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    Thursday, January 29, 2009

    Economic stimulus package:Diversion

    The new economic stimulus package is
    a diversion, has nothing to do with the 
    economic problems USA is facing,
    the Toxic sub-prime paper the Criminal 
    banks fosted on the stock markets is the 
    real problem, a festering cancer.

    The growing size of the Gross National
    debt from around 2 trillion to 7 Trillion
    in the space of a couple of years
    is a concentrated form of inflationary
    pressure on prices and deflationary
    pressure on the US Dollar.
    This will result in higher prices and 
    lower value for the Dollar.

    The stimlus package amounts to a bribe
     to the American public to ignore the 
    base economic problems.

    If the Toxic paper issue isn't addressed
    soon it could result in an economic 

    A defaulting of huge amounts of toxic paper
    many many Trillions of Dollars,
    in the money markets and other deratives.
    And other paper investments related to the 
    mortage markets and Fannie and Freddie.
    And other funds with the toxic paper, including
    hedge funds.

    Resulting in the possible nationalization of banks
    and hopefuly criminal prosecution for the main
    banking actors.

    Other issue: Whom decided hedge funds
    Shouldn't be regulated?
    Find him, fire him.
    Why is Bernie still at large?
    Why isn't he in prision.
    If US can track al Qaeda funding world wide,
    we don't need Bernies cooperation.
    The feds will find everything they need.

    Regulate  hedge funds NOW.

    Series 7 and 13




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