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    Friday, June 05, 2009

    Iran can be stopped.

    Iran can be stopped.
    By Gerald: Interenet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Iran views Obama's Détente as appeasement, weakness.
    Their strategy has been one of engagement and threat
    to buy time.

    Sanctions have had no effect on Irans nuclear strategy.
    Just a cost for membership to the Nuclear club.

    Obama's Strategy is one of increasing his and America's

    And Iran has been taking advantage of Obama's overtures

    playing for enough time, accepting sanctions, anything
    to get the same advantages N.Korea has, as a member of the
    nuclear club. Iran wants to be feared just like N. Korea.

    While Iran is in a Ironic, moronic economic spiral,
    as they have to import gas, even though they have huge
    oil reserves. They have bet they can go Nuclear
    before they go Broke.

    USA fears N Korea and submits to the black mail.
    and Iran wants that position in the Middle East.

    If Iran get a Nuke, tests a nuke, then the Shiites will make 
    the Sunni the whipping boys.

    In the days of Saddam he was the foil, balance to Iran's
    adventurism in the Middle East.
    USA took out Iraq, making Iran the dominant power
    in the Middle East.

    There is a Caliphate forming in the Middle East but
    its not al Qaeda's Sunni version, but Iran's Shiites,
    the Persian Caliphate.

    And Saudi Arabia is the main target.

    Iran's Nuke will give them the ticket to ride
    without paying the freight.

    Qods will run rampant in the Middle East,
    with a Nuclear cover, they will feel untouchable.

    And will ratchet up attacks on Israel.
    And after the first Nuclear test,
    every thing will go into overdrive,
    to produce a huge stock pile of weapons.

    Iran will make N. Korea look like well behaved
    school boy.

    Iran is difficult to deal with NOW.
    Once they get / test a nuke
    Qods will become one of the most
    powerful terror agencys in the Middle 
    Smuggling nukes into Palestine and 
    They don't need missiles to deliver
    a nuclear payload.

    They have submarines, fishing trawlers,
    shipping containers and smuggling
    routes and teams to move nukes into

    It appears Obama's legacy
    of the NICE guy, will be one 
    of allowing a nuclear Iran.

    A nuclear Iran will reformat
    Islam, and make the old days
    of Binny "the good olde days".

    can be prevented from becoming
    a nuclear power.

    The just right attack on Nuclear stock
    piles and production, tips their bet against 
    The bet, "Iran can go nuclear before
    they go broke."
    The world needs more time,
    for Iran to go broke and delay the
    while going for Broke.

    Iran can have a Nuclear bomb
    but not now, not this regime. 
    dangerous. It encourages state
    suicide Nuclear bombing.


    Barnett has it about right on

    Barnett is one of my heroes, guys a friggin genius,
    but I think his call is wrong on this one. G.

    Allah's away on Business




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