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    Monday, February 15, 2010

    Cyber vigilantes

    Cyber vigilantes — doing more harm than good

    I was recently in a discussion about cyber vigilantes.

    My argument were ignored and fell on deaf ears.

    But I think some ideas were worth repeating.

    There is a fellow that takes terrorist sites off
    line for 30 min to an hour. A vigilante.

    And a former Australian senior Counter Terrorism 
    Intelligence Analyst with the Australian Federal Police
    irresponsible and smacks of hubris."

    My response:

    We are all just Vigilantes,
    there is no Sheriff on the Internet.
    But different countrys have different laws.
    We are all net citizens and we need to own this ( Internet )
    Shutting down these sites for a few min, isn’t irresponsible,
    maybe illegal? And I have a much higher opinion of our
    Intelligence boys, THIS DOESN’T PHASE THEM.
    His work pisses of the targets and reminds them
    that they are on the Internet at the discression
    of us, you and I, the net citizens.
    Iran tried to shut off its citizens from the Internet
    and the world’s internet citizens said “NO”.
    Many of us helped keep the Internet open for
    the Iranians.
    These are terrorists and they continue to threaten you and me.
    I reserve the right of self defense, I take into my own hands
    the right to take the sites if I am able, in self defense.
    n general there aint no cops here.
    We all exist to the sufferance of the other.
    If enough of us vote no terrorist sites
    on the Internet then they will be gone,
    or hidden very very well.
    The Internet is awakening as its own power.
    The WWW is slowly realizing it has power,
    We shouldn’t allow evil to exist just to
    collect evidence and intelligence about it.
    I suggest a new goal:
    We should end the evil.
    The Paradigm may have gotten turned upside down.

    The response was: hubris

    Again my response:

    Sophrosyne exemplified or Hubris, who owns the Internet?
    Part of the Current paradigm expands terrorism.
    And may be counter productive.
    Speaking of hubris; Australia is currently involved in an Internet Censorship
    experiment and so is Iran.
    What Governmental authority is being usurped.
    Does Australia own the WWW?
    I would suggest the net citizens have some
    ownership of the Internet as a matter piraticality.
    Who owns the Internet?
    “Taking the law into their own hands”?
    Until there is a real Sheriff on the WWW,
    its open season.
    Law on the Internet is open to question.
    Of course that doesn’t mean Albina can’t issue
    an warrant for my arrest,
    But you have no absolute moral or legal grounds for control
    of the Internet.
    If Intelligence agencys want to influence us and our actions,
    they simply have to officially contact us.
    Some of our Intelligence has been so hot we ( IATT )send out
    “KILL OFFERS”, to Intelligence agencys on some posts, and some of those offers
    have been activated, and those posts never see the light
    of day.
    The paradigm for terrorism on the Internet is still developing,
    dialog and exchanges will influence both sides by dint of reason,
    one can hope.
    I refuse to be just SHEEP on the Internet.
    China and Russia embraces their civilian activists,
    and successfully puts them to work.
    The West tends to ignore them or arrest them.
    But the Internet is developing its own force.
    Ignore it or reach out to it.
    But its there.


    She was unresponsive to the issues I raised.
    They deleted my final comments???
    Not very professional.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.



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