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    Saturday, June 06, 2009

    Ops and Intel update: 06.06.09

    Ops and Intel update: 06.06.09

    Six aides of Mehsud arrested from Mianwali

    LAHORE: Six Taliban, believed to be close aides of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Baitullah Mehsud, have been arrested from Mianwali, a private TV channel reported on Thursday. According to the Mianwali district police officer (DPO), the Taliban – arrested in a search operation – were believed to have close ties to Mehsud. The police said the Taliban – arrested from the Musakhel, Bachran and Mauj areas of Mianwali – had been involved in attacks on police checkposts in the region. Officials identified four of the Taliban as Ahmed Khan, Hidayatullah, Abdul Wahid and Ramzan. daily times monitor



    Army will stay in restive districts to assist civil admin
    * Lt Gen Nadeem Ahmad says total IDPs less than 1.9 million people


    VOA expands service in NWFP
    WASHINGTON: Voice of America (VoA), the radio service funded by the US government, said on Friday it was expanding its service in the NWFP where millions have been displaced by the military operation against the Taliban. Voice of America said it would expand Radio Deewa’s broadcast from six to nine...


    Waziristan tribes angry with Taliban
    * Military offensive in Waziristan expected to begin in a month or two


    Taliban will 'never be defeated'
    Times Online - UK
    THE Pakistani intelligence agent who trained Mullah Omar, the 
    Taliban leader, to fight has warned that Nato forces will never overpower their enemies in ...


    Taliban kill Sufi's men
    Daily Times - Lahore,Pakistan
    Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Major General Athar Abbas told reporters in Rawalpindi the 
    Taliban attacked the convoy after it hit ...


    Taliban Stir Rising Anger of Pakistanis
    New York Times - United States
    Now the province has become a target of suicide attacks, most recently last week in 
    Lahore. Mr. Rais cited changes in media coverage of the military ...


    Sunday, June 07, 2009

    By Daud Khattak

    PESHAWAR: Troops battling the Taliban in Swat are sure that the command and control structure of the militants has been dismantled and their junior and mid-level commanders have either been killed or were on the run, a Pakistan Army general said here on Saturday.

    Lieutenant General Nadeem Ahmed, who is the chairman of the Special Support Group, however, conceded that the top Taliban leadership was still at large. 
    He believed the Swat Taliban leadership’s contacts with low-ranking commanders had been disrupted and the recruitment and training centres were no more operational. He claimed the militants’ logistic dumps and ammunition had been destroyed and the flow of finances to the militants halted.

    Briefing journalists about the relief activities in the IDP camps, reconstruction and rehabilitation in the affected areas and success against the militants, Lt Gen Nadeem said troops would stay in Swat till the revival of the civil administration.

    To ensure that the militants do not stage a comeback, he said young men from villages would be recruited in police and the process would be completed in a year following the conclusion of the military operation.

    At the same time, committees of village people would also be constituted to take the responsibility of their respective villages, said the general...



    Four perish as scores attack militants’ hideouts in Dir Bala
    Updated at: 0151 PST, Sunday, June 07, 2009

    Scores of people attacked the sanctuaries of militants in Dir Bala area on Saturday, killing four militants while six homes were also obliterated in the attacks, Geo news said.

    According to local sources, the people hailing from Hayagai Sharqi and adjoining areas launched attacks on the militants hideouts which resulted in the deaths of four militants while six homes were also destroyed...

    He said Lower Dir had already been cleared. With the exception of Karakar Pass, the rest of Buner was safe for the people to return, he added.

    Source: Geo TV


    Islamist urges al Qaeda to 

    open up to Obama's offer

    Essam Derbala, a member of the leadership council of Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiya, or Islamic Group, made the appeal after President Barack Obama said in Cairo on Thursday he wanted a "new beginning" in ties between Washington and the Muslim world.

    Islamist thinkers and groups in Egypt have long inspired Islamic movements around the world.

    "I call on the Taliban of Afghanistan and Pakistan and al Qaeda to look at this solution and put the American side to a real test of the extent of its sincerity in achieving peace with the Muslim world," Derbala told Reuters.

    "I consider this a chance to reveal the truth about Barack Obama before the people," he said, adding these organisations should open up to talks with the United States and declare they have "no need to kill American civilians".






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