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    Saturday, January 31, 2009

    Russian Coded com

    Following is a coded email message to the Russians.

    Hello Sweety! How are you? I'm good. Sorry for taking so long to write to you…you know how work is and all. Any7ways, things are good. It looks like I will still be able to go on that vacation! I will keep you updated on that though. I am very much looking forward to it, and to seeing you again! Well hon, I just thought I'd say "hi" since I had the time!

    It says: "confirming a Dec. 10, 2008, meeting at a TGI Friday's located at 12 Diagorou Avenue, Nicosiya
    in Cyprus:

    Son of a disgraced imprisioned CIA agent collected $35,593.

    FBI was all over this, court docs from 1.27.09

    Conspiracy to Act As an Agent of a
    Foreign Government Without Prior
    Notification of the Attorney General

    Russian Federation and operates a foreign intelligence service known as the Sfuzhba Vneshney
    Razvedki Rossii (SVRR). The SVRR is the successor to the Committee for State Security of the
    Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. commonly known as the KGB. It is also commonly referred
    to as the "SVR."

    This is a father and son team, the son was 12 at the time of the dads arrest,
    The son delivered info from the dad who was in prison to Putin's boys.
    and Dad instructed the son to disperse the funds received from the Russian
    Federation to his grandparents and siblings.

    The dad even had the son do test runs to get text info out of the prison
    But the Dad told other inmates he was trying to contact the Russians.

    FBI surveillance was tight and comprehensive.

    The son is expected to appear today in a Portland federal court




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