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    Saturday, June 06, 2009

    Ops and Intel update: 06.06.09

    Ops and Intel update: 06.06.09

    Six aides of Mehsud arrested from Mianwali

    LAHORE: Six Taliban, believed to be close aides of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Baitullah Mehsud, have been arrested from Mianwali, a private TV channel reported on Thursday. According to the Mianwali district police officer (DPO), the Taliban – arrested in a search operation – were believed to have close ties to Mehsud. The police said the Taliban – arrested from the Musakhel, Bachran and Mauj areas of Mianwali – had been involved in attacks on police checkposts in the region. Officials identified four of the Taliban as Ahmed Khan, Hidayatullah, Abdul Wahid and Ramzan. daily times monitor



    Army will stay in restive districts to assist civil admin
    * Lt Gen Nadeem Ahmad says total IDPs less than 1.9 million people


    VOA expands service in NWFP
    WASHINGTON: Voice of America (VoA), the radio service funded by the US government, said on Friday it was expanding its service in the NWFP where millions have been displaced by the military operation against the Taliban. Voice of America said it would expand Radio Deewa’s broadcast from six to nine...


    Waziristan tribes angry with Taliban
    * Military offensive in Waziristan expected to begin in a month or two


    Taliban will 'never be defeated'
    Times Online - UK
    THE Pakistani intelligence agent who trained Mullah Omar, the 
    Taliban leader, to fight has warned that Nato forces will never overpower their enemies in ...


    Taliban kill Sufi's men
    Daily Times - Lahore,Pakistan
    Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Major General Athar Abbas told reporters in Rawalpindi the 
    Taliban attacked the convoy after it hit ...


    Taliban Stir Rising Anger of Pakistanis
    New York Times - United States
    Now the province has become a target of suicide attacks, most recently last week in 
    Lahore. Mr. Rais cited changes in media coverage of the military ...


    Sunday, June 07, 2009

    By Daud Khattak

    PESHAWAR: Troops battling the Taliban in Swat are sure that the command and control structure of the militants has been dismantled and their junior and mid-level commanders have either been killed or were on the run, a Pakistan Army general said here on Saturday.

    Lieutenant General Nadeem Ahmed, who is the chairman of the Special Support Group, however, conceded that the top Taliban leadership was still at large. 
    He believed the Swat Taliban leadership’s contacts with low-ranking commanders had been disrupted and the recruitment and training centres were no more operational. He claimed the militants’ logistic dumps and ammunition had been destroyed and the flow of finances to the militants halted.

    Briefing journalists about the relief activities in the IDP camps, reconstruction and rehabilitation in the affected areas and success against the militants, Lt Gen Nadeem said troops would stay in Swat till the revival of the civil administration.

    To ensure that the militants do not stage a comeback, he said young men from villages would be recruited in police and the process would be completed in a year following the conclusion of the military operation.

    At the same time, committees of village people would also be constituted to take the responsibility of their respective villages, said the general...



    Four perish as scores attack militants’ hideouts in Dir Bala
    Updated at: 0151 PST, Sunday, June 07, 2009

    Scores of people attacked the sanctuaries of militants in Dir Bala area on Saturday, killing four militants while six homes were also obliterated in the attacks, Geo news said.

    According to local sources, the people hailing from Hayagai Sharqi and adjoining areas launched attacks on the militants hideouts which resulted in the deaths of four militants while six homes were also destroyed...

    He said Lower Dir had already been cleared. With the exception of Karakar Pass, the rest of Buner was safe for the people to return, he added.

    Source: Geo TV


    Islamist urges al Qaeda to 

    open up to Obama's offer

    Essam Derbala, a member of the leadership council of Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiya, or Islamic Group, made the appeal after President Barack Obama said in Cairo on Thursday he wanted a "new beginning" in ties between Washington and the Muslim world.

    Islamist thinkers and groups in Egypt have long inspired Islamic movements around the world.

    "I call on the Taliban of Afghanistan and Pakistan and al Qaeda to look at this solution and put the American side to a real test of the extent of its sincerity in achieving peace with the Muslim world," Derbala told Reuters.

    "I consider this a chance to reveal the truth about Barack Obama before the people," he said, adding these organisations should open up to talks with the United States and declare they have "no need to kill American civilians".





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    D-day memorial, Mike

    In memory of all the troops on D-day.
    Including my father, Mike who jumped 
    behind enemy lines. 
    He jumped in both Italy and France.
    Grenadier. 101st, later attached to 82nd.

    3 out of his company lived.
    The rest were KIA.
    He got a Purple Heart,
    shrapnel  between the eyes.
    Germans left him for Dead.
    2 weeks later he was back 
    in action.

    Flag is flying.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.


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    A USA "Lighting Crush" force.

    N.Korea invades S Korea.
    Iranian N bomb on Israels border.
    Iran launches missiles at Saudi Arabia.
    N. Korea launches missile at Japan.

    In view of nuclear proliferation, and other exigencies
    USA might consider a "Lighting Crush" force.
    Multiple level AIR POWER, Missiles,
    special effects. EMP options.

    No occupation, no ground forces,
    Just a strike force with the capability
    to take out N.Korea or Iran C2 and offensive
    capabilities etc.
    In a few hours.

    Huge precision, smart weapon attack.
    Takes out offensive, and command and control.
    Decapitation of leadership.
    A 24 hr reactionary force.

    The weapons and capability are there.
    Question of integrating and planning.

    And follow up UN aid support for the
    country afterward.

    Just to make all options available,
    and on the table.

    An option for dealing with BLACKMAIL.


    Posted by: bobbymike | 06/8/09 | 1:50 pm

    10 B-2’s x 80 500lbs JDAMs/sortie. Between 50 and 60 B-1’s and BUFF’s x 100 JDAMs/sortie = 6800 aimpoints/sortie. This does not include F-15E’s or any other platform.

    It will be difficult but 10,000 targets are not impossible to overcome.

    From Comments on Wired.


    Add the rest of the Air Force, and USA can hit 20,000

    targets in 24 hrs, some hardened targets 20 or 30 times.

    Two sets of bombs one for N.Korea and the other for Iran.

    Lighting Crush comming..



    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Call N Korea's Bluff

    Ahmadinejad wins, good for USAUSA



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    N. Korea crusin for a brusin

    North Korea Just Kidnap Two American Journalists?

    March 20, 2009

    The Associated Press reports that North Korea “detained” two American journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee from Al Gore’s Current TV, for filming the border region.

    It looks, however, like the reporters were “detained” for shooting film of North Korea from the Chinese side of the border. They were in China interviewing refugees who fled North Korea. North Korean military and police officers don’t have jurisdiction in China. If they crossed the border and grabbed two American journalists, those journalists weren’t “detained.” They were kidnapped.


    N Korea Kidnapped two Americans from China.

    Isn't that an act of war?

    N. Korea is blackmailing USA

    with its tiny nukes.

    N. Korea is bluffing,

    old arms, WWII era,old amo, no technology.

    No Internet, starving people.

    N Korea has kidnapped Americans

    and Japanese before.

    They kiddnaped an American ship

    from International waters.

    USS Pueblo.

    N.Korea is flaunting its criminal

    actions, blacking mailing USA

    with its nuke.

    A super power?

    What will Iran do after

    they test a nuke?

    This criminal regime continues

    its rampage with impunity.

    Maybe its time to kick N. Korea's

    ass, and free it's people from a tyrannical

    regime and starvation?

    Does Obama have the intestinal fortitude

    to confont and stop N. Korea?

    We have a kidnapper, murderer running

    wild on the International stage,

    and USA does nothing.



    Atrocities Against American 

    Pows In Korean War - 


    The North Korean and Chinese Communist armies were guilty of the following war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against American personnel during the conflict in Korea from June 25, 1950, until July 27, 1953: 

    • a. Murder;
    • b. Attempted murder;
    • c. Malicious and aggravated assaults;
    • d. Various acts of torture, i.e., perforating flesh of prisoners with heated bamboo spears, burning prisoners with lighted cigarettes and inserting a can opener into a prisoner's open wound'
    • e. Starvation;
    • f. Deliberate policy of fostering starvation;
    • g. Experimental medical operations;
    • h. Coerced Communist indoctrination;
    • i. Bayonetting



    The Axe Murder Incident (Korean판문점 도끼 살인 사건) was the killing of two United States Army officers by North Korean soldiers on August 18, 1976 in the Joint Security Area (JSA) located in the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) which forms the de facto border between North and South Korea. The killings and the response three days later (Operation Paul Bunyan) heightened tensions between North and South Korea as well as their respective allies, the People's Republic of China and the United States.

    The incident is also known as the Hatchet Incident and the Poplar Tree Incident because the object of the conflict was a poplar tree standing in the JSA.

    Initial trimming

    On August 18, 1976, a group of five Korean Service Corps (KSC) personnel escorted by a UNC security team consisting of the Joint Security Force (JSF) Company Commander (Captain Arthur Bonifas), his South Korean (ROK) Army counterpart, Captain Kim, the platoon leader of the current platoon in the area (1st Lt. Mark Barrett), and 11 enlisted personnel, both American and South Korean, went into the JSA to trim the tree as previously scheduled with the KPA delegation. The two captains did not wear sidearms, as members of the Joint Security Area were limited to only five armed officers and 30 armed enlisted personnel at a time. However, there were mattocks in the back of the 2½ ton truck. The KSC workers had the axes they brought to prune the tree branches. The tree had been scheduled to be trimmed seven days earlier, but rain had forced the work to be rescheduled.

    After trimming began, 15 to 16 KPA soldiers appeared, commanded by Senior Lt. Pak Chul, whom the UNC soldiers had previously nicknamed "Lt. Bulldog" due to a history of confrontations.[1][2] Pak and his subordinates appeared to observe the trimming without concern for approximately 15 minutes, until he abruptly told the UNC to cease the activity stating the tree could not be trimmed "because Kim Il sung personally planted it and nourished it and it’s growing under this supervision."[3] Capt. Bonifas ordered the detail to continue, and turned his back on "Lt. Bulldog". While this verbal communication is undocumented, it seems plausible, in that Kim Il Sung was often portrayed by the North Korean Communist Partypropagandists as being responsible for almost everything in North Korea.[4][5]

    [edit]The attack

    After being ignored by Capt. Bonifas, Pak Chul sent a runner across the Bridge of No Return. Within minutes a North Korean guard truck crossed the bridge and approximately 20 more North Korean guards disembarked carrying crowbars and clubs. Pak Chul again demanded that the tree trimming stop, and when Capt. Bonifas again turned his back on him, Pak Chul removed his watch, carefully wrapped it in a handkerchief, placed it in his pocket, and then shouted "Kill them!" as he swung a karate chop to the back of Capt. Bonifas' neck[6]. Using axes dropped by the tree-trimmers, the KPA forces attacked the two U.S. soldiers, Capt. Bonifas and Lt. Barrett, and wounded all but one of the UNC guards.[7][1]

    While Capt. Bonifas died instantly, Lt. Barrett jumped a low wall which led into a 15 ft. (4½ m) deep tree-filled depression. The depression was not visible from the road. The entire fight lasted for only about 20–30 seconds before the UNC Force managed to disperse the KPA guards and place Capt. Bonifas' body in their truck.[6] However, there was no sign of Lt. Barrett and the two UNC guards at OP#5 could not spot him.

    They did, however, observe the KPA guards grab (by the heels) approximately 5 members of their own force and drag them back across the bridge. They also observed the KPA guards at KPA#8 (along the UNC emergency egress road) exhibiting strange behaviour, in that one guard would take an axe and go down into the depression for a couple of minutes and then come back up and hand the axe to another guard who would repeat the process. This went on for approximately 90 minutes until the UNC guards at OP#5 were informed that Lt. Barrett was missing, at which time they informed their superiors about the KPA activity in the depression. A search and rescue squad was quickly dispatched and found Lt. Barrett having been attacked with the axe by the North Koreans.[8]

    A helicopter on a training mission was also sent to the location (its crew issued yellow armbands and .45 automatics) and used for a medevac, but Barrett did not survive.



    And N. Korea is exporting nuclear and missile technology to


    USA allowing N. Korea to get away with these things

    impunes America's reputation and encourages others.

    A shameful mark on America's reputation.

    If someone were to stike N. Korea HARD,  they would have little counter response left, and would be a clear message to Iran.It maybe safer and eaiser to hit N.Korea than Iran.

    Suggested nane for the operation against N.Korea : "LIGHTING CRUSH".

    Suggest other names in comments.



    A corporal witnessed the attack from OP#5 and recorded the incident with a movie camera.

    The Tree

    There wasn't a good historical vid on the USS Pueblo:

    N Korean Foreign Ministry Statement

    Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) -- The DPRK Foreign Ministry issued a statement as regards the UNSC's threat to put additional sanctions against the DPRK, terming its successful nuclear test a violation of the UNSC Resolution 1718.

    At present, some countries were shocked at the news of the DPRK's second nuclear test. But an exceptional act has its exceptional reason. The recent nuclear test conducted by the DPRK is the 2054th one on the earth. The five permanent members of the UNSC have conducted 99.99 percent of all the nuclear tests.

    This resolution fabricated by the hypocrites has immediately invited a total rejection by the DPRK and we still do not recognize such resolution.

    The UNSC has committed such unprecedented crime as the wanton infringement upon the right of a sovereign state to explore outer space for peaceful purposes and, instead of repenting of it, it is proactive in its outcry to cover up its crime.

    There is a limit to our patience.

    In the final analysis, they mean small countries should obey big countries.

    we solemnly demanded that the UNSC make an apology for its crime of having seriously encroached upon the sovereignty of a sovereign state in gross violation of the Space Treaty and that it withdraw all its previously-crafted, unfair resolutions and decisions.

    As long as the UNSC fails to respond to the DPRK's just demand, the DPRK will not recognize any resolution and decision of the UNSC in the future, too.

    The end of the Cold War worldwide works only between big powers, but a Cold War still persists on the Korean Peninsula.

    Any hostile act by the UNSC immediately means the abrogation of the Armistice Agreement.

    Here's the most interesting statement:

    The U.S. is keen on using a catchphrase "Carrot and stick."

    It would be better for the "Donkey" of the U.S. Democratic Party to lick the carrot. ...

    Some speculation that there is a sexual reference to the original statement...


    Will the donkey lick the carrot? G.

    A USA "Lighting Crush" force.



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    Friday, June 05, 2009

    Epiphany, or PR play?

    Hacker ‘Dark Tangent’ Joins DHS Advisory Council

    Hmm I don't know what to make of this.
    I hope its an Epiphany, of sorts.
    A recnogition that black hats and white hats
    are not the same guy but with different colored

    However you look at it its a GOOD sign.

      Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    Genius award to
    You have been given a "Golden oppurtunity.

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Iran can be stopped.

    Iran can be stopped.
    By Gerald: Interenet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Iran views Obama's Détente as appeasement, weakness.
    Their strategy has been one of engagement and threat
    to buy time.

    Sanctions have had no effect on Irans nuclear strategy.
    Just a cost for membership to the Nuclear club.

    Obama's Strategy is one of increasing his and America's

    And Iran has been taking advantage of Obama's overtures

    playing for enough time, accepting sanctions, anything
    to get the same advantages N.Korea has, as a member of the
    nuclear club. Iran wants to be feared just like N. Korea.

    While Iran is in a Ironic, moronic economic spiral,
    as they have to import gas, even though they have huge
    oil reserves. They have bet they can go Nuclear
    before they go Broke.

    USA fears N Korea and submits to the black mail.
    and Iran wants that position in the Middle East.

    If Iran get a Nuke, tests a nuke, then the Shiites will make 
    the Sunni the whipping boys.

    In the days of Saddam he was the foil, balance to Iran's
    adventurism in the Middle East.
    USA took out Iraq, making Iran the dominant power
    in the Middle East.

    There is a Caliphate forming in the Middle East but
    its not al Qaeda's Sunni version, but Iran's Shiites,
    the Persian Caliphate.

    And Saudi Arabia is the main target.

    Iran's Nuke will give them the ticket to ride
    without paying the freight.

    Qods will run rampant in the Middle East,
    with a Nuclear cover, they will feel untouchable.

    And will ratchet up attacks on Israel.
    And after the first Nuclear test,
    every thing will go into overdrive,
    to produce a huge stock pile of weapons.

    Iran will make N. Korea look like well behaved
    school boy.

    Iran is difficult to deal with NOW.
    Once they get / test a nuke
    Qods will become one of the most
    powerful terror agencys in the Middle 
    Smuggling nukes into Palestine and 
    They don't need missiles to deliver
    a nuclear payload.

    They have submarines, fishing trawlers,
    shipping containers and smuggling
    routes and teams to move nukes into

    It appears Obama's legacy
    of the NICE guy, will be one 
    of allowing a nuclear Iran.

    A nuclear Iran will reformat
    Islam, and make the old days
    of Binny "the good olde days".

    can be prevented from becoming
    a nuclear power.

    The just right attack on Nuclear stock
    piles and production, tips their bet against 
    The bet, "Iran can go nuclear before
    they go broke."
    The world needs more time,
    for Iran to go broke and delay the
    while going for Broke.

    Iran can have a Nuclear bomb
    but not now, not this regime. 
    dangerous. It encourages state
    suicide Nuclear bombing.


    Barnett has it about right on

    Barnett is one of my heroes, guys a friggin genius,
    but I think his call is wrong on this one. G.

    Allah's away on Business