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    Friday, February 06, 2009

    Magic Window

    Pentagon has a new "top-secret network and multimedia Crisis Management System (CMS) .

    This system does for the civilian decision makers what L3 Communications  does for the Army.

    Obama's new toy allows a secure net to display vids, real time cams, documents 
    and face to face communication between Air Force one the Pentagon and other 64 fixed locations.

    The system allows the government to bring on line to a secure net any and all experts needed
    in an emergency. Most active Investigative intelligence agencys now have cell phones for all 
    members, with internet connectivity.

    While the systems allow for fast tracking experts and OSINT to key decision makers.
    and ultimately to the CMS, civilian communications and Homeland National Guard Units
    remain at 1990's level of communications and are not interconnected.

    The CMS has more tools than Microsoft Share Point..
    CMS has “near perfect reliability and communications survivability,” 
    according to government sources.

    In view of how Obama's team used the Internet during the elections I expect
    they will test the system to its limits and expand the paradigm.





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