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    Saturday, February 07, 2009

    Too Rich

    Biny sick in his last days, bad edema

    If I had not seen this with my onw eyes,
    I would think it is a joke.

    We have a BSU tracking senior level al Qaeda,
    the bot found them seeking directions to the
    University in Hungary with 341 lbs of bomb
    grade nuclear material.

    We have been tracking them for months.

    Today the bots found a new location.

    And I was surprised how even I can
    get sucked in by al Qaeda propaganda.
    How sometimes they become a super bogie man.
    When in reality they live in the same world as we do.
    They have to deal with the same problems you and I do.

    One of the base assumptions about al Qaeda is they
    have this huge following among Arabs from which
    they are constantly recruiting.

    A never ending stream of Arab sheep coming to
    slaughter/al Qaeda to join their ranks to fight, suicide bombers,
    guys that want to go to Paki or etc to take up arms and fight.

    Reality check:
    Wake up call:

    al Qaeda is checking out SEO websites.

    Seems someone's hits are down.
    Small world isn't it.



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