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    Sunday, June 07, 2009

    17 yr old American assassinated

    17-year-old Burhan Hassan 
    "a brilliant student with straight A's and on top of his class," "He was an ambitious kid with the hope to go to Harvard University to study medicine or law and become a medical doctor or a lawyer."

    There are allegations he was recruited by his local Mosque to go to Somali.

    Two weeks ago his family last heard from Hassan .

    "That time he was sick, and he couldn't talk that much," he said. "He called his family and Burhan's voice was very weak, and then (a friend with him) ... told the family Burhan was sick a while and having malaria."

    "Someone who claimed (to be) a member of al-Shabaab called Burhan's mom Friday (afternoon) and said Burhan died Friday morning," Ahmed said. "Burhan's mom got shocked and (threw) the phone when she heard the story."

    "Al-Shabaab assassinated Burhan and shot (him in) the head," the individual said, according to his uncle Ahmed.

    Hassan was a senior at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis when he left for Somalia.

    He went to Jahid and THEY killed him.






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