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    Saturday, February 07, 2009

    Iranian people suckered

    I fear for the Iranian people. The Civilians.
    Iran seems to be working on a Nuke
    and Missile tech.
    The least damaging use of that tech would be an EMP
    Wiping out all computers, cars, phones, etc in ME
    or where ever they would attack.
    The 13 Imam paradigm points to the possibility of use
    of this tech, regardless of consequences, to bring about

    I would prefer a careful controlled strike against the nuke operations,
    pre testing of a nuke by Iran.

    If Iran were to use the weapon, the strike might not
    bee a cool headed controlled strike against Iran.
    And injure many civilians, which the current Supream leader
    cares nothing about.

    This is my major concern.

    But I have man more minor concerns also
    Iran's spread and support of terrorism.
    hey are becoming more of a threat than
    al Qaeda or the Taliban.

    Sending suicide bombers to Paki,
    afghan etc I consider a bad thing.

    And there are certain goals the Iranian people
    and Americans can agree on.

    We need to find some common ground
    and maybe we can work that together.

    We just need to define goals and objectives.

    And avoid problem areas.

    The American governnemt
    may be more concerned
    about the safety of Iranian people than
    their own government.

    Internet Anthropologist



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