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    Wednesday, February 04, 2009

    Legitimate Antivirus VS fakes

    Legitimate Antivirus Programs and anti-Trojan programs need to form a Union.

    The current Paradigm of the Security Vendors reduces client security.

    There is a need for a Universal site that lists Legitimate security programs.
    Where the Vendors themselves have checked out the sites and programs.
    Currently there are more fake sites advertising trojans as"Security software"
    Than there are real sites. Many of the fake sites look and are named for
    legitimate vendors.

    A portal where we can down load software security with assurances
    it is legit. safe and not downloading trojans.

    It has got to the point it takes me serveral min. to determine if a Security
    site is legit. How is the public to know?

    Second: Paradigm error.
    Many of the security programs ask for all other security programs to
    be disabled. some even will uninstall other security software when
    setting up their software.

    It is good security practice to run more than one scanner, virus/trojan.

    The more security scanners a system can handle the safer the user is.

    Recently I posted about a Terrorist trojan that disables the PC.
    6 out of 40 virus/trojan scanners could spot it.
    That means 34 would have missed it.

    Currently security Vendors do not exchange data on their own dlls and processes that would set off another vendors security alerts, or even worse running one vendors program over anothers can destabilize the PC.

    Part of the Bot explosion comes from this paradigm of the vendors where they do not
    allow other security programs to run.

    The security Vendors bare some of the responsibility for the explosion of Bots,
    and the damage they do to the WWW and clients.

    A universal trojan and virus signature dump for all vendors to use maybe an answer.

    PC's that run without protection should be cut off from the Internet by their ISP.

    And there is a need for a dedicated Federal and International task force to go after the hackers.
    The safety and security of the WWW continues to degrade.
    Security on the WWW today is the worst it has ever been.
    If the public looses confidence in the WWW, it would be very damaging to the world economy. The lack of security on the Internet now costs Trillions of dollars world wide

    I only use Debit cards on the WWW, that way a hacker can only get what is on the card.
    And not run up my credit balance.

    The WWW, your PC is not secure. The huge commercial sites are not safe.
    Even the giant Google has trojan hitch hikers in its search pages.
    Every major commerical site exposes the user to risks.

    We need a new Internet paradigm for security on the WWW.
    There is a need for government funds to leap ahead of the malware
    creators. I think a huge influx of Government funds for research into
    PC and WWW security may be needed.

    The Security Vendors need to put client safety first, and work together.

    The current security vendor paradigm continues to degrade
    the saftey of the Internet.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst

    Terrorist and Credit Card Co.s ...

    US banks leading way to world ID theft

    Security:hyper endemic Epidemic:threat

    Security Epidemic: SLQ INJECTION

    Cyber Apocalypse pending



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