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    Friday, June 12, 2009

    Hot foreign Missiles photos

    Top secret Missile base.

    China's super sonic missiles, which can change directions during an attack,
    A Big threat to US carriers.

    From a source inside the Beltway.

    Those anti-ship "Exocet" type cruise missiles will soon be completely nuetralized. US have a weapons grade laser, perfect app on a ship with lots of electrical power. Instant targeting radar, very crispy, very powerful, perfect all weather counter-measure. In 5 years we will be airborne also, 50 mile effective range, all missiles will be useless.

    A small nuke on a freighter is really the toughest threat.....

    conventional ordnance is so ineffective, the radar tracking and accurate fire control response takes fractions of seconds.

    A laser can refire and retrack in micro-seconds, far quicker than anything flying can change directions. Over-lapping radar can chart incoming courses in micro-seconds also. Radar is the only limitation, making sure that ghosting doesn't occur and seeing through rough seas.

    Becauser of the laser's power demands, nuke powered ships are ideal platforms. We are only a couple of years away from off shore, stand-off anti-missile lasers that can snuff any missile in boost phase. Adios Iran, NK, whomever, their missiles will be junk and so will any nuke they want to try to deliver. We are about 15 years away from space platforms also, that is a big push for the space station.

    Anti-missile defense is the most aggressive R&D program USA has right now.






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