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    Sunday, February 14, 2010

    US Base Annihilated by Taliban

    US Base Annihilated in Afghanistan by the Taliban Mujahideen 

    Ignorant Taliban attack empty base for 4 hrs,
    There are no Military vehicles, no return fire,
    And US chopper flys over to see whats up.
    Chopper never even fires.

    Taliban destroys deserted base.
    They fire at the base for 4 hrs and
    get no return fire, which they liked
    very much.

    Then the Taliban slowly drive in 
    a truck filled with explosives,
    and a suicide bomber wastes his
    live blowing up an empty base.


    Taliban become more ignorant as
    experienced cadre are killed, and
    dumb and dumber become commanders.

    Attack on empty base and the Taliban
    still experienced casualties.
    took them 4 hrs to take an empty base.

    Their Video:

    Dumb assed Taliban cowards.





    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    BULLSHIT!!!!!....That COP wasnt empty!!!...i was there when it happened on july 4th 2009 in the eastern paktika province of afghanistan at COP Zerok....2 men lost there lives that day and many more were injured durin that "4 hour" firefight....get spread that out there so people dont forget the ones that were there going through wasn wasnt.....i wont tell you my name but i will tell you my rank was a SPC and i was known as MUMBLES.....we fought hard...and won nothing....dont forget that day...i wont..........go to youtube and find cop zerok attack part 1 and 2..its the documentary version...

    9:03 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    BULLSHIT IS right, note you posted after the Video was deleted, no date is given in the article, no location, This video showed an empty base, no return fire, I suspect you are a Taliban sympathizer, pumping propaganda, nice try, Fail. G
    Again I say DUMBASS Taliban attacking an empty base, with suicide bombers.Mumbles indeed.

    11:03 PM  

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