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    Saturday, January 08, 2011

    Googles YouTube supporting Terrorism?

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    YouTube took down this video for violation of TOS.
    Details here:

    Its mirrored in several locations.

    While Googles YOUTUBE leaves up terrorist videos recruiting and training terrorists.
    There is reason to believe Google has been penetrated, the Army, CIA both were. Google immune?

    Google YOUTUBE penetrated by al Qaeda is one explanation for this conduct.  
    Its making more and more sense.

    The song questions Islams Sloth.

    Muslims appear as cowards, through
    inaction, sloth, they have allowed this
    terrorism by a delusional damaged
    mind to flourish.

    Who the 50 top Muslims in the world.  

    Islam is not involved in Terrorism, but by inaction, sloth
    they allow terrorism to flourish..


    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Is Google Evil?

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Google's Youtube supporting ...

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    Friday, January 07, 2011

    Thousands of dead birds: Jet Stream?

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    Out of my field here, But:

    Valley exit jet, is a form of jet stream.
    Could jet streams be dipping down and cold enough and enough wind speed to kill flying birds?

    The weather has been freaky enough world wide to support some
    way out speculation.

    Reports in now from many countries flocks of dead birds.
    But jet streams don't account for dead fish? Do they?

    If this is accurate then people caught in the open could be at


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    Anonymous sets new paradigm.

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    Anonymous sets new paradigm.

    We have talked about this before.

    World Government are going to have to adjust
    The Internet is awakening to its own power.
    The WWW is slowly realizing it has power,
    collectively awakening as its own power.
    Both Wikileaks and Anonymous are part of this
    new paradigm.

    As most new paradigms the kinks are
    being worked out, the US Government
    is assisting wikileaks in developing criteria
    for what can be and cannot be leaked.
    By force of law.

    Wikileaks is not fully aware of the arena
    they are playing in.
    In this arena they play for keeps.
    And they are playing in the big league.
    Wikileaks is trying to get the rules down
    as it develops.
    But an error can result in deaths of wikileaks
    The boys in this league perform assassinations
    as a matter of state policy.
    Many are not as well behaved as the US intellignece
    Russia has been having a problem with its journalist
    dying for just opposing the Russian Government.
    If they even think release A+ B +C = agents death,
    They could retaliate without further proof.

    If wikileaks releases info that results in deaths of
    intelligence assets or agents some Governments
    will take vengeance.

    And wikileaks has become an embarrassment for
    Anonymous, they keep telling me they are all about
    stopping all censorship and are defending wikileaks
    on that basis.

    But Julian has just threatened the Guardian paper
    with a law suit if the paper releases the Stolen
    US cables wikileaks gave the paper.

    Now I don't know how Anonymous will process
    that bit of censorship?
    Wikileaks suckered Anonymous into supporting
    them, while Wikileaks defrauds donors.
    Wikileaks has raised $1.3 million dollars,
    $600,000 is missing and no public audit,
    while Mr. Manning rots in prison and has
    received nothing, zero zip from Julian and
    wikileaks, while flogging him around as a 
    And Julian will gross another cool Million
    on his book deal, Julian got plenty of 
    defense money for his rape charge
    and they let Mr.Manning their Info 
    source swing in the wind.

    When will the public catch on?

    But what is Anonymous to do, they
    went to bat for a corrupt wikileaks,
    and are being made fools of.
    Julian is engaged in the very censorship
    that Anonymous fights so hard for.

    And just how did the US Army let a down load
    of that size go un-noticed?

    This has already hurt info sharing, between the
    Army and State Dept, and will dribble through
    the rest of the Intelligence community.

    We are living through and new era of power and
    info sharing, the paradigm is being formed by all
    sides into a workable form.

    Julian will get burned, Wikileaks will be exposed,
    some leading the DDOS attacks will be arrested
    at Anonymous, and the Army and Intelligence gathering
    arms will tighten up protocols.

    In the end it will come out as a workable paradigm,
    wikileaks replaced, and Anonymous smarter, embarrassed,
    smaller  and more cautious but still in existence.

    Anonymous seems to have confused, censorship and
    privacy and the differences between them.

    cen·sor  (snsr)
    1. A person authorized to examine books, films, or other material and to remove or suppress what is considered morally, politically, or otherwise objectionable.
    Releasing US wrong doing could fall under censorship.

    pri·va·cy  (prv-s)
    a. The quality or condition of being secluded from the presence or view of others.
    Releasing all the cables just because they are secret is a violation of 

    And Anonymous had no idea they were defending a corrupt
    group in wikileaks. They censor their funding and expenses.

    The resolution of this new paradigm is going to be
    painful to many, but in the end will empower the citizens 
    of the World, and hold the Governments more accountable.



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    Thursday, January 06, 2011

    Genius Readers 01.06.10

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    Chinese, Arabs, Japanese.

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    Anonymous targets Wall St Bank

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    Boy do I have mixed feelings about this.

    Scary comment on their page:
    Another step backwards. Seriously, you really want to allow this as a press release? 
    Seems a little errrr, childish?
    What a joke. There's 4chan for this kind of content.

    Anonymous harassment capabilities are remarkable.



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    The Secret Cyber War.

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    The Secret Cyber War.

    There are several secret wars ongoing.
    Secret special ops teams.
    NSA secret Stuxnet, nobody can prove its them.
    and other cyber operations.
    The FBI has a secret cyber arm running 24/7.
    The military has a few secret cyber wars in theater.
    And there is a secret civilian cyber war,
    we are part of that.

    Our operations are designed to keep out of the
    way of Federal operations.
    Before release of sensitive intel we have given
    the Feds a 24 hr kill notice, where we would
    kill the story delete the intel to NSA standards.
    They have activated the kill order only a few times.
    We have tracked cells in Afghan, Germany,
    and USA.
    We have Accidentally uncovered backdoors on
    terrorist computers that lead to NSA and reported
    the method that lead to the discovery.
    We have had moles in al qaeda and they offered
    us money thinking we were terrorist operating
    in CONUS, but the FBI killed the money transfer.
    We have tracked al qaeda after 341 lbs of nuclear
    material from an European University.
    And these are just the operations we can talk about.
    We hunt terrorist hackers and hacker groups and
    webmasters. And monitor and report wana bees.
    We receive death threats and fatwas monthly.

    We have had bot attacks from over a hundred
    PCs and removed the threat.
    Numerous attempts to penetrate our servers,
    and some successful got into our hony pot.

    A few self defense operations taking out the
    attackers and disrupting terror operations.
    And taking down just a few terrorist sites.

    Infiltrating terror groups and forums scraping
    intel and copying over 600 terrorist sites in their

    We run a very effective counter surveillance program
    And over 100,000 BSU's.

    And received some nice kudos from the Feds.
    and have a good reputation among foreign
    intelligence services.

    We have made some errors, a cyber weapon
    went off by accident taking out two of our PCs,
    and Accidentally were tracking one of our own moles
    which was reported to the FBI as a terrorist in CONUS.
    Our BSU's were better than even we thought.
    We took measure to cloak our moles that we thought
    the BSU's couldn't get through.

    We maintain a good cyber war element for
    self defense with a strong offensive capability,
    rules of engagement, stealthed and cloaked giving
    anonymity and freedom of movement in all cyber

    And strong tracing and tracking methods across the
    entire WWW.

    And an intensive demographics operation
    to target our audience, which Google
    is screwing with, a rogue Google employee.
    We suspect Google has been penetrated
    by al qaeda, the US Army and CIA were,
    is Google exempt?

    Paradigm Intel and an paradigm engine help point
    the way for operations and intel collection.
    And actively run a "Social Change Engine".
    And counter propaganda and counter spin

    We thank the 200 or so who support us
    in out Battalions. Company "C" 

    And think we have made a difference
    in the GWOT.

    War Anthropologist


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    Wednesday, January 05, 2011

    Open response to General Dempsey

    His Article:

    Response to General Dempsey article.
    The current military is a far cry from when I served in the 70's.
    Your adaptation and paradigm reconfiguration cycle times have been
    greatly shortened and very agile.
    And the restraint of terminal power is to be commended.
    I'm continually amazed and proud of your actions.

    Your last paragraph is instructive, and also applies to Cyber war,
    ie Stuxnet, warfare without casualties, and destruction of the Target.
    A difficult new standard for war. The principles of this type of cyber
    war also need to be  institutionalized and joint operations planed and

    There are unaddressed problems with Cyber war, which so far have been ignored:

    In Afpak theater the allies are working from crossed motivations.

    This tends to short circuit victory.

    Another paradigm that should be reconsidered is "Gifting" billions,
    ans move towards "Investing".
    This paradigm also provides a clean honorable way to exit Afpak
    with Bin Laden or his body.

    As always the Military is on the cutting edge of mankind's most
    difficult endeavor, War, and the USA is handling it most honorably.

    Your doing an amazing job in an impossible context.
    Your nation is grateful, THANK YOU.

    War Anthropologist


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    Tuesday, January 04, 2011

    Privacy Yours or mine?

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    I had an interesting conversation with a wikileak supporter.
    About my posts on wikileaks violating privacy, 
    releasing secret cables that pertained to no wrong doing.
    And how even Governments are entitled to privacy.
    Especially when the cables don't relate to ANY wrong
    doing, many just gossip.

    His response was that if your not doing any thing wrong 
    you don't need privacy.
    And said he had nothing to hide.
    So I asked permission to violate his privacy and
    look at his surfing history, the sites he visited, and maybe
    his email.

    He gave me permission,
    told me to go ahead and look.

    I reported back to him some of the Adult
    sites he visited and that he had erased from his
    history, and he changed his mind about privacy.

    I would never expose him and have deleted all
    data I gathered, to NSA standards. Resealing his

    But that points to the importance of privacy,
    especially our own.
    And you should be careful who you give
    permission to.

    Anonymous has been talking about lighting
    up Jester, exposing his true identity.

    Because of the anti-terror work he does they
    could be putting his life in danger.

    I receive Death threats, fatwas every month, some
    months more,  Taliban webmasters and
    some insurgent hackers really don't like me,
    lighting either of us could put
    our lifes in danger.

    I'm hoping Anonymous will consider that and
    not light up Jester.

    I've stayed out of the fray with Anonymous
    except for commenting, because of past
    work I've done with them. Iran.
    And Anonymous never forgets.

    And hope to work with them in the future
    on projects we both agree on.

    If you fired the "Low orbit Ion Cannon"
    here are some precautions you might
    want to consider.

    Wikileaks crossed the line when they released
    EVERYTHING, not just the items related to wrong
    Releasing 'Wrong doing' is one thing.
    Releasing everything is a violation of Privacy.
    And they are using Manning for fund raising 
    $1.3 million for Wikileaks, Manning $0.o

    Eventually the public will see this.



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    Monday, January 03, 2011

    Strike team on standby

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    BSU's Counter surveillance report:

    Cyber Strike team on standby.
    Target if it goes active in Idaho
    WWW Packet inspection, ID and your packets deleted for life time if engaged.
    Just the start.
    Nampa ya you saw it, G

    Waitin on the Green if he goes Active.

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    US could be out of Afpak in 6 mos w/Binny

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    US could be out of Afghan and Paki CLEAN in 6 mos w/Binny.

    US went into Afpak to get al qaeda 911 perps.
    US wants a safe and secure Afghan and wants
    to leave Afghan.

    The current paradigm has players at cross proposes.
    Afpak wants the $20 billion each they get a year for
    going after terrorism
    Paki wants the Taliban as a force multiplier and gives
    them sanctuary.

    Paki has many reservations about US leaving Afghan.
    US did once before and left them flat after the defeat
    of the Russians.

    Both Afghan and Paki are worried about US leaving
    and the loss of funding.

    The current war paradigm works at cross proposes.
    Both Afghan and Paki look at the GWOT as a $20
    billion cash cow.
    Once they kill al Qaeda they also kill the cash cow.
    If US leaves without killing al qaeda, it leaves the door
    open for either Afghan or Paki to enable al qaeda to
    reconnect to the GWOT $20 billion cash teat.

    And Paki will not go after the sanctuaries and kill off

    What is US going to do with / for Afghan/Paki after
    the US leaves?

    An unlikely exit from Afghanistan Not encouraging

    The Republicans present a major problem.
    The GOP supported billionaires $700 billion 
    tax cut while rejecting unemployment payments,
    during a recession.
    Absolutely no common sense.
    And the GOP will not be supportive of a program
    supporting Afghan and Paki even to keep terrorism
    down, the GOP simply can't be trusted and Afpak
    knows this.

    Karzi wants to start a joint government with the Taliban,
    and Paki will use Taliban against Afghan.
    And both have a big financial motive  to enable terrorism
    in CONUS, to reconnect to the $20 billion teat.

    But there is a way out and around all these problems.
    Killing al qaeda, and controlling Taliban.

    Give Afpak 6 months to turn over Bin Laden, Omar et al,
    Dead or alive, and get a contract for $20 billion each over 5 yrs.
    $4 billion each yr for 5 yrs with option to renew.

    No Bin Laden, Omar etal no deal.

    But US isn't on the hook for the $40 billion.
    Pull in the Wall St Bankers, to sell Afghan and Paki Peace bonds.
    The first year the principle is Guaranteed by US Gov.

    Foreign Peace /WAR Bonds.
    Paki and Afghan have to invest the money, with FBI or
    equivalent oversight and cover all interest payments.

    After the death or turn over of al qeada et al,
    they get the money to invest in the infrastructure.

    We get the insurgents they get to stay on the Cash Teat,
    and they build and develop the country.

    With over sight, if the money is stolen or wasted
    through corruption then Wall St will not deliver the 
    next years $4 billion in Bonds.

    The market weighs the progress and profits,
    AfPak build their countries and develop minerals
    in a transparent method that Wall St will accept
    or they loose future funding.
    In the first year to get it started US guarntees the 
    first $4 billion to each Afghan and Paki.

    US get Bin Laden, Omar al Qaeda etal.

    This paradigm realigns all motives to the same end.
    'Profits, end of terrorism'.

    After al qaeda is gone, its up to Afghan and Paki
    to make it work, Wall St provides the funding,
    based on profits after first year, if Afpak
    work together and invest stop corruption then
    they will have access to US capital markets with
    some support of US Gov.

    While I consider Wall St Banks criminal they
    would be successful in determining how the
    money was spent and keeping it going for a


    If its profitable then Wall St will attach to the
    Afpak teat, by profits alone.
    And Afpak will grow into a safe secure infrastructure.
    Defeat terrorism on the basis of profits.
    If they fail, its on their heads, US provided
    the opportunity.
    And would offer other assistance in curbing 
    terrorism but on a different level, special ops .

    All US is doing is providing Afpak a chance
    to fund a great and profitable infrastructure
    and better life for their citizens and end 

    US Win
    Afghan Win
    Paki Win
    Wall St Win
    Terrorist loose.

    Introducing a self funding paradigm for
    Afpak development and safety.
    US leaves CLEAN, 
    with Terrorist paradigm at a partial end.

    Exit with honor, and the onus on Afpak.

    War Anthropologist

    Post Script:
    To pull out of Afpak before terrorist are defeated
    is an invite another attack on CONUS.

    Our paradigm Intel on what happens when US does leave with current Paradigm.