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    Saturday, August 29, 2009

    Presidental Kill switch for the NET

    Senate Bill Would Give President Emergency Control of Internet

    Details of a revamped version of the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 show the Senate bill could give the president a "kill switch" on the Internet and allow him to shut out private networks from online access.


    My first reaction to that is it's funny.
    Iran tried a version of that.

    I'd like to know how they plan to do this?

    Smells like over kill.

    If USA had an Cyber Army, then that would
    be the first line of defense, a good offense.

    Our paradigm Intel indicates USA has no
    such Cyber Army.

    A domain where we only have defenses.
    A domain on standby for a 'clock cleaning'.

    Our Paradigm Intel says USA has a great
    offense for Bot Farms, but the control of
    the Net is slowly slipping away from the
    civilians to the Hackers.

    The part about huge funding Awards to
    increase security is a concept we have been
    pushing for a long time now.

    Anybody have a link to the actual Bill?

    Hat tip to my bartender.

    Follow up:
    The bill is missing several points.

    #1) It talks about protecting American
    web, there is no American web, its
    Protecting the American net while the
    rest of the worlds Internet has been taken
    down is futile.

    #2) Its not clear about the awards,
    they should be available to the Security

    Should include Anti-virus vendors also.
    Currently there are 300 fake Security
    vendors with bogus websites.
    The public has no way of knowing
    if they are protected or not.

    Should be made available to public.

    #5) There should be some criteria for
    public use of Internet, fire wall,
    anti-virus, etc. To prevent Bot nets
    building bot farms in USA.

    Actual Bill

    Bill Review:




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    Friday, August 28, 2009

    BERNANKE hit by his own lack of consumer protection

    BERNANKE hit by his own lack of consumer protection

    Federal Reserve Chairman

    Hit by High-Tech Pickpocket Ring


    Ben Bernanke is about to discover the difficulty of dealing with ID theft. Poetic justice, he as Fed chairman is responsible for consumer protection. Or the lack there of. Unless he gets SPECIAL consideration and handling, he will face the problems and nightmares of ID theft. If they got his SS # and DOB they can open new lines of credit any time in the future in his name. Next week or 10 yrs from now. And the credit agencys will NOT allow regular citizens to maintain credit monitoring for ever, law says 90 days. Unless he gets special consideration because of his position. He cannot get a new SS# his info is out there and subject to criminal abuse at any time. I hope this will be a growing experience for him. Any one who knows that he got special handling of consideration please email me.

    Gerald .


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    Is USA trying to swallow its own tail

    Is USA trying to swallow its own tail?

    DOJ is investigating the CIA and interrogation procedures
    the DOJ approved during Bush's adminstration.

    DOJ and or Obama should give the CIA a pass.
    Case officers asked for and received DOJ guidelines
    for special interagations.

    Much to the credit of the CIA's director, the CIA
    is picking up the legal tabs for the CIA agents.

    So we have the DOJ going after CIA for following
    guidelines from the DOJ, and CIA paying for the
    defense attorneys.

    Paradigm Intel indicates the Obama admin may
    be going after the Republicans for refusing to
    work on the Health Care Bills.

    Lets see what the Insurance Companies lobbyist
    do with this tactic. I expect they will try and get
    the CIA director removed and try and turn
    the Investigation down the chain of command,
    not up the chain of command leading to key

    In the mean time the USA allies are shaking their
    heads, and reviewing connections to CIA and
    USA enemys are laughing out loud, rolling
    on the Floor.




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    Thursday, August 27, 2009

    Kenny MacAskill hearing

    I listened to Kenny MacAskill hearing in Scorland on Cspan2.
    He is a man of much compassion for a convicted terrorist.
    And very little compassion for the 270 victims or their

    This debacle will shadow Scotland forever, and has
    injured their reputation in international eyes.

    The compassion for one should have been weighted
    against the comapssion for 270 families of the dead
    And the morale boost for the terrorist.




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    New taiban leader threatens USA, gets bombed

    Waliur Rehman Mehsud threatens USA,
    14 hrs later US drones target him,
    misses him by min.

    USA knows where you are.
    Please just sit still for 15 min.
    Better yet just lay down and
    take a nap.


    New Taliban chief threatens US

    August 26, 2009 6:28 PM ET
    By Bill Roggio

    Read more:



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    Wednesday, August 26, 2009

    Criminal US Government?

    Does America lack integrity?

    I don't mean US citizens.

    I mean the Government and American business.

    At some point Usury, loan sharking , vig, all became

    What is wrong with Congress to allow 402 %

    Why does Congress allow loan sharking?

    Big Corporate banks have turned to crime.

    Loan Sharking, in public, with congressional approval.

    I've heard arguments that 'THEY' need this rate of
    return because the borrowers lack creditworthiness.
    The banks are doing them a favor.

    Doing them a favor by lending to the poor at loan shark rates
    Performing a criminal service formerly provided by the Mafia.
    Doing the POOR a favor by locking them into a loan they can't
    afford, and abusing the poor with collection agencys.

    But what about congress?
    What about the Federal Reserve?

    Why hasn't the usury problem been discussed at Jackson Hole

    Why has the US Government , Congress, Federal Reserve
    and American business turn a blind eye to the Banking CRIMINAL

    Have the banks bought them all off?
    Do they not have a conscience?
    Are they all CRIMINALS by tacit approval?

    Why did the paradigm change from
    "the customer is always right"
    "How much can we legally cheat and screw the customer"?

    If this is allowed to happen to citizens of the USA,
    what chance does a foreign enity have?

    Do they all think this criminal activity will have
    no effect on the Trust and Integrity of USA.
    And the selling of the Federal Debt.

    OF THE USA. How long do they expect this
    criminal endorsed activity can continue
    without having an impact on sale of Treasury
    Bills, Notes and Bonds?

    The new credit card laws are a JOKE
    and didn't address the usury problem there

    Some states have passed laws addressing
    this issue, with ceilings of 18 % on interest
    rates, and the big Banking criminals are
    exempt if they are National Banks.

    If you are a National Bank the Feds
    allow your criminal loan sharking activities.





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    Bailout Nation

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    Could Afghanistan Become Obama’s Vietnam? NO

    Could Afghanistan Become Obama’s Vietnam? NO.

    This from the defeatist NY Times.
    The same paper that tipped off Binny
    The USA could pick up his cell phone
    calls, the same news paper that has aided
    provided succor to the enemy.

    The Taliban is in disarray, fear the drones
    and killing the ummah at random for fear
    of spies.
    Every one of the Taliban for Pakistan have
    been taken out.

    The terrorist strong hold is in Pakistan.
    As the terrorist are taken down in Paki,
    the Afghan Taliban will loose support and
    recruits, and financial support.

    In Paki the Government is winning the war
    for the hearts and minds of the ummah.

    USA will shift key policys and bring Afghan
    into its sights just as they have in Paki.

    A key shift is in the battle for the hearts and
    minds, and the need for electricity to reach the
    hearts and minds. If you can't talk to them
    you can't win their minds

    Just as the war in Paki is being won so
    will the war in Afghan.
    This assumes troop realocation and Troop surge.




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    Tuesday, August 25, 2009

    Medical malpratice reform, NO

    Medical malpratice reform?

    How does giving the Doctors a shield
    against big awards lower costs?

    The Ins premiums are so high because
    of all the mistakes they make.

    If we do give them a shield, it is
    not going to have an effect on
    what tests they order.

    I know the logic, and human nature.

    If the doctors policed their own
    better, there would be fewer law
    suits, and fewer huge awards.

    A JURY heard the cases
    and they decided a fair

    Doctors get huge paychecks.

    The solution to large medical
    malpratice awards doesnot
    lie in artificial shields for doctors.

    NO other profession gets special
    protection from their mistakes.

    Doctors should not be exempt from
    the rule of law either.

    Let jurys keep them responsible
    for their actions.
    Let them decide the settlement.


    Excellent rebuttal:
    checkers has left a new comment on your post "Medical malpratice reform, NO":

    I am somewhat offended by your assertion that us doctors are making loads of money. In family practice my income is pretty much set by the insurance contracts I am forced to sign that set my reimbursement at a percentage of Medicare. I do not even make 6 figures for my 60 hour work week. I make 30% less now than I did 10 years ago, factor in inflation and how much of an income drop is that? I am not in control of my pay nor am I in control of my patient's care. Government and insurance is. I am not even a "Doctor" anymore. I am legally referred to now in government planning as a "health care provider". I generally agree with most of what you say. But in regards to primary care in this country you are barking up the wrong tree.

    Please Email me I want to make sure your not
    Ins, Co. Lobbyist.
    InternetAnthropologistTT at gmail dot com.

    So I'm paranoid, indulge me.
    Let me pick your brain.
    Source inside.

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    Taliban leadership worth between 500 m and $1Billion USD

    Taliban leadership worth between 500 m and
    $1Billion USD
      By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Taliban leadership worth between $500 m and $1Billion USD

    Why the fight over the Taliban leadership?
    Money, the leader has control of between $500 million
    and $1 Billion USD.

    And their accounting is lacking, and no one audits
    their books.
    The leader can syphon off between $100 million and
    $250 million a year, and no one the wiser.

    Of course I'm not casting aspersions on the Taliban
    leadership. We know about Taliban honor.

    But the system of checks and balances isn't what
    one would call extensive.

    And the drug use is rampant among the Taliban,
    especially among the criminal element.

    Robbery and theft is common.

    But to become the leader of the Taliban
    is to become wealthy beyond imagination.

    Another route to wealth is to turn in the
    terrorists. Afpak is full of willing spies.

    And the Taliban know there are thousands
    of spies.


    "A senior intelligence official said Mehsud's father-in-law, Ikramuddin Mehsud, his son, one of his brothers and a nephew had been detained by the Taliban on suspicion they had passed on information about Mehsud's whereabouts.

    "They were arrested two days ago and are being interrogated by the Taliban in Sararogha," one of the intelligence agency officials, who declined to be identified, said on Saturday, referring to a Mehsud stronghold in South Waziristan.

    The missile hit the house shortly after Saadullah had left, arousing Taliban suspicion he had passed on information, the second intelligence official said. Saadullah was among those detained.

    The tribal elder said the militants had shot dead Mehsud's driver, Mohammad Qasim, also known as Kashif, shortly after the missile strike, on suspicion of spying.

    Another intelligence official and an influential ethnic Pashtun tribal elder in the region also said the family members had been detained.




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    Monday, August 24, 2009

    Economic solution to deficit: RESCUE

    Economic solution to deficit RESCUE.
      By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    The current economic paradigm seems up side down.

    I just heard on TV they have raised the est. of the deficit
    2 Trillion dollars more.

    How can that deficit be paid down?

    We gave the criminal banks 2.7 trillion dollars.

    The banks that are too big to fail,
    by Thomas Hoenig, the Kansas
    City Fed president

    Put the toxic assets in to one corp.
    run by the Government, isolate them from
    the market. MARK THEM TO MARKET

    Put the good assets in new good banks,
    fire all the management, start indictments.

    The US Gov. will have major share of the new good
    banks ( prefered stock ), sell them in new offerings
    ( 3 to 4 Trillion? ); proceeds to the
    Gov. deficit and Health program for EVERY ONE.

    Reduce deficit by 3 Trillion dollars, and reduces inflationary
    pressure by 50%.

    Build international confidence in American Banks.
    reinstate Glass Segal.
    Prosecute Banking CEO's
    Introduce Usury laws.

    This deficit 7 Trillion dollars,is going to produce Inflation,
    big inflation, the only way to slow inflation
    is to raise interest rates, which puts the breaks
    on an economy already on the edge.

    Other option is to sell off the banks in new offerings
    and post proceeds against the deficit, reducing
    inflationary pressure.

    Current paradigm Context.

    CIA as whipping boy, I don't think so.
    The Republicans are refusing to work
    on the new Medical coverage for all

    Stay with me.

    The prosecutors dealing with the
    CIA interrogations, will only be looking
    up the chain of command.

    No action against the CIA or its agents.
    They relied on legal advise from the
    Republican adminstration, and should
    be allowed to do so, CIA gets a pass.

    Republicans won't work in earnest
    on the Health care bill for all Americans,
    then prosecutors will indite some of them
    in the old adminstration on the CIA

    They have brought the Republican horse
    to the water, and if it doesn't drink
    they are going to WHIP IT.

    Paradigm Reader.



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    Sunday, August 23, 2009

    Ins. Cos. Paradigm engineers; draft them to Afpak

    Ins. Cos. Paradigm engineers; draft them to Afpak
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    U.S. Plans a Mission Against Taliban’s Propaganda

    Obama's Battle Against Terrorism To Go Beyond Bombs and Bullets

    Context review:

    I'm witnessing one of the best paradigm engineering operations I've ever seen,
    and I reluctantly begrudge them my admiration.
    The operation has depth, finesse, and elegance.

    Paradigm Intel indicates it is run by the Insurance Co.s Lobbyists.

    The first time they set this up was to clip Hilliary's first attempt to
    change the American Health Paradigm, the operators were able
    to get the senior citizens so worked up they attacked a Congressman's
    car with canes and fists, and got Hilliary's health bill repealed.
    It was an tax sheltered investment that benefited health coverage some
    how. It was a good program, I don't remember the details but I was selling it
    as a broker, and later it was appealed.

    This time the lobbyists have rolled out lies that scare people,
    fronted by groups the people trust, and by politacians they
    have bought and paid for.

    And worked them up enough to get them to go to town meetings
    and confront the congressmen with over nonsense, death panel,

    Their psyops program has been so deep and wide the press has
    bought it, and the engineers have managed to even frighten some Democrat
    congressmen.( The paradigm engineers call it shriking their "balls". )

    Stuff you are proud of and goes down in history.

    The astonishing part is they just gave 2.7 Trillion to the criminal
    banking Corps, and are blocking $1 trillion over 10 yrs. for poor
    Americans for Medical coverage.

    USA DOD needs these paradigm engineers working in Afpak
    turning the Ummah against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

    These pardigm engineers are the best I've ever seen.

    They have made "Medical coverage for all Americans"
    a BAD THING. And people, even congress is buying it.

    These guys could get Omar to order the Taliban
    to kill al Qaeda.

    I'm serious the skill level has been demonstrated.