Abdullah Al-Mudian, Saudi

    5- Ahmad Ibrahim Mohmmed Al-Tuweijiri, Saudi

    6- Ahmad Saleh Ali Al-Shiha, Saudi

    7- Ahmad Abdullah Saleh Al-Zahrani, Saudi

    8- Ahmad Ali Barakat Al-Zahrani, Saudi

    9- Ahmad Ali Atallah Al-Farhood, Saudi

    10- Ahmad Kuteim Mohammed Al-Huzali, Saudi

    11- Osama Hamoud Gharman Al-Shihri, Saudi

    12- Osama Ali Abdullah Damjan, Saudi

    13- Bassil Ayed Ali Al-Qahtani, Saudi

    14- Badah Mukhis Badah Al-Kodari Al-Qahtani, Saudi

    15- Badr Saud Owaid Al-Aufi Al-Harbi, Saudi

    16- Badr Mohammed Nasser Al-Shahri, Saudi

    17- Baheej Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Baheeji, Saudi

    18- Turki Mashouy Zayed Assiri, Saudi

    19- Thamir Mohammed Ghiram Al-Omari, Saudi

    20- Jaber Jabran Ali Al-Fifi, Saudi

    21- Hassan Ibrahim Hamad Al-Shabaan, Saudi

    22- Hassan Ayed Badah Al-Saad Al-Qahtani, Saudi

    23- Hussein Mohammed Abdu, Saudi

    24- Hamad Hussein Nasser Al-Hussein, Saudi

    25- Khaled Ibrahim Ahmad Al-Sunbul Al-Assiri, Saudi

    26- Khaled Saleem Owaid Al-Luhaibi Al-Harbi, Saudi

    27- Khaled Saleh Ali Al-Samiti, Saudi

    28- Khaled Ghallab Fari Al-Rouki Al-Otaibi, Saudi

    29- Rayed Abdullah Salim Al-Zahiri Al-Harbi, Saudi

    30- Rayyan Mohammed Humeidi Al-Zayedi, Saudi

    31- Saeed bin Ali Jaber Al-Shahri, Saudi

    32- Sultan Radi Sumeilil Al-Otaibi, Saudi

    33- Saleh Suleiman Hamad Al-Hablain, Saudi

    34- Saleh Abdullah Saleh Al-Qaraawi, Saudi

    35- Saleh Naif Eid Al-Makhlafi, Saudi

    36- Tuleihan Mutlaq Tuleihan Al-Muteiri, Saudi

    37- Adel Fileih Salim Al-Jaffari Al-Anazi, Saudi

    38- Abdul Ilah Mustafa Mohammed Al-Jubeiri Al-Shahri, Saudi

    39- Abdul Rahman Abdullah Abdu Rahman Al-Dossari, Saudi

    40- Abdullah Hassan Tali Assiri, Saudi

    41- Abdullah Salem Duheim Al-Qahtani, Saudi

    42- Abdullah Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al-Murshid, Saudi

    43- Abdullah Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al-Harbi, Saudi

    44- Abdullah Abdul Karim Ibrahim Al-Salloum, Saudi

    45- Abdullah Othman Abdul Rahman Al-Dubeikhi, Saudi

    46- Abdullah Farraj Mohammed Hamoud Al-Juweir, Saudi

    47- Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ayed, Saudi

    48- Abdullah Nasser Suleiman Al-Rayaei, Saudi

    49- Abdul Mohsen Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Sharikh, Saudi

    50- Obaid Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al-Otaibi, Saudi

    51- Obaid Mubarak Obaid Al-Kufeil, Saudi

    52- Ateek Faraj Sati Al-Hassanani, Saudi

    53- Othman Ahmad Othman Al-Omeira Al-Ghamidi, Saudi

    54- Othman Suleiman Dakheel Al-Suweid, Saudi

    55- Adnan Mohammed Ali Al-Sayegh, Saudi

    56- Azzam Abdullah Zureik Al-Maulid Al-Subhi, Saudi

    57- Oqail Omaish Oqail Al-Mutairi, Saudi

    58- Ali Saud Omair Al-Shanbari, Saudi

    59- Ali Abdul Aziz Ali Al-Omar, Saudi

    60- Fayez Ghuneim Hameed Al-Hijri Al-Harbi, Saudi

    61- Fahd Rikad Sameer Al-Ruwaili, Saudi

    62- Fahd Saleh Suleiman Al-Jutaili, Saudi

    63- Fahd Mohammed Saad Al-Ajlan, Saudi

    64- Fahd Mohammed Ali Al-Juaithin, Saudi

    65- Fawaz Al-Humaidi Hajid Al-Habradi Al-Otaibi, Saudi

    66- Fawaz Owaiz Ateeq Al-Zahimi Al-Salami, Saudi

    67- Faisal Jassim Mohammed Al-Omari Al-Khaledi, Saudi

    68- Qassem Mohammed Mahdi Al-Rimi, Yemeni

    69- Majed Mohammed Abdullah Al-Majed, Saudi

    70- Mohammed Saad Saeed Al-Siam Al-Omari, Saudi

    71- Mohammed Abdul Rahman Suleiman Al-Rashid, Saudi

    72- Mohammed Abdullah Hassan Abul-Khair, Saudi

    73- Mohammed Otaik Owaid Al-Aufi Al-Harbi, Saudi

    74- Mohammed Ali Mohammed Al-Mutlaq, Saudi

    75- Mohammed Hilal Thawab Al-Makati Al-Otaibi, Saudi

    76- Murtada Ali Saeed Mukram, Saudi

    77- Mishaal Mohammed Rasheed Al-Shadoukhi, Saudi

    78- Mujab Atiyyah Abdul Karim Al-Zahrani, Saudi

    79- Mukad Qaed Mukad Al-Mukati, Saudi

    80- Nasser Abdul Karim Abdullah Al-Wihaishi, Yemeni

    81- Naif Mohammed Saeed Al-Kodari Al-Qahtani, Saudi

    82- Waleed Abdullah Ibrahim Bin Barghash, Saudi

    83- Waleed Ali Mishafi Al-Mishafi Assiri, Saudi

    84- Yousuf Mohammed Jameel Abdullah Al-Takroni, Saudi

    85- Yousuf Mohammed Mubarak Al-Jubairi Al-Shahri, Saudi


    Now the Saudi's need to post a link of where to send the info.


    Why hasn't Paki and Afghan posted lists?


    Thanks Anonymous



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    Iran scores another success.

    Obama administration gravely concerned by first all-Iranian satellite

    DEBKAfile Special Report

    February 3, 2009, 11:05 PM (GMT+02:00)

    Iranian satellite goes into orbit

    Iranian satellite goes into orbit

    The White House and Pentagon issued strong statements Tuesday, Feb. 3 about the dangers posed by the launch of Iran's first homemade satellite into space while working toward developing long-range missile capability. DEBKAfile notes that none of the leading contenders in Israel's Feb. 10 general election, including the defense and foreign ministers - or even prime minister Ehud Olmert - saw fit to react to the event.

    In Washington, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said any effort to develop missile delivery capability, continue an illicit nuclear program, threaten Israel and sponsor terror is an "acute concern to this administration."

    Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell told reporters that Iran poses "a real threat and a growing threat." He said: "It is certainly a reason for us to be concerned about Iran and its continued attempts to develop a ballistic missile program of increasingly long range."

    DEBKAfile's Washington sources report that the Obama administration is beginning to get fed up with Tehran continually laying down hard facts ahead of any dialogue begins between the two governments. An official in the national security council commented wryly: Now that the Iranians have proved they have ballistic missiles capable of reaching Europe and our bases there, what else have they up their sleeves before we start talking?

    Our Iranian sources have seen no sign that Tehran proposes to soften its attitudes on nuclear or missile issues ahead of those talks.

    At a joint news conference with UK foreign secretary David Milliband, US secretary of state Hillary Clinton announced William Burns would join the six major powers in Germany Wednesday to discuss the next steps on Iran's nuclear designs which she called a threat to the world. "We are reaching out a hand, but the fist has to unclench," she said.


    Iran's tactic of continuing to talk and negotiate as a stalling tactic has been very successful.
    Waving an olive branch in one hand while loading a gun with the other has time and time
    again bought them more time.

    While the world continues to wait for Iran's talks, they continue at flank speed to build
    a nuclear capability and develop intercontinental missiles.

    Israel has time and again indicated a willingness to strike, but it seems US has been able to
    offer some kind of assurances to prevent Israel from striking.

    Lets hope the US intel is better than what was produced on Iraq before the invasion.
    Once Iran tests a nuke it is a whole new ball game.

    Their belief in the 13 Imman and paradigm is an Apocalypse pending.

    We have numerous examples of Iran's support of terrorism world wide.
    Iran's intentions are clear, there can be no doubt about their future plans
    to dominate the Middle East.

    If they do get a nuke they pose the most serious risk the world
    has faced, with the Russians US has MAD, mutual assured destruction.
    US has no such assurances with Iran's suicidal 13th Iman paradigm.

    Giving Iran more time is futile and plays into their hands.
    Staling for time to make the Nukes and develop the missiles.

    Does the US actually think Iran can be talked out of the Nukes,
    or the 13 Iman paradigm?

    How does US think talking could benefit the situation.
    Examine the risk reward ratio.

    Internet Anthropologist.

    The Taliban nor al Qaeda have nukes.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    If only it could talk

    For sale on Ebay 
    e-bay # 140298482727

    AN/GRC-109 Transmitter/Receiver
    1961 - 1969

    This set was developed in the  post WWII period and was initially used by the CIA as the RS-1 (1950-1964).  The GRC-109 was produced from approximately 1961 - 1969).  Used  from Special Forces units until the mid 1970s.  An interesting accessory for this set is the GRA-71 which allowed Morse code burst transmissions to be made at speeds of about 300 WPM.


    Freq. cov. Rx (MHz):
    3-6, 6-12, 12-24
    Tx (MHz):
    3-5.5, 6-9, 10-16, 17-22
    RF Power 12-15 W
    PWR Supply 120/240 VAC
    6 VDC accumulator
    Hand crank generator
    Weight Rx: 9 lbs
    Tx: 10 lbs
    PP-2684: 24 1/2 lbs
    Tubes Rx 4x1T4, 1x1L6, 1x1U5
    Tubes Tx 1x6AC7, 1x2E26