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    Friday, August 28, 2009

    Is USA trying to swallow its own tail

    Is USA trying to swallow its own tail?

    DOJ is investigating the CIA and interrogation procedures
    the DOJ approved during Bush's adminstration.

    DOJ and or Obama should give the CIA a pass.
    Case officers asked for and received DOJ guidelines
    for special interagations.

    Much to the credit of the CIA's director, the CIA
    is picking up the legal tabs for the CIA agents.

    So we have the DOJ going after CIA for following
    guidelines from the DOJ, and CIA paying for the
    defense attorneys.

    Paradigm Intel indicates the Obama admin may
    be going after the Republicans for refusing to
    work on the Health Care Bills.

    Lets see what the Insurance Companies lobbyist
    do with this tactic. I expect they will try and get
    the CIA director removed and try and turn
    the Investigation down the chain of command,
    not up the chain of command leading to key

    In the mean time the USA allies are shaking their
    heads, and reviewing connections to CIA and
    USA enemys are laughing out loud, rolling
    on the Floor.





    Blogger vijayanand said...

    World leaders on Wednesday expressed condolences over the expiry of U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy. The septuagenarian was struggling with brain cancer for the past one year and finally succumbed to it. He was 77. Senate is the upper house of the U.S. Congress, to which two members are elected from each state of US by popular vote for a six-year term. A member of senate is referred to as senator. He and former late US president John Kennedy were siblings (brothers).
    UNO general secretary Ban’s in his condolence message has said that Edward was not merely a friend of VIP’s but also moved freely with the downtrodden people. This was a testimony to the greatness of Edward. Osama lamented that an important chapter in the history of US has come to an end. Osama placed an order that the flag of the United States shall be flying at half-staff at the White House and upon all public buildings to as a mark of mourning the great leader’s death. Some former U.S. presidents too have mourned for his death.

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