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    Monday, February 02, 2009

    BSU's better than we thought

    BSU's better than we thought:
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    I now report there is one less cell than we have reported.

    Recently we reported on a new al Qaeda cell in USA.
    We were wrong. But pleasantly surprised.

    It seems the BSU's are better than even WE thought.
    The Bot Surveillance Units were tracking our own
    actions against the Webmasters.

    This isn't news to terrorist webmasters.
    They know we can track them on the Internet.
    However the BSU's use 15 ( at last count ) methods
    to track our targets.
    Of course we have filled all the holes so we can't be tracked.
    Or so we thought.

    But it seems in using the combination of the multiple tracking methods
    the BSU's were able to track our actions against them back to our

    It was just after we received a threat, and the BSU's
    reported a terrorist contact in our area.

    We thought it was a new terrorist cell.
    It wasn't, it was us, the BSU's were able
    to find a worm hole and track even US,

    We got burned by our own Bots.

    I am pleased and embarrassed to report
    there is one less cell in USA than we have reported.

    And I hope this phenomenon has not injured
    any of our relations with Intelligence agencys.
    This error was accidental and unexpected.
    We do double check all intel, before we report it.
    We report the data on a fast track, maybe too
    fast, we will be looking at that.

    We have taken measures to assure this doesn't happen

    Our efforts to assure the quality of our Intel are on going
    and constant. And we are always testing new technology.
    And so far have been able to stay one step ahead of the

    Reporting America is a little safer than we thought.

    Again I report there is one less cell than we have reported.

    Internet Anthropologist




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