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    Wednesday, June 03, 2009

    Bin Laden's health continues to fail.

    Swollen nose, Edema?
    Drooping eye,
    Sallow Skin.
    Sunken cheeks.
    Rings under eyes.
    Dullenss of pupils.

    Bin Laden's health continues to fail.
    By Gerald

    Listen to Biny's new tape,
    note the rhythm of the pauses between sentences.
    In his most recent tape the sentences are run on,
    monotone and deep breath after each.

    Now listen to the tape from 09.07
    Note all the pauses are not uniform,
    and there is some voice inflection
    And no deep breath after each sentence.

    The newest tape shows evidence of heavy editing.
    Deleting the sounds of his O2 machinery.

    The other notable paradigm Intel is al Qaeda no
    longer trusts the Internet.
    They are not deleveriing videos by forums and WWW,
    Which suggests they are no longer communication over the
    WWW. or cell Phone, but by hand delivery.
    This hamstrings their C2 and makes it easier to back track
    to al Qaeda leadership.

    Big Z and Binnys vids are no longer posted to Interent
    but hand delivered to news agencys.

    Spies abound and they need just ONE SLIP UP.

    Biny has to be getting qa regular supply of O2 tanks,
    meds and electric.

    Newest Tape, 06.03.09

    Tape from 09.07



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    Bin Ladin in Trouble?

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