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    Wednesday, August 26, 2009

    Could Afghanistan Become Obama’s Vietnam? NO

    Could Afghanistan Become Obama’s Vietnam? NO.

    This from the defeatist NY Times.
    The same paper that tipped off Binny
    The USA could pick up his cell phone
    calls, the same news paper that has aided
    provided succor to the enemy.

    The Taliban is in disarray, fear the drones
    and killing the ummah at random for fear
    of spies.
    Every one of the Taliban for Pakistan have
    been taken out.

    The terrorist strong hold is in Pakistan.
    As the terrorist are taken down in Paki,
    the Afghan Taliban will loose support and
    recruits, and financial support.

    In Paki the Government is winning the war
    for the hearts and minds of the ummah.

    USA will shift key policys and bring Afghan
    into its sights just as they have in Paki.

    A key shift is in the battle for the hearts and
    minds, and the need for electricity to reach the
    hearts and minds. If you can't talk to them
    you can't win their minds

    Just as the war in Paki is being won so
    will the war in Afghan.
    This assumes troop realocation and Troop surge.





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