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    Saturday, October 30, 2010

    Yemeni Woman: Very dangerous NEW Paradigm.

    Yemeni forces arrest woman 

    believed linked to plot.

    This maybe a new paradigm, and very dangerous.

    She thinks she had a legit job?

    Paradigm Intel suggest it maybe linked to a Criminal
    gang, running a money laundering operation with
    unwitting Mules. RBN?

    The traditional money laundering operation 
    hires innocent people via Email.
    Their job is "Package facilitator" ,
    "Mail manager" They are told merchandise 
    will be sent to them and they are to re-mail,
    the items to a third address.
    And some excuse is given about how
    they are the Companys middle Man or
    Woman., They would also receive checks
    cash them and re-mail a portion back
    to the "employer".
    Usually its goods bought on stolen credit cards,
    or fake merchandise sold on E-Bay,
    And the Mule gets the checks and 
    cashes them keeping 10% and sending
    on the other 90%.
    IT would be simple to send the Mule
    a Printer cartridges and tell her
    to resend it on to America.
    In fact she may have been doing
    this for weeks or months before
    they sent her the Explosive printer

    This paradigm allows them to send packages
    from unwitting people anywhere in the world

    Money laundering is rampant and wide spread,
    its been around 20 yrs and the insurgents may
    have just picked up the paradigm.

    Money laundering has been low priority for
    20 years, and now its coming back to bite us 
    in the ASS.

    The big 3 credit agencys are key to stopping this.
    Currently they allow fraudulent use of credit cards,
    Track and log all the details and won't tell the owners
    unless the credit agencys are paid $10 a month, for

    Notifying credit card owners about unusual activity
    would put the Money Laundering Companies out of
    Business and almost end ID theft.

    But the Credit Agencys are co-dependent on the
    Money launderers and ID thieves, but the credit
    reporting agencies collect huge profits from it.

    Now the Credit Reporting Agencies will have
    blood on their hands.

    This paradigm suggest a link between WWW criminals
    and Terrorists.

    If that link is real, "they" won't be able to back track
    the perps.

    Note to Russian RBN:
    New dangerous paradigm. insurgents hooking up with
    cyber criminals? If they do it will bring the Wrath of God
    upon them, and YOU, US cyber forces. I Remind you of Stuxnet.
    RBN would do well to take out these money mule minders and 
    turn them over, annomyously  of course.


    Over view:

    .This is one guy doing this:
    CPL Petroleum. 
    We need a company assistant/secretary to help process payments and get 10% on each Payment Processed till we can have a location in your Area. If you are interested email me back with information below then I can send you the procedures on what you will be doing:


    LGBT-friendly synagogue was target of  parcels, 
    official says 

    If so not al Qaeda sect action, independent action,
    but still proof of concept. G

    Answers Q why Chicago.

    Our first analysis: More Paradigm Intel.
    Bombs on 2 airline freighters? Cargo.

    The bomber

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    I call shenanigans!" on the Republicans.

    "Officer Barbrady, I call shenanigans!" 
    on the Republicans.

    TO keep $700 billions tax break for "BILLIONAIRES"

    REPUBLICANS  want to cut $700 billion in Medical care for POOR.


    Who to vote for???

    hmmm WHO TO VOTE FOR?

    Wall St Banks pay $2 to $3 million to EACH Republican
    Banks hit men in congress.

    What do the Banks 
    Get for their money?

    Banks execute Sub-Prime fraud, selling
    C grade paper for AAA rated prices, 
    make Trillions.

    Credit markets crash, in Sub-prime Debacle,
    Almost bring down European and American

    Congress Bails out Wall St Banks,

    Federal Reserve loans banks 3 Trillion

    Federal Reserve lends money
    to banks at Fed Window for less ,
    than 1%.

    Banks charge 30% on Credit Cards.
    and 460% on pay day loans, congress
    approves Banks loan sharking, usury 
    illegal interest rates.

    Congress passes "BANKING REFORM BILL"
    The Bill forbids States from passing
    Usury laws against Banks. 

    And then Dark Pools , FLASH CRASH.
    Banks made billions in 10 min.

    And then Wall St Banks paid 
    themselves Billions in Bonuses.

    Now Banks foreclose on the sub-prime paper,

    How banks handle sub-prime paper, 5 million homes to be foreclosed by end of 2010 
    Banks throw 5 million American families into the street.
    Now Banks throwing out modification mortgage papers rather than help mortgagee, fraud debacle, illegal, criminal . Banks:"Piss on them, they got no rights, default".

    Wall St Banks become casinos, when they loose. US Bails them out, Feds loan Trillions. Work and Investment replaced WITH gambling, speculation, crime at Banks.

    I think the Banks go their moneys worth from
    USA has the BEST Republican congressmen
    money can BUY.

    Bribe tracker, whos paying off congressmen? just click away, state then name of Congressman.

    Banks never KISS ME    I like kissed,when I get screwed

    People to Prison , Banks get Bailouts:

    Wall St Bank Robber Barrons,

    Banks PIMP the taxpayer AGAIN .

    Wall St Bank RAPE of Stock market 


    "Officer Barbrady, I call shenanigans!" 
    on the Republicans.

    Who to vote for?

    Series 7 & 3.

    I call criminal conspiracy's on the Banks.

    Gerald on Floor of NYSE

    Lost your Job, house? Banks not loaning money
    to small businesses, but Tax payer loaned Banks
    billions, Banks refusal to make loans big cause
    for unemployment, layoffs and firings.

    Republicans empower Banks,
    in return for million dollar contributions.
    NO Job, no house, thank you Republicans.


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Friday, October 29, 2010

    Bombs on 2 airline freighters? Cargo.

    Bombs on 3 airline freighters?

    Paradigm Intel and OSINT suggest
    more explosive ink cartridges out there.

    OSINT indicates physical connection
    to Yemen, but Yemen denys any physical

    This suggests a party with a vector
    to all three air freighters, to introduce
    packages labeled from Yemen.

    As the bombs are disguised 
    printer cartridges they may have
    been intended  to be delay or
    remote denotations or even 
    ignite upon first use in printer.

    All businesses should be warned about
    accepting printer cartridges they did not
    order, high probability more bombs en route.

    SA turned over tracking numbers.
    Bombs contain PTEN, most powerful 
    high explosives known, Fairly stable and will 
    have been mixed with some other explosive. 
    Harder to ignite, the energy needed for a 
    successful direct initiation of PETN by an 
    electric spark ranges between 10-60 mJ. 
    Maybe power from the printer when plugged in?

    Discovery of the packages, addressed to Jewish 
    organizations in Chicago.
    Why Chicago?
    Two places in Chicago,
    other cites also?
    Other Jewish organizations in Chicago?

    More to come.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Russia to buy USA

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Genius Readers 10.29.10




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Thursday, October 28, 2010

    Hacker PacMan on Voting mach. Who Knew, we did.

    Touch-Screen E-Voting Machine Reprogrammed to Play PacMan ...

    Now who could have seen that coming?

    We did 2 years ago.


    At some point we will discover huge voter fraud from hacking.

    The system is rampant with holes and backdoors, the potential
    for fraud exceeds the sub-prime debacle.

    A key fundamental right is ar risk in America."
    Banking analogy:



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    China not a cyber threat.

    Excellent article on cyber war weapons China can 
    never use against USA.

    “Since the late 1990s, China has systematically done all the things a nation would do if it contemplated having an offensive cyber war capability,” Clarke wrote. He forecast a world in which China might unleash havoc:

    Within a quarter of an hour, 157 major metropolitan areas have been thrown into knots by a nationwide power blackout hitting during rush hour. Poison gas clouds are wafting toward Wilmington and Houston. Refineries are burning up oil supplies in several cities. Subways have crashed in New York, Oakland, Washington, and Los Angeles. . . . Aircraft are literally falling out of the sky as a result of midair collisions across the country. . . . Several thousand Americans have already died.

    Read more

    Its equivalent to USA planning a nuclear attack on Great Brittan. 
    Just not gona happen.

    If China attacked USA in such a cyber attack and
    took out most of USA's infrastructure, then China
    just shot themselves in the neck.

    With the advent of Globalization and the amount of
    US Bonds China holds, a heavy cyber attack by China
    on USA would bleed them to death.

    One of the huge benefits to Globalization is
    the understanding you don't kill your best

    Nor do you involve yourself in an attack
    that would significantly drop the value of your
    investment portfolio, US bonds.

    So China may have a huge cyber threat/
    weapon but its a big stick they can't use.
    Now espionage is a different animal.
    Its equivalent to listening in on 
    a spouses phone.

    On the other hand its quid pro quo,
    If US launched a crippling cyber attack
    on China it would be killing its biggest
    lender, and would cripple the US economy.

    USA and China are bed fellows,
    very nervous bed fellows, 
    but bed follows never the less.
    Wedded in Economic Globalization.
    Divorce for either resulting in economic

    Although they will fight, they eventually
    have to kiss and make up and protect
    one another.

    China is not a threat to USA.
    Neither is USA a threat to China.

    USA is not going to take out Texas
    or China.

    The equivalent is true for China.

    Globalization married them.
    They are the core,
    Now we need to get the Gap