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    Monday, August 24, 2009

    Economic solution to deficit: RESCUE

    Economic solution to deficit RESCUE.
      By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    The current economic paradigm seems up side down.

    I just heard on TV they have raised the est. of the deficit
    2 Trillion dollars more.

    How can that deficit be paid down?

    We gave the criminal banks 2.7 trillion dollars.

    The banks that are too big to fail,
    by Thomas Hoenig, the Kansas
    City Fed president

    Put the toxic assets in to one corp.
    run by the Government, isolate them from
    the market. MARK THEM TO MARKET

    Put the good assets in new good banks,
    fire all the management, start indictments.

    The US Gov. will have major share of the new good
    banks ( prefered stock ), sell them in new offerings
    ( 3 to 4 Trillion? ); proceeds to the
    Gov. deficit and Health program for EVERY ONE.

    Reduce deficit by 3 Trillion dollars, and reduces inflationary
    pressure by 50%.

    Build international confidence in American Banks.
    reinstate Glass Segal.
    Prosecute Banking CEO's
    Introduce Usury laws.

    This deficit 7 Trillion dollars,is going to produce Inflation,
    big inflation, the only way to slow inflation
    is to raise interest rates, which puts the breaks
    on an economy already on the edge.

    Other option is to sell off the banks in new offerings
    and post proceeds against the deficit, reducing
    inflationary pressure.

    Current paradigm Context.

    CIA as whipping boy, I don't think so.
    The Republicans are refusing to work
    on the new Medical coverage for all

    Stay with me.

    The prosecutors dealing with the
    CIA interrogations, will only be looking
    up the chain of command.

    No action against the CIA or its agents.
    They relied on legal advise from the
    Republican adminstration, and should
    be allowed to do so, CIA gets a pass.

    Republicans won't work in earnest
    on the Health care bill for all Americans,
    then prosecutors will indite some of them
    in the old adminstration on the CIA

    They have brought the Republican horse
    to the water, and if it doesn't drink
    they are going to WHIP IT.

    Paradigm Reader.




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