Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Taliban leadership worth between 500 m and $1Billion USD

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    Tuesday, August 25, 2009

    Taliban leadership worth between 500 m and $1Billion USD

    Taliban leadership worth between 500 m and
    $1Billion USD
      By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Taliban leadership worth between $500 m and $1Billion USD

    Why the fight over the Taliban leadership?
    Money, the leader has control of between $500 million
    and $1 Billion USD.

    And their accounting is lacking, and no one audits
    their books.
    The leader can syphon off between $100 million and
    $250 million a year, and no one the wiser.

    Of course I'm not casting aspersions on the Taliban
    leadership. We know about Taliban honor.

    But the system of checks and balances isn't what
    one would call extensive.

    And the drug use is rampant among the Taliban,
    especially among the criminal element.

    Robbery and theft is common.

    But to become the leader of the Taliban
    is to become wealthy beyond imagination.

    Another route to wealth is to turn in the
    terrorists. Afpak is full of willing spies.

    And the Taliban know there are thousands
    of spies.


    "A senior intelligence official said Mehsud's father-in-law, Ikramuddin Mehsud, his son, one of his brothers and a nephew had been detained by the Taliban on suspicion they had passed on information about Mehsud's whereabouts.

    "They were arrested two days ago and are being interrogated by the Taliban in Sararogha," one of the intelligence agency officials, who declined to be identified, said on Saturday, referring to a Mehsud stronghold in South Waziristan.

    The missile hit the house shortly after Saadullah had left, arousing Taliban suspicion he had passed on information, the second intelligence official said. Saadullah was among those detained.

    The tribal elder said the militants had shot dead Mehsud's driver, Mohammad Qasim, also known as Kashif, shortly after the missile strike, on suspicion of spying.

    Another intelligence official and an influential ethnic Pashtun tribal elder in the region also said the family members had been detained.





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