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    Saturday, January 12, 2008

    Navy firing at speed boats

    Navy firing at speed boats

    Harder than it looks.

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    Friday, January 11, 2008

    Photos of Taliban leadership

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:
    Loading Global Campaign to assassinate Bush Global Campaign to assassinate Bush

    "largest global information campaign entitled [unsafe region] from 6 to January 16"
    Here is the distribution of the new roles of the war coming to the region

    ويتوجه الرئيس الأمريكي إلى الشرق الأوسط في 8 يناير/كانون الثاني. President Bush will travel to the Middle East on January 8. وهي أول زيارة لإسرائيل يقوم بها بوش بصفته رئيس دولة وزيارته الأولى إلى الضفة الغربية. It is the first visit to Israel by Bush in his capacity as Head of State and his first visit to the West Bank.

    هنا نوجه نداء للإستشهاديين نداء للعبوات و الأحزمة الناسفة نداء لصواريخ القسام نداء للمجاهدين الأبطال من أمة الإسلام في فلسطين . Here we appeal to the martyrs at such an appeal to the explosive belts and devices appeal to the Qassam rockets appeal of the mujahideen heroes of the Nation of Islam in Palestine.

    كما سيزور بوش أيضا الكويت As Bush also will visit Kuwait

    هنا نوجه نداء للإستشهاديين نداء للعبوات و الأحزمة الناسفة نداء للمجاهدين الأبطال من أمة الإسلام في الكويت . Here we appeal to the martyrs at such an appeal to the explosive belts and devices appeal to the mujahideen heroes of the Nation of Islam in Kuwait.

    والبحرين Bahrain

    هنا نوجه نداء للإستشهاديين نداء للعبوات و الأحزمة الناسفة نداء للمجاهدين الأبطال من أمة الإسلام في البحرين . Here we appeal to the martyrs at such an appeal to the explosive belts and devices appeal to the mujahideen heroes of the Nation of Islam in Bahrain.

    والإمارات The Emirates

    هنا نوجه نداء للإستشهاديين نداء للعبوات و الأحزمة الناسفة نداء للمجاهدين الأبطال من أمة الإسلام في الإمارات . Here we appeal to the martyrs at such an appeal to the explosive belts and devices appeal to the mujahideen heroes of the Nation of Islam in the Emirates.

    والسعودية And Saudi Arabia

    هنا نوجه نداء للإستشهاديين نداء للعبوات و الأحزمة الناسفة نداء للمجاهدين الأبطال من أمة الإسلام في جزيرة العرب يا اسود الحرمين يا اسود القاعدة في جزيرة العرب هذا يومكم . Here we appeal to the martyrs at such an appeal to the explosive belts and devices appeal to the mujahideen heroes of the Nation of Islam in the Arab Peninsula, any black-Haramain any black-Qaida in the Arab Peninsula, this Day.

    ومصر And Egypt

    هنا نوجه نداء للإستشهاديين نداء للعبوات و الأحزمة الناسفة نداء للمجاهدين الأبطال من أمة الإسلام في أرض الكنانة . Here we appeal to the martyrs at such an appeal to the explosive belts and devices appeal to the mujahideen heroes of the Nation of Islam in the land of Egypt.

    قبل عودته إلى واشنطن في 16 يناير/كانون الثاني. Before returning to Washington on January 16.

    Why is this site still up?

    Also posted on: In 5 different threads Doctors? again?

    Thanks for the TIP....Anonymous

    Other Threat, tracked to webmaster.
    .Bush's Secret Service security detail 1,500 men.

    .Secret tip line, with rewards.

    Update: this is from ISI, probably Abu Muhammad al-Mashadani, info minister or Abu Hamza al-Muhajir War minister.
    An org. almost dead, on its last legs, and on the run.
    al qaeda abandon unpaid troops, stealing payroll in Iraq.


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    AK vs older Bullet resistant glass.

    AK vs older Bullet resistant glass.

    Note : It hits BEFORE you hear it, now thats scary.
    None of this TV stuff where you hear it and duck.

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Great video, chopper and under fire.

    Helicopter Under Fire Afghanistan (English reporter embedded with Dutch army) - ( the flight safty at the start is scary ..G, If chopper is going down; if its not on fire you ride it down, if it is on fire... )
    A clip from my docu KAF. - I was able to find out first hand, what it is like to be a soldier in Afghanistan. I spent some time in Kandahar (KAF- , Kabul and Uruzgan province. As an embedded reporter I traveled with the Dutch Army, the British army (RAF Regiment) and I had the chance to meet some great American soldiers. They try to make Afghanistan a safer place to the best of their ability. -For more information on Bud go to:


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    Thursday, January 10, 2008




    World wide there are 1,874 unique incoming links.

    "Here, we will receive you with bombs and booby-traps, as we did with your soldiers…

    Don't think that you will be safe on our Land…

    This is a promise!

    Here you find no place…Men, Nature, Animals and Jinns all want you dead…


    Last time I checked "we" meant him, and someone else.
    Thats a confession.

    They took the page down: Over night, its back up now, changed.
    With disclaimer about not being monitored: Gee, putting it up and taking it down, changimg the
    color of the text, editing changing the text, sure sounds like monitoring.
    He is also a LIAR:
    ORGINAL WAS POSTED BY :"Posted by SawtAljihad January 10, 2008"
    Now it says "

    Lucky we saved a copy:

    Take the rest down NOW.
    Threating the life of the President.
    Inciting others to kill the President
    Inciting terrorism.
    Conspiracy to commit terrorism.

    ( PRISON TIME, GITMO OR Central? ) or call 1-714-706-4182.

    Take them down...We have trackers on him.

    Webmaster's IP is

    Internet Explorer 7.0
    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506; InfoPath.2)

    The Secret Service should have "rules of engagement" that would allow they to take down a site threating the Pres, Life.


    Some Jahidiee he cuts and runs, erases his Great threat against Bush.
    Then tries to blame some one else.
    Guess we know where that puts you on the martyr scale.
    All munaafiqeen.
    You put the web page back up, and say someone else wrote it, munaafiqeen,
    '' Honor, power and glory belong to Allah, to his messenger, and to the believers, but the extremist hypocrites know not. '' For, can a wolf ever guard a flock of sheep? Call the people towards Allah. Jihad against the munaafiqeen (hypocrites).

    Tâghût (Satan). So fight you against the friends of Shaitân (Satan). Ever feeble indeed is the plot of Shaitân (Satan the false Moujahedeen ). ] al-Nissa:76.

    You show you colors, finally. YELLOW. munaafiqeen
    To much time in "Hellmarsh" !

    Go ahead and make a comment, tell us your excuse.
    Anthropologist, ad Magnum
    Asking the Lord to accept. The overall objective of this bulletin : Brothers and sisters urged to publish this article to relatives and friends, and in the mosques, and every person standing on the Internet Through the printing and distribution of the bulletin, and read on boards and also through sent by e-mail and e-mail Different groups, and chat rooms. , and other ideas that have the positive impact.

    .Bush's Secret Service security detail 1,500 men.

    .Huge Global campaign to assassinate Bush.

    From a copy of his original post, we have.

    After SawtAljihad saw our post he changed the authors name on the post from "SawtAljihad"
    to "OurLand48" and then posted it to these sites: He just multiplied his offense. 6 or 7X.

    Bush! The Area Is Not Safe

    Power Line Forum | Bush! The Area Is Not Safe

    Bush! The Area Is Not Safe - Total Format Forums

    Bush! The Area Is Not Safe - VeggieBoards - Vegetarian Forum

    Bush! The Area Is Not Safe - ImmigrationPortal Forums

    Bush! The Area Is Not Safe -

    And many other forums where they deleted it.
    You will notice the date on all the posts is after our post exposing him and after the post on his site.
    He is trying to make it seem there is some one else posting it, to his site and others.

    Dumb ass.
    "SawtAljihad" is "OurLand48"
    Seems he is starting to have problems with his server: "500 Internal Server Error"




    BUSH Abu Dhabi:

    BUSH IN Bahrain WITH Sword.


    , shockwave-flash@" class="__noscriptPlaceholder__" href="" id="flashapp_946752563">

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Bush's 1,500-strong Secret Service unit in Palestine

    DEBKAfile Exclusive: Bush's 1,500-strong Secret Service unit occupies Palestinian government center in Ramallah for his first visit

    January 10, 2008, 11:53 AM (GMT+02:00)

    The US Secret Service virtually took over the Palestinian Authority's seat of government in Ramallah, enforcing unheard-of security measures for President George W. Bush's talks with Mahmoud Abbas and PM Salam Fayyad Thursday, Jan. 10. Compared with US-Israeli security cooperation for the president's first day in Israel, the US force cut Palestinian security officials out of the loop. Armed with an amazing arsenal of hardware and electronics, they cordoned the Ramallah government center off with a one-kilometer deep "sterile zone" - closed even to the Palestinian presidential guard and the media, except for a pool. Abbas' office furniture was replaced with American products.

    US officers barred entry to the Palestinian government center except for persons appearing on their list, albeit minus bodyguards. Only Abbas and Fayyad will be allowed small personal contingents of listed guards.

    Top-secret security measures were also enforced in Bethlehem ahead of the president's visit to the Church of the Nativity.

    The US president politely refused Abbas' personal request to lay a wreath at Yasser Arafat's Ramallah mausoleum because of his timetable.

    Our military sources report that arrangements are in place on the West Bank to whisk the president out of harm's way at zero notice if necessary.

    A security official told DEBKAfile: "This is Hamas' and Jihad Islami's big chance to get at a top American target and demonstrate their clout on the West Bank too. They are not alone. At least one faction of Abbas' Fatah has also threatened the visit."

    In the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, angry mobs burned Bush banners and US flags Wednesday, called on West Bank leaders to arrest the US president as a terrorist and war criminal responsible for murdering their "Iraqi brethren," and denounced Abbas and Fayyad as traitors and American stooges. More fury is expected to be poured out at Friday prayers in Palestinian mosques.

    What do they have combat units? Swat teams?
    Anti-motar and rocket systems.
    It must be a security nightmare.
    Godspeed Mr. Pres.

    Confusing Threats: al Qaeda providing part of Bush's security ! Psyops gone wild.
    They got a dozen of these:Black SUV behind Bush??

    President bushes motorcade driving through Jerusalem on Jan 10/08.

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Iran's pay-for-performance terrorism

    Iran's pay-for-performance funding policy is also evident from its interactions with Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

    Until Palestinian officials released imprisoned Islamic Jihad bomb makers and terrorist recruiters in 2000 and 2001 (following the collapse of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks), it had been years since Islamic Jihad carried out a successful attack. Islamic Jihad conducted several suicide bombings in 1995 and then not again until September 2000 with the exception of the November 6, 1998, double bombing in the Mahane Yehuda market that injured twenty.

    Plot after plot failed, either because of terrorist incompetence or successful counterterrorism operations. But once their key operatives were released from jail, Islamic Jihad terrorist activity quickly picked up.

    In early June 2002, Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamene'i met with Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Shallah on the sidelines of a Tehran conference convened in support of the Palestinian Intifada. Khamene'i pledged to separate Iran's funding for Islamic Jihad from that of Hizballah and to increase Islamic Jihad funding by 70 percent "to cover the expense of recruiting young Palestinians for suicide operations."

    U.S. officials note that in the period following the onset of violence in September 2000, Tehran instituted an incentive system in which millions of dollars in cash bonuses to Islamic Jihad were conferred to the organization for successful attacks. Tehran often demands of its terrorist beneficiaries videotapes or other evidence of successful attacks.

    Today's designation establishes that this pay system continues. The significance of this pay system is that it encourages groups to continue carrying out attacks on an ongoing basis to maintain the level of funding it gets from Tehran.




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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Hunting in mountains; " Taliban Hunter Robot"

    new transport

    guide it with remote control unit like UAVs.
    Armed and move and sit; sniper remote platform.

    Available NOW, just add arms, 50 cals, and radio controls, gps, video cameras, UAV over head for air support. and chute it in." Taliban Hunter Robot"

    Its a John Deere...

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Wednesday, January 09, 2008

    Paki Not looking for Biny

    Musharraf, in response to a 60 Minutes question about bin Laden, said, "We are not particularly looking for him, but we are operating against terrorists and Al Qaeda and militant Taliban. And in the process, obviously, combined, maybe we are looking for him also."

    What does that mean?

    "Finding biny would cost Paki $10 billion usd.?"

    "There are reasons WE are not looking for him"

    "We know where he is, but the problems it would create"

    "Biny is not important"

    "We will take on al Qaeda forces, but not Biny"

    "We are afraid of Biny"

    Suggest other possibilities in comments PLEASE.


    Baitullah Mehsud: they have a major drive to find and kill HIM, BUT "not particularly looking for Bin Laden"...."maybe we are looking for him"

    I think this is a Major Paradigm insight.
    Paradigm Intel: Hypothesis:
    And almost an admission they are hiding Binny, or know where he is.

    This was a covert (?) public order to his Troops and Pakistani's in general, the Population.

    The USA demographic hear an explanation,
    In Paki they heard an "ORDER".

    The Transmitted text for everyone was the same but the received text was different for the two demographics.

    'Possible' Paradigm, USA is getting pimped.
    We set bots to collect evidence, for confirmation or rebuttal.

    Gerald, Anthropologist

    Follow up:

    Al Qaeda suicide cell leader captured in Pakistan

    Map of major Pakistani Air Force bases, including

    the nuclear sites of Kamra and Sargodha. Pakistani

    air bases are the most likely sites to house nuclear

    weapons storage and launch facilities. Click to view.

    Pakistani security forces have captured the leader of an al Qaeda suicide cell which was behind the attack on the Sargodha military base last fall. Ahsan al Haq and five cell members have been detained by Pakistani security forces in the city of Lahore, Reuters reported.

    Al Haq is a retired Pakistani Army major "was said have been close to Afghan Muslim guerrilla commander Younis Khalis, who battled Soviet forces in the 1980s and later had links with the Taliban," Reuters reported. "Haq ran a militant training camp in Afghanistan during Taliban rule."

    The Sargodha attack targeted a bus carrying military personnel on the air base. Eight were killed and 27 wounded in the strike. Four military officers were among those killed.

    The Sargodha Air Force Base is a nuclear weapons and missile storage facility in central Punjab province. The Taliban and al Qaeda have conducted multiple strikes on or near Pakistani nuclear facilities, as well as against military and police facilities situated near nuclear facilities. There have been two suicide attacks at Sargodha since the summer of 2007.

    SOURCE: more:

    Thats 2 down, see article.


    From Paki Newspaper:
    Just before the assassination, an Al Qaeda asset named Rashid Rauf — a British national involved in plans of terrorism in the UK and connected to Jaish-e Muhammad in Pakistan — was taken from police custody and helped to vanish in the no-go territory of the Tribal Areas that have virtually been annexed by Al Qaeda and its Taliban followers. It was clear once again that this was an "inside job". The question now arises: how big is the number of those inside the state apparatus who owe allegiance to Al Qaeda or hate the United States enough to place the country's nuclear assets in the hands of those they regard as the most legitimate "Islamic response" to the policies of the US?

    Add to this blurring of the line dividing Al Qaeda from the state of Pakistan the near-total reluctance of our politicians to even hint at standing up to the challenge of Al Qaeda and you have a massive "reverse indoctrination" problem on your hands. When the Newsweek magazine came out with its assessment of the situation it titled it "the most dangerous nation" in the world. This was before the Bhutto assassination. After the assassination The Economist took a fresh look at Pakistan and called it "the most dangerous place" in the world.

    Leave alone the world, no Pakistani believes the government when it says it is not involved in the mischief of the Taliban in Afghanistan. At the least, many believe that Islamabad may not know what the "rogue" elements within the state machinery are doing on the ground. Names are being named of "retired" agency officers, located in Peshawar and Quetta, who are running another covert war that plays directly into the hands of Al Qaeda. Taliban warriors who enter Pakistan for "rest and recreation" and for treatment of wounds can reach medical facilities as far away from the Durand Line as Karachi, wondering why Pakistan, whose intelligence agencies are knowledgeable about them, does nothing to capture them. The conclusion drawn by the West is that they could be a part of Al Qaeda's war.

    What Mr ElBaradei is saying is not that Pakistan's nuclear assets could be "stolen"; he says that they could fall into the wrong hands if there is a "transition of control" in Pakistan though some kind of "Islamist takeover". The world thinks it is witnessing Pakistan's fast falling into the control or orbit of elements who will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons against their large variety of enemies. The reference here is not to the "security systems" mounted around the nuclear programme, but to those who have charge of it. If the world was scared of Pakistan a month ago without Pakistanis believing it, today it finds resonance with many Pakistanis who are increasingly scared of living in Pakistan. The ElBaradei warning can longer be waved aside. *

    "Yet there is an odd silence from Al Qaeda regarding these victories. Despite its relative success in Pakistan, the group continues to expend its precious resources on producing statements that either rehash its usual standard rhetoric, or that focus on areas in which it is facing defeat. Why would a group that thrives so much on media attention make such a bad PR move? Al Qaeda's apex leaders are many things, but they are not stupid. … Therefore we tend to prefer the simple, obvious explanation: They are focusing everywhere but Pakistan because they want to draw attention away from Pakistan."

    Stratfor believes that Al Qaeda "prime" is headquartered in Pakistan. With Washington's focus shifting from the chaos in Iraq to the chaos in Pakistan, it might be that the spotlight is shining uncomfortably close to the apex leadership. From Al Qaeda's point of view, the Afghanistan-Pakistan theatre is perhaps the only area of opportunity left for the jihadists to exploit, and the area where the final battle of the US-jihadist war will be fought. But Al Qaeda may not be eager to fight it just yet.
    It would seem Paki have the troops, ability and firepower to route al Qaeda but not the will.
    click graph below, from Long War Journal.

    ISF Manning. Data from State

    .Update: 01.11.08
    Paki not hunting al Qaeda and doesn't want USA hunting them either.
    U.S. unwelcome in al-Qaida fight, Pakistan president says


    "during 2007, the security forces killed 1008 terrorists and miscreants, and arrested 1636 suspected terrorists, including 427 Taliban, 53 Al Qaeda operatives, 740 Baloch nationalist insurgents, 315 banned jihadi organisations' militants and 27 Lashkar-e-Jhangvi terrorists operating as Al Qaeda troops in Pakistan ".
    50-plus Taliban militants killed in Pakistan.01.11.08
    12 Jan 2008, 1751 hrs IST,PTI
    ISLAMABAD: At least 41 militants were arrested on Saturday in northwest Pakistan's restive Swat valley, hours after the ultras carried out two pre-dawn attacks on security forces.

    The army said the militants were apprehended during a search and cordon operation at Kuza Bandai in Swat, where troops have been conducting a major operation since mid-November to quell the activities of pro-Taliban cleric Maulana Fazlullah and his followers.

    Weapons and ammunition were also recovered from the arrested militants, the army said in a statement.

    Nearly 300 militants have been killed in the Swat valley, just 160 kms from Islamabad, since the security forces launched their operation in November.

    The influential online news website Huffington Post has speculated that the Pakistani authorities acted because Schmidle "conducted interviews in Quetta where the Taliban are operating in full public".

    "Pakistan government authorities want to limit exposure to the fact that they have done nothing to shut down the Taliban in Quetta," the Post said.

    Having spent 16 months in Pakistan, Schmidle is on his way back to the US.

    LAHORE, Jan 10: Army troops have been deployed in 22 districts of Punjab to protect people and vital installations during Muharram in view of the security alarm raised by a suicide bombing here on Thursday.

    The Rangers will protect important installations like Wapda House, airports, railway stations, Pakistan Television and radio offices, Chief Minister's Secretariat, Governor's House and civil secretariat.

    The overall law and order would be the responsibility of police and troops would stand by at designated places and could be called in for assistance in case of an emergency at one-hour notice, home secretary Khusrao Pervaiz Khan told Dawn.

    All Muharram processions and meetings in Lahore would be heavily protected, especially on Ashura, to "deny space to terrorists", he said.

    Meanwhile, the home department has asked the provincial police chief to make foolproof security arrangements for Chinese nationals all over the province. The directive has been issued in view of reports that there are certain deficiencies in the security of the Chinese. A letter sent to the IGP said the matter was serious and required urgent action, asking him to overcome the lapses.

    The suicide bombing in Lahore came a day after a warning had been given by the home department that law-enforcement agencies could be the direct target of terrorists these days and they must be prepared to protect themselves, vital installations and important personalities.

    Sources in the home department said that police were the direct target of Thursday's suicide attack on The Mall.

    The home secretary said the provincial government had devised a three-pronged security strategy for Muharram.

    Important personalities, including political and religious leaders, have been asked to ensure their security while moving about.

    Earlier, the government had decided to approach people through print and electronic media to educate them on how to keep an eye on terrorists and support law-enforcement agencies in arresting them.

    Thirty-two militants killed in Pak madrasa blast 01.14.08


    Paki.Afghan border, Talibans Stealth border.


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Hacker Arrested for "Internet Terror"

    Hacker Arrested for "Internet Terror"

    Text of report in English by Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post website on 1 January

    [Unattributed report: Seventeen-Year-Old Arab Suspected of 'Internet Terror']

    A 17-year-old from the Arab village of Kfar Karah, in Wadi Ara, was arrested overnight Monday on suspicion of hacking into and sabotaging thousands of Web sites, police said. The suspect allegedly wrecked sites belonging to the Likud Party, Maccabi Tel Aviv, shopping sites and sites used as servers by various other companies.

    The Northern District Police Fraud Squad is set to request a five- day remand extension for the suspected hacker.

    Police described the alleged offences as "Internet terror", accusing the teen of working with several associates from Turkey and Saudi Arabia to specifically ruin Israeli websites. As yet, it is unclear if government sites were affected.

    [A related report on Voice of Israel radio (in Hebrew 1000 gmt 1 Jan 08) said: "The hackers used to leave the following message: You are killing Palestinians, and we will kill your servers."]



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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Intel and ops updae

    Security forces digging up streets in search for buried explosives
    WorldNetDaily, OR - Jan 6, 2008
    Two members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Fatah's declared military wing, told WND they have been called upon by the PA to participate in securing the ...
    Video: Primping Jerusalem ahead of Bush's visit - 07 Jan 08 AlJazeeraEnglishBush's Betrayal FrontPage
    Abbas, Olmert vow to discuss core issues on eve of Bush visitDaily Star - Lebanon


    DEBKA Exclusive: Fatah terrorist arm joins al Qaeda threats to ...
    DEBKA file, Israel - 12 hours ago
    The “Aqsa Martyrs”, an offshoot of the Al Aqsa Brigades, which belong to Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement, has just threatened “a big surprise” for President ...


    Most active West Bank militant group in security team for Middle ...
    WorldNetDaily, OR - Dec 26, 2007
    According to Israeli security officials coordinating deployments of forces with the PA for Bush's Ramallah visit, members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, ...


    So al Qaeda is providing part of Bush's Security?



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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Snipers on Navy war ships.


    Need for snipers on Navy ships.

    The Iranian speed boats were with in 200 yds, easy 50 cal range.
    Pump one into hull, engine, will slow the boat.
    Less than lethal, and piss them off, and end the threat.
    DOMINATE AREA AROUND FLEET. with snipers also.

    If they swarm with 300 boats, maybe an infantry company
    per ship to defend with not so small arms, stuff with a 1,000 yard range.

    50 cal range: Irans vid:

    BACKGROUNDER: and video:

    Not the Iranians on the radio channel?
    Why didn't the Iranians hear the broadcast?
    Why wasn't the voice on the Iranian tape?
    If the Iranians are on the level, and thats a big IF.
    And their radios didn't pick up the voice channel.
    That might indicate it was a weak transmitter broadcasting the voice.
    Someone on one of their little speed boats, far away enough, so the Iranians didn't
    hear it but close enough to the USA ship for them to hear it.???
    The one speed boat went from port around behind to starboard,
    putting the ship between the speed boat and where he came from,
    ? where the official broadcast came from.
    Maybe with the War ship between them
    only the war ship would hear the transmission
    but not the Iranian on the Iranian vid.

    $20 hand held transceiver,200 yards range, from walmart?

    False flag ops? or rogue speed boater?
    Who would benefit from this?
    I find it amazing they couldn't triangulate on the location of the broadcaster.

    ‘Filipino Monkey’ and the Naval Confrontation With Iran

    January 7, 2008, 10:37 AM (GMT+02:00)

    DEBKAfile's military and Iranian sources stress that the near-shooting incident Sunday, Jan. 6, in which 5 IRGC speedboats made threatening passes against three US Navy vessels in the Strait of Hormuz, was timed precisely by Tehran for the eve of President George W. Bush's Middle East tour.

    1. It was an "in your face" gesture by the IRGC to show the US president they were not scared by being declared a global terrorist organization, a step Bush took last year.

    The elite Iranian corps was also intent on proving that Iran was the boss of the Strait of Hormuz, the crude oil outlet for Persian Gulf producers – not the US Navy.

    2. A reminder that Iran is able to block the strait at will and throw the world's oil traffic in disarray.

    3. It is important for the Islamic Republic to show its neighbors on the US president's itinerary that Iran is the region's leading power, not the US, and that no deals or issues can be finalized without Tehran's say-so.

    4. The Iranian speedboats were also a warning to the nations hosting Bush not to risk signing any military pacts that may be directed against Iran.

    5. Tehran has been all ears to pick up every nuance from the White House ahead of the Bush tour. In an interview aired by Israeli television Sunday, Bush said that Iran "was a threat and is a threat" and the US has never given up its military option.

    Israeli officials have also leaked a plan to show the visiting president intelligence data to refute the US National Intelligence Estimate's claim that Iran gave up its nuclear arms program in 2003.

    Over the weekend, supreme ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's senior adviser Ali Larijani went from Cairo to Damascus to discuss the Lebanese crisis. This was meant as a signal to Washington that the problem was susceptible to diplomatic engagement. But when the Iranians heard the Bush interview, they decided to show muscle instead and launched the naval incident in the Strait of Hormuz.

    6. While possibly a coincidence, the naval provocation occurred at the same time as al Qaeda's American spokesman called on the region's Muslim to greet the visiting US president with bombs. The two events have combined to add fuel to the climate in the region preparing to welcome President Bush.



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    Taliban = Pashtun?

    Taliban are not an expression of Pashtun identity or Pashtun or Afghan nationalism, though some people are fighting the foreign troops in Afghanistan with such motives. The Taliban make effective use of Pashtun tribalism and cross-border ties. Al-Qaida has even exploited the tribal code by portraying Bin Laden and his companions as persecuted Muslims seeking refuge (nanawati in Pashto), who must be protected. But the Pakistani government and the British Indian government before them also used Pashtun tribalism for political purposes. The Taliban use transnational commerce or ethnic ties as they serve their goals; but those goals are not ethnic or nationalist. Pashtun nationalists see the Taliban as a threat to, not an expression of, Pashtun identity.

    Gunmen in Pakistan have shot dead eight pro-government tribal leaders in the troubled South Waziristan region on Afghanistan's border, officials say. . . .
    Officials say they suspect the attackers to be Uzbek militants, who are opposed to Mullah Nazir. Although a Taleban commander, Mullah Nazir recently fought foreign militants with the backing of Pakistani government troops.
    That is the official story: Uzbek militants affiliated with al-Qaida killed former Taliban Pashtun elders who sided with the government. Another story circulating is that the pro-government elders were assassinated by the Pakistani Taliban themselves, who then blamed Uzbeks. In neither case is Islamic militancy an expression of Pashtun identity.

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    tribal chief: militants linked with al-Qaeda: leave Pakistani

    A POWERFUL tribal chief has warned militants linked with al-Qaeda to leave a Pakistani border district after the death of eight members of his clan supporting peace efforts in the troubled region.

    Maulavi Nazir, who drove out hundreds of Uzbek fighters in a bloody battle last year, said his armed followers would attack those loyal to an al-Qaeda linchpin in South Waziristan.

    Mr Nazir, who represents the influential Wazir tribe, blamed Baitullah Mehsud for the weekend killing of eight peace committee members, which has stoked fears of intra-clan clashes in the unstable region bordering Afghanistan.

    The area is a known hub of al-Qaeda and Taliban militants and thousands of Pakistani troops have been deployed in the region to hunt them down.


    So the screw turns.



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    Tuesday, January 08, 2008

    Cutting Terrorism funding

    Life lock

    Has a product that guarantees to stop ID theft.

    A source of terrorism financing.

    So the technology to stop ID thefr is available.

    And the credit card cos. and credit agencys don't use it.
    Because it would cut into their profits.

    Credit card company's profit from ID theft.

    Time to reign in the lobbyists.

    Time for them to join the anti-terrorism band wagon.



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    Iraq prisons truning out al Qaeda followers, Factory

    Reporter: "There are no clear figures regarding the number of detainees in Iraq. The official figures revolve around 20,000, while unofficial figures range from 70,000 to 100,000. From time to time, there are initiatives to release detainees, but the difficult security conditions are used to justify the policy of 'arrest now, and interrogate later.' Unfortunately, some of these prisons have turned into factories for converting innocent people into extremists. Let's watch the testimonies of some former detainees, who have agreed to share their prison experience with us."

    Following are excerpts from testimonies by former inmates on conditions in the prisons.

    To view this clip on MEMRI TV, visit .

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    Pakistan Defense Forces

    Pakistan Defense Forces: Here.



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    Monday, January 07, 2008

    Russian. It's the Mil V-12.

    Worlds biggest chopper

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    New Islamic hacker forum

    # Forums Alhecr

    * قسم طلبات البرامج المشفرة تشفير خاص ونسخ خاصة Section applications programmes encrypted encryption special versions special
    * مــــنــــتـــدى اخــــتــــراق الايــــمـــيـــل Forum penetrate email
    o قـسـم خــــاص لأســئــلـــة الأعــضـــاء واسـتـفـسـاراـتـهـم حـــول الاخـــتـــراق A special section of questions and requests for information about members penetration
    * مــــنــــتــــدى اخــــتـــراق الاجـــهـــزة Forum penetrating devices
    o قـسـم خــــاص لأســئــلـــة الأعــضـــاء واسـتـفـسـاراـتـهـم حـــول الاخـــتـــراق A special section of questions and requests for information about members penetration
    o الـبـرامـج الـــمــشـــفــرة والــحـــصـــريــة Encrypted programmes and exclusive
    * مــــنـــتــــدى اخـــتـــراق الــمـــواقع والـــمــنـــتـــديـــات Forum penetrate sites and forums
    o قـسـم خــــاص لأســئــلـــة الأعــضـــاء واسـتـفـسـاراـتـهـم حـــول الاخـــتـــراق A special section of questions and requests for information about members penetration
    o ::Local Root Exploit :: :: Local Root Exploit::
    * قــســـم أخـــتــــراق شــبــكـــات الــويــرلــــس & LAN Section penetrate networks Aloyrls & LAN
    * مــنـــتــدى انـــــجــــازات الـــهـــكر Forum achievements Alhecr
    o قسم أدوات و اندكسات الاختراق Tools section and penetration Andquisat
    o مكتبة الثغرات Library gaps
    * مـــنــــتـــــدى اخـــــتــــراق الـــــجــــوال Forum mobile penetration
    * مـــنـــتـــدى اخــــتــــراق الـــمحـــادثـــة Forum penetrate conversation
    * منتدى تعليم الهكر Education Forum Alhecr
    * قسم الدورات الاحترافية Section professional courses
    * قسم تعليم الاختراق بالفيديو Education Section breakthrough video
    * قسم E-book Section E-book
    o قسم الطلبات Section applications
    * مـــنــــتـــــدى الـــــفـــايــــروســــات Forum VIRUSES
    * منتدى قسم طلبات برامج الهكر Forum Section applications programs Alhecr
    * مـــنــتدى الــبرامـــج الـــكامـــلة والــــنادرة بالــلغـــة الانــجلــيزية Full Forum programmes and rare in English
    * منتدى فك تشفير md5 ......... Forum decode md5 ......... وتشفيره The harmful

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    China LEAD toys and malware.

    Digital Hitchhikers Part Three
    Published: 2008-01-07,
    Last Updated: 2008-01-07 03:43:21 UTC
    by Marcus Sachs (Version: 1)

    Back on Christmas Day we published a diary about digital picture frames being purchased with malware installed on the built-in memory. Last Friday we did a follow-up diary after two more readers wrote to tell us that they also purchased malware-infected photo frames. In the second diary we asked readers to check any recently purchased devices that connect to a user's computer via a USB cable and appear to the operating system as a mounted drive. In years past this would have been limited to iPods and USB memory sticks but now it includes digital photo frames, GPS devices, external hard drives, and of course digital cameras.

    Several readers wrote back with their findings and here's what they told us.

    An reader who asked to remain anonymous said:

    I got bought a set of MP3 playing sunglasses for Christmas that came with an extra gift, infection, AVG called it PSW.OnlineGames. It was a hidden .scr file with a hidden Autorun.inf file .. Can't remember the name of the file or who sold it off-hand though since I'm not near my Inbox..

    I got in contact with the company that sold the device and they responded and investigated very quickly.. Seems something went wrong in China during Quality Control checks..MALWARE...

    China give and gives.
    More on chinas asymmetrical warfare.


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    bINYS security guy captured

    Report: Osama bin Laden's security coordinator captured in Pakistan
    By Bill RoggioJanuary 6, 2008 11:15 PM

    Osama bin Laden escorted by the Black Guard. Click image to view.

    A senior al Qaeda commander has been reported to have been captured in the Pakistani city of Lahore, according to a Pakistani newspaper. Dr. Amin al Haq, the security coordinator of Osama bin Laden's Black Guard, "was apprehended from Lahore couple of days back," The Nation reported, citing "credible Afghan sources." Al Haq is said to be "under interrogation" at an undisclosed location.

    The report of al Haq's capture has not been confirmed, a senior intelligence official told The Long War Journal. US intelligence agencies are aware of the report.


    Dr Amin is the second leading Al-Qaeda operative from Afghanistan apprehended in Lahore. Earlier, Mohammad Rahim, an alleged Al-Qaeda fugitive, who had worked as Osama bin Laden's driver for couple of years in Afghanistan was also arrested from Lahore.
    He had also been the member of Jihadi Shura, which was set up soon after resignation of late Afghan President Dr Najibullah in April 1992 for governing the eastern province of Nangarhar. He was associated with Hizbe Islami Afghanistan headed by late Maulvi Younas Khalis, which joined Taliban Movement in 1996.
    Dr Amin was also part of the Afghan delegation flown to Sudan in 1996 to bring Osama bin Laden to Afghanistan.
    After landing of Osama bin Laden in Nangarhar in 1996, Dr Amin became closer to Osama bin Laden and other Al-Qaeda leaders. He along with his family members stayed in Pakistan off and on. It merits to mention that Dr Amin's name is in the list of those 12 Afghans who are considered active members of Al-Qaeda.

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    Iran navy starts attack on US war ships



    Iran boats 'threatened US ships'
    BBC News, UK - 42 minutes ago
    Five Iranian speedboats harassed three US navy ships at the weekend, approaching them and radioing a threat to blow them up, US officials say.
    US Comes Close To Firing On Iran Ships Sky News
    US and Iranian boats clash Guardian Unlimited
    Iranian boats "provoke" US Navy ships in Hormuz Reuters UK


    Complete version:

    Iran's answer:



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    amature ABC reporter risks capture,

    More of her photos here: Martha Raddatz

    This just struck me as high risk and amateurish, Blond hair not hidden, no burka and blue eyes,
    Soon we will be reading about her captured?
    And ops diverted to save her. Troops risk lives for this ???

    Color her hair dark, and put a heavy burka on her, just stupid, a waste.

    Look at the head lines for the area she is in.Today.

    Suicide attack at Swat army camp

    Militants attack Pakistani peace workers; 8 dead

    Somebody call her home before she gets killed of worse

    ABC news it hangs over your HEAD.



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    Sunday, January 06, 2008

    bad potential

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    IAI clashes with al Qaeda

    NEFA Foundation: IAI Claims Recent Clashes with Al-Qaida in Samarra, "Liberating" Ten Iraqi Hostages

    By Evan Kohlmann

    The NEFA Foundation has obtained a copy of a recent communiqué issued by the prominent Sunni insurgent organization known as the Islamic Army of Iraq (IAI). According to the statement, "After a call from our supporters and brothers in Samarra and its various neighborhoods, mujahideen from the Islamic Army in Iraq (IAI) launched a blessing attack in the Samarra region and were able to free ten prisoners (the majority of whom were mujahideen and the others being innocent poor people). They had been previously been taken captive by Al-Qaida after raids on their bases in the Shaykh Mohammed district south of Samarra... Those who were responsible for this prison were arrested, while the others managed to escape. We will eventually post a complete video-recording.” [For more information about the IAI and its ongoing troubled relationship with Al-Qaida's network in Iraq, see "State of the Sunni Insurgency in Iraq: August 2007"]

    A copy of the communique can be downloaded from the NEFA Foundation website, c/o NEFA's TerrorWatch subscription service.

    January 4, 2008 10:00 PM Link

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    Adam Gadahn al Qaeda Loyality TEST


    Note his nose job:

    Adam Gadahn al Qaeda Loyality TEST

    American Al-Qaeda Operative Adam Gadahn Calls on Mujahideen to Receive Bush in the Middle East with Bombs and Tears Up His US Passport.

    Full vid:

    Note he is reading a text prepared for him, by whom?

    And he had to tear up his passport as a loyalty test?
    Gee I wished he had used his passport to travel.

    Guess he won't be going any where except by camel.


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