Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Ahmadinejad wins,is good for USA

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    Saturday, June 13, 2009

    Ahmadinejad wins,is good for USA

    Ahmadinejad wins, good for USA
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Ahmadinejad winning is good for USA.
    If Mir Hossein Mousavi'sad won there would
    be wasted time spent on new anti-nuke talks,
    which Iran would have used to develop their
    nuke program.

    NO start over, every thing is still the same.

    USA is working on new bunker busters,
    to deal with Iran's new super concret bunkers.

    Everything is on track for taking out Irans
    nuke stock piles and production locations.

    Iran is the only place with more American
    spies than Paki.

    Flank speed, Lightning Crush Force in
    planning stages.

    Will Obama pull the trigger or will his
    legacy be a new 'north korea', Iran.

    Israeili gleeful at his election.
    Status Quo. Planning continues.

    USA to take out every tank in
    Iran for their IED's in Iraq, Afghan and

    Thank you Ahmadinejad for
    stealing the election.

    Civilian casulaties to be very, very low.



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