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    Wednesday, June 10, 2009

    Ops and Intel up date, CONTEXT

    Ops and Intel up date, CONTEXT

    Swat (Operation Rahe - Haq – 4)

    Operation against miscreants by security forces is making headway successfully. In last 24 hours 52 miscreants have been killed and 5 wounded during the exchange of fire.
    Miscreant hideouts were destroyed at Kabal,Tutano Banda, Deda Khura, Peochar, Sarbande and Matta, resultantly 30 miscreants were killed.
    Miscreants fire raided Kanju Fort, consequently injuring 5 security forces personnel.
    Miscreant’s hideouts were engaged at Mingora and Peochar area. As a result 11 miscreants were killed. Two Security Forces personnel were injured due to miscreants fire at Circuit House Mingora.
    Seven miscreants were killed by Security forces at Ayub Bridge.
    Miscreants demolished Govt Boys Primary School at Fazalabad, Barrikot.
    Gunship helicopters engaged tunnel and hideout of miscreants at Qamber ridge. Resultantly, 3 miscreants were killed and 5 got injured.
    Security forces killed a miscreant who was placing an IED at Chamtalai.
    Miscreants fired mortar shells at Police Station at Mingora. Resultantly, 4 soldiers got injured.
    Security forces have cleared the route till Khawazakhela.
    During the clearance of Banni Baba Ziarat 3soldiers embraced shahadat and 3 soldiers got injured. Banni Baba Ziarat has been occupied by security forces.

    Lower Dir

    Gulabad Security forces resumed cordon and search operation to clear Haya Sarai area. Own troops secured ridge line on west of road Chakdara-Gulabad, overlooking Gulabad.
    Bunner Operation to clear area from Daggar to heights in north at a distance of 2.5 to 5 Kms is smoothly progressing. Reportedly miscreants suffered heavily. Security forces are in complete control and dominating road Daggar- Sultanwas after establishing new posts on important heights.


    Just ignore these trolls. Lot of closet Taliban running around the forums.


    miscreant is a too good word for these people, they are not even human fu$king beings, they are lowest form of life on earth and i hope Pakistan use chemical weapons on them for good

    Source with held.


    Above quotes from Paki forum.
    Note the word "miscreant" instead of terrorist, and the comment about the word.
    Paki is coming around, they are almost ready to use the word "TERRORIST".
    'they' used to say "died" instead of "killed" in Paki press,as it was thought
    less of an offence, "They died" vs " They were KILLED"

    Paki culture even in the hinterlands is turning against the Taliban.
    US Army has taken a big step in the Info war,
    releasing its troops to fight the good fight on the WWW.

    Army Orders Bases to Stop

    Blocking Twitter, Facebook, Flickr

    And the Taliban have been getting vids and lies to the Internet
    with in Minutes of action.

    Video: U.S. Deploys Drone to Fight Grenade Attack Claim

    • 9:13 am |

    In Afghanistan, the battle for hearts and minds moves swiftly. The Taliban is quick to exploit reports of civilian casualties, and the U.S. military often struggles to counter insurgent propaganda.

    A recent incident in Asadabad, the capital of Kunar province, however, has been a notable exception. Asadabad was the scene of a deadly grenade attack yesterday, and Combined Joint Task Force-82 responded quickly, releasing evidence that the attack was carried out by insurgents — and posting video of the attack that was recorded by a drone overhead. They even got it up on Facebook.



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