Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: ATM malware causes them to spit out $600,000

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    Friday, June 05, 2009

    ATM malware causes them to spit out $600,000

    ATM malware causes them to spit out $600,000
    By Gerald, Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    ATM's spit out $600,000 on command.
    Bank gets a notification from ATM it is empty.
    All logs look normal, but the ATM is empty and still locked.

    RBN? connection?

    American AMT's are about to be hit with Something extraordinary and
    Our paradigm Intel says its a Ukrainian and Russian hacking team.
    Their malware is extraordinary, it steals passwords and pin numbers,
    account numbers and account balances, then causes the ATM to
    spit out all its bills up to $600,000 in the case of some ATMs.

    Then it deletes its self and resets logs.

    So far it has hit in Eastern European

    And it is morphing, adding functions.



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