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    Tuesday, February 03, 2009

    Trend Micro

    In my years of Internet work I have had the opportunity
    to us many security services.
    I was even on the www before there were virus, or Trojans.
    Didn't even need a fire wall.

    But of course all that has changed.

    We test many security services on our front line

    When we were running XP our security 
    programs took up almost 50 % of the CPU.

    Now with Vista its more reasonable,
    unless we are running scanners.

    Recently we were testing Trend Micro's

    And got a positive result, it said one of
    our PC's had a bot. uggh. But why doesn't
    the program give any info on what it found?
    No program. process info nothing, STRANGE.

    And the program reccomended we run
    their on line scanner for FREE to get the bot
    off our machine. The free program is 
    "house call".

    WE could not get the online scanner to run
    So we had troops try and run it.

    On average only 2 out of 10 could get it to run.

    So we bought Trend Micro's security
    to rid the pc of the bot their program found.

    And their security program didn't find 
    anything. Strange.

    And we tried Nortons bot hunter which 
    found nothing.

    Now either Trend Micro's RUBotted
    is either very good or ......

    So as a paying customer I contacted
    Trend Micro support.

    Level 1 support had me run two 
    programs and send the results.
    Several times.

    Nothing.So I contacted them again
    and they said,
    " We deeply apologize for any inconvenience you encountered on our Level 1 Tech Support. We (Escalation Team) will now be personally assisting you with your problems until resolution.

    Can we schedule a call back so we can fix the issues that you are having on your computer? Please provide your phone number, preferred date and time (including time zone) so we can arrange a callback.

    "Second level tech", MCP | Consumer Escalation Team - Level2 "

    I sent a phone number and waited, after 17 days I contacted them again.
    They never called or left a message.
    And 4 days they sent me an email 
    Telling me ,
    Thank you for trusting Trend Micro Consumer Support. You are receiving this e-mail because the recent service request you had with us has been closed. It was closed because we have either received confirmation from you or we have not received a reply from you within 5 days after our last correspondence.
    They had a habit on level one support to wait 5 days then close the support request.
    Trend Micro asked for feedback so here it is.
    Your service sucks.
    (Maybe just one employee.)

    Now i'm not saying RUbotted is a come on,
    but it makes one wonder is it really good
    and ahead of its time.
    And their security programs are not as up
    todate as the RUBotted program?

    Now it has caught terrorist sites trying 
    to upload bad stuff to our PC.

    But I don't think we will be buying Trend Micro again.
     I did discover the support team is in
    Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China.

    The bot warning haunts me.
    We have downgraded that PC
    to mundane tasks.

    This is Barb:Gerald won't let me at the BAD
    pc, says he is running some classified app..
    Update: 30 min after I posted this Trend Micro called.
    A service engineer from level 2, worked
    with me in the PC in Question, it is clean,
    and we had a very nice chat about the future
    of the security industry and what Trend Micro
    has in the pipe line, some great stuff.
    Now its not that I doubt Barb, I do
    not, I have complete confidence
    in her, but I wanted to see another Security software
    engineer examine a problem.
    The Engineer assured me my experience
    was just a HR glitch.
    And said they were looking
    at getting the Beta RUBotted
    to report what it was finding.
    Now if I can get an Google engineer on the



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