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    Friday, February 06, 2009



    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Some 20 sites praising "SpyZooka".

    I visited the site and saw:
    "Only We Guarantee 100% Spyware Removal"

    Thats such BS.
    When I read that it felt real creepy.
    Then I saw:
    "We immunize your computer so you’re protected from future spyware infection"
    More BS.
    "Now when our clients call, we confidently say, ‘Yes, we will remove your spyware today!""
    NOt possible.

    they even have a blog supporting them.

    The name told me everything.
    There is only one entry from WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 2008

    SpyZooka has managed to get most of their fake recommendation pages ( 20 pages ) listed
    first on Google search.

    Unless you do an indepth search you miss the Fraud warnings.
    They even have a warning abour fake sites.

    We scanned the site and the program and we couldn't detect
    any spyware, or malware, but again nothing and I say again NOTHING
    is 100% .

    They say:"Many companies have been sued by the Federal Trade Commission and received multi million dollar fines for misleading consumers. Just back in January the FTC settled a $2 million fine against a company for misleading consumers into thinking they have spyware on their computer when they didn’t. That person was even banned from ever selling an anti spyware product for the rest of his life."

    And I hope the FBI catch up with this guy ripping people off.
    And sends him t0 Prison.

    ::sigh:: This program has not worked at all. I am unable to remove any virus/spyware/trojans from either one of my computers. When I informed customer service, they said they would work on it right away. Now it's been 24 hours later and I wrote another, more annoyed email requesting they fix my problem. They respond with "We'll give you the information later". What does that even mean??? There's no phone number to contact customer service and the only email is to the guy who doesn't even make sense. Also, I noticed they changed the time stamp on my request ticket. I made my request on 11/12. They changed all my requests to 11/13. Tricky, tricky. Grrrrrrr~!!!

    They are lucky they didn't get a rootkit or malware.

    And this points to a fundamental problem in the Security Vendors
    They should be protecting people from fake spyware vendors.

    With some sort of certification for all vendors.


    After thought:
    It says quite a bit about the state of affairs on the Internet,
    When someone feels safe enough to just set up a site and steal money from people.

    .Hundreds of fake security sites: here.



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